Shouting, Mitsuha prayed.
From the bottom of her heart.
With enough feeling to bleed.
(I don’t want to die! I don’t want to dieeeee!!! )


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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! !


After hearing a strange sound and her unrecognizable loud scream Mitsuha’s consciousness faded.


“This is…”
When she woke up, she was in a forest.

No no no no no, I fell off a cliff, didn’t I! Bottom, Sea… I mean, it was rocky on the beach! No, I’m not complaining that this is not rocky! If it was rocky, I’d be dead!


And, while thinking about carefree things, her body automatically stood up to see if there was any abnormality in the rising limbs and torso.

No, this is my normal behavior? Special skill? Habit? I’m not sure, but I’ve been doing this since I was a child.
My body automatically moves before I think about it.
Being somewhat different from other people made me curious so I did a lot of research but I still don’t understand it well.


Usually, if a ball flies in front of you, you’ll grab or avoid it immediately.
You wouldn’t slowly think at a leisurely pace “Oh, the ball is flying.
What should I do? I wonder if I should try to avoid it.
Should I avoid to the right, or should I avoid to the left.
” and then act right?
But when you are shopping, you don’t reflexively buy anything without thinking, right? When you have time to spare you will take your time to decide; when you don’t, you use what information you have intuitively at once, well I wonder if it’s like reflexively acting during an emergency.

However for other people, it seems to apply only to a simple body movement and in my case scope of application is quite broad, something like that….
Well, my friends say, “You think about the reason after you act,” and named it “Sekihan”… as in “Spinal Reflex”… When a girl is called “Sekihan”, it brings unpleasant things to mind!

(tl note: I have no idea what she means, also stop avoiding reality Mitsuha)


Well in the end, the result is more or less the same even after slowly thinking it through after an instantaneous judgment.
I think maybe people can think and judge very quickly and they usually think slowly to convince themselves it’s a good idea.

… Aa, no no, I really need to think about my situation right now.
There are no injuries and no abnormality with my body.
My wallet and house key are in my pocket.
I no longer have the student ID that I had been carrying for the last three years.
There is a shoulder bag hanging on my shoulder.
The contents are a folding umbrella, some tissues, and grocery bags.
No, these grocery bags can be useful for a variety of things.

And right here is a pretty dense forest.
There is no sign of it being cared for.
There is no such thing as a road.
And of course, there are no signs of people.
…Okay, let’s walk.
It is possible to think while walking.

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… I’m tired.
It has been two hours since I started walking. I can’t find my bearings in a forest where the sunlight doesn’t enter and can only progress in what seems like the right direction.
There is no guarantee I’m going straight because I’m avoiding the rocks and trees.
There is a possibility that I’m going around in a circle.

At times I leave something like a mark, but I never see it again.
If I don’t get out of the woods before night, who knows what kind of dangerous animals will appear.
If I can’t get out of the woods by night I can climb a tree and sleep on the branch.
But if I fall while sleeping, I’m screwed….
And, if I don’t find water it’ll be dangerous.
I wonder if there is a creek or spring, maybe even fruit somewhere.


… I’m tired.
It has been four hours since I started walking.
Because there is no road, I’m walking with bad footing which is tiring me out.
I’m going to hurt my leg.
It’s getting dark soon.
If there’s a good tree I’ll use it as a place to sleep.
I’m not going to sleep properly, but it would be suicidal to keep walking on the ground at night: physically, in the event of falling, and in the event of meeting big nocturnal friends…….


……… I’m tired.
It’s been about three hours since I’ve started walking at dawn.
I couldn’t sleep at all last night.
I was afraid of falling from the tree branches, in the first place I couldn’t sleep on a hard tree with nothing to lay down on.
I haven’t found water or food and the pain of my recently twisted left ankle is gradually becoming worse.
I’m hungry.
I’m thirsty.


As for the current situation, I thought about it repeatedly yesterday, I had plenty of time after all.
First of all, the time lost when I had lost consciousness yesterday wasn’t very long, at most 20-30 minutes.
I checked it on my wristwatch.
There wasn’t such a wide forest nearby where I could have been moved in such a short time.
And to begin with, it’s impossible to fall off that cliff and still be unharmed.

Conclusion 1.
I am already dead, and this is the afterlife.
Conclusion 2.
I’m unconscious in the hospital, dreaming.
Conclusion 3.
Caught up in paranormal phenomena, I was teleported.
… No, even I read fantasy novels!

P, preferably, I hope it’s 3! Please pardon me from 1 and 2!! If I managed to get to a village, I contact the police in if in Japan, if outside of Japan I’ll look for an embassy.


………… I’m tired.
It’s the third day after waking up in the forest.
Well to be exact I woke up in the afternoon and it’s still early in the morning, so it’s only been about a day and a half.
Until now no food or water has been found and in a last ditch effort, I ate some leaves of a suspicious plant.
Aside from hunger, thirst is unbearable.
I’m going to die…


The frequency of the breaks she takes compared with yesterday increases and the number of times she falls by tripping on roots of trees and rocks increase likely because of her staggering.
Her arm and feet are already filled with small wounds.
The pain of her left ankle is getting even worse.
But if she stopped moving she would die for certain, so she kept moving her feet out of willpower.
When her sense of time has faded and her consciousness was faint, finally, she finds a place like a path.
It is only “what might be a road”, with only a width enough for one person and is hardened a little.


(This is a trace of people walking right.
It isn’t an animal trail, right? Please…)


Maybe because of her relief of finding what seemed to be a road, when Mitsuha tries to bend into a sit she collapsed and loses consciousness on the spot.

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