repare yourself……” (Iris)


“I’ve been waiting for you, Iris-sama!” (

“……Eh?” (Iris)


Frightened and trembling, I asked Iris-sama, who must have wanted to say something like, “Have you finished urinating?”, “Would you like to pray to God?”, and “Are you ready to risk your life by shivering in the corner of your room?”, but she simply raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh”, and went silent, probably because I was covering Adelaide-chan behind my back.

……Okay, here we go!

My life is at stake here!


“The product we have been researching and preparing for Iris-sama is finally ready!” (Mitsuha)

“……Eh?” (Iris)

Iris-sama was taken aback, looking dumbfounded.

Okay, I’ve swallowed my opponent!


“Here you go!” (Mitsuha)

With that, I offered four framed photographs.

Iris-sama and Beatrice-chan have two each.


In fact, during the preparation period for “Sorority,” I took some pictures of Iris-sama and Beatrice without telling them.
I pretended to be half joking.

Then I asked the shop clerk to modify it.

In addition, I had the beauty salon department staff supervise the before and after photos, and this is what I was able to get within the manageable range with makeup technology.


“Wha-…” (Iris)

Iris-sama was at a loss for words.

Marquis-sama was also frozen with his mouth wide open.

Of course, if she knew that she was actually a goddess, or that his wife was actually a goddess, they would be surprised and even freeze.


“Ko~kokoko~ kokokokoko~……”

“Ko~kokoko~ kokokokoko~……”

They’re like two chickens…


“Hey, this is…” (Bozes)

“Yes, this is what Iris-sama and Beatrice-chan would look like wearing our cosmetics and raising the appeal.

However, in order to do so, it’s necessary to select cosmetics and makeup tools that suit the two of you, and verify whether they are suitable for your skin, so we spend time researching them.

It’s different from the mass-produced general-purpose items that are scattered around for little girls, you know?” (Mitsuha)


“……I forgive you.
Start the product trials immediately!” (Iris)


And then, Iris-sama and the Marquis-sama left…




“What a dangerous bridge you made me cross! I thought I was going to die!!” (Adelaide)

Adelaide-chan’s heart seems racing.

…But today I was able to see various aspects of Adelaide-chan’s true face, so I’ll take that as a good thing.

It was refreshing to talk frankly in a way we had never done before, and I felt like we were now best friends, which made me a little bit happy.


…However, when will Viscount Reiner and his wife, who seem to have escaped through the back door, come back…

I’ve been invited to dinner at the Reiner household today.

Even Marcel-san was enthusiastic…



Author’s Note:

Yesterday, Tuesday, August 2, volume 7 of the book “I will save 80,000 gold coins in another world for my retirement” and volume 8 of “I will survive by relying on potions!” Volume 8 was released!

Please see the afterword of the previous story for the bookstore’s special offers.


And from August 1st, the comicalization of “Potion”, which has been on hiatus for a long time, has resumed serialization with Futsu Sonoshin-sensei as the manga artist! Currently, episode 0, which is a summary of the previous episodes, and episode 1 have been posted on the website.
(On “Wednesdays Sirius” in Nico Nico Seiga).


On August 8, the 10th volume of “Noukin” comics will be released!


Also, on August 4, “Noukin” the rebooted comic of “Average” will be published on Manga UP! (^^)/


And sorry, but I will be taking a two-week summer vacation next week and the week after that.

During this time, I will be working on writing, bookwork, anime adaptation, manga adaptation, and many other things.


Thank you for your continued support after the holidays! (^^)/


Oh, and the “I said make my abilities average!” All episodes “one week for free!” on

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You can watch for free for 7 days after the broadcast.


That being said…

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do! (^^)/



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