ho’ll carry the country in my generation, and they’re the ones who may become my entourage or potential fiancées in the future.
And of course, checking who should be eliminated and who will be useful!” (Sabine)

No, the king and queen, the educators, and so on, would choose your entourage and such…

“Well, I have Mitsuha-neesama with me, so I don’t really need entourage…

Ah, how about Adelaide-chan?” (Sabine)

No, Sabine-chan is almost 12 years old, and Adelaide-chan is almost 17 years old, right? There was a debutante ball right after I came to this world, and it’s been about two years since then…

Wait, you’re calling Adelaide-chan with a “chan”…

Adelaide-chan would probably call you either “Sabine-sama” or “Her Highness”.

No way can she call her “Sabine-chan”.
No matter how equal everyone is within the “Sorority”, there are things called limits.

No, in the first place, even nobles call each other “something-sama”.

Well, it can’t be helped.
As expected, it’s no good for a young princess to call a daughter of a lower noble by her name.

“However, if only Adelaide-chan from a Viscount family becomes your entourage, then there will be a lot of trouble… Not to you, but to Adelaide-chan…” (Mitsuha)

Yes, there should be many daughters of middle-class and senior aristocrats aiming for the seat of the entourage.
The daughter and her parents…

And if only Adelaide-chan, who was the daughter of a lower-class noble, was chosen as a follower or an aide, and was always with Sabine-chan, then…

Oh, did Sabine-chan notice that too? She just made an “ah” face.

“Hmm… Then, let’s absorb Adelaide-chan’s entourage as is, and then select some additional members of the Count’s family from among the members of the “Sorority”…

But I don’t want a child of a Marquis, because I don’t like the idea that she might try to take control of my entourage or use me as a stepping stone to get to my elder or younger brothers.” (Sabine)

“I wonder if it’s like that.
It’s like stealing Adelaide-chan’s entourage, but if you make Adelaide-chan the coordinator for your entourage…

In any case, Sabine-chan, your entourage is not a candidate for future confidants for His Highness the Crown Prince.
After all, they are nothing more than playmates and schoolmates for the sake of fostering friendly relations with nobles.” (Mitsuha)

“Yup, yup.” (Sabine)

But I have a feeling that there will be an increasing flood of applicants for membership as the misconception spreads that you have to be a member of “Sorority” to be an entourage of the third Princess…

And… are?

“Hmm? What’s wrong, oneesama?” (Sabine)

As I stopped checking the application forms while I was still talking, Sabine-chan asked me with a dubious look.

“Ah, it’s nothing.
One of the applicants had a name that sounded vaguely familiar…” (Mitsuha)

“What’s the house name?” (Sabine)

“Marquis Tinoberg…” (Mitsuha)

“Ah, it’s a serious place, where parents and children have no flaws.
If you make one mistake, it would be a weakness to the ‘stubborn, stone-headed, and proud people’, but it’s a splendid family that sublimated it into the strength of ‘a proud family that sticks to their beliefs without bending’.

If I remember correctly, they should have been in the same faction as Marquis Bozes…” (Sabine)

“I guess that’s all right then.
Thanks.” (Mitsuha)

“You’re welcome!” (Sabine)

Perhaps she was happy that she was able to help me, Sabine-chan’s smile was beaming.


…and I remember that very well…

As expected of rust! (TN: I don’t get this [さすサビ!])

……However, I had no idea.

That there are things that Sabine-chan doesn’t know either.

That even if each individual is not a problem on their own, there are times when they combine to make a terrible mess…


Author’s Note:

Summer vacation is over!!!

Thank you for your continued support! (^^)/


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