“Huh… huh… th-that’s ridiculous.”

I wondered if the vassals wouldn’t believe what happened in the blink of an eye, so this time I sat down and touched the floor.

‘I think I’m going to sleep longer than usual, but…’

Still, I prefered to be perfect when I did it, so I threw a lot of force on the floor.

For a moment, the ground shook as if there had been an earthquake, but fortunately, my strength defeated all the monsters within the surrounding radius.

For a very short time, the terrible yin has disappeared from the land where we stand.


As if belatedly grasping the current situation, the vassals suddenly spoke, both delighted and surprised.

“It’s easier to stand up now than before.”

“Even the demons that were approaching us like they were going to eat us have disappeared…!”

It wouldn’t last long anyway.

It would be a temporary expedient.

There was a way to purify this land with strong magical power, but in that case, it may not happen for half a year.

‘I don’t want to, because I want to see my mother… soon.”

At that time, I got up from my seat with all my strength, and the Grand Duke hugged me.

“What is it? A child who doesn’t know why she’s here would say she doesn’t know why she’s still here despite having this kind of power.”

“That… that power.”

“You can see it with your own eyes.”

The Grand Duke, who looked more relaxed than ever, stroked my hair softly.

“Good job, Bebe.”

Now, do you have to keep your promise?”

So don’t worry and rest.”

Little by little I got sleepy.
He turned slightly, as if he didn’t want to show it to anyone else.

I looked at him and lifted his head slightly.

But Dad.”


“Dad is the worst.”


“Comparing with others is the worst.”

His hand that was stroking me stopped at the sudden remark.


“…Do not do that.
You’ll hate it.
Lexit is bad, but human beings are even worse.”

So I was going to add that if he was going to keep doing that, Lexit would hate his dad.

But the words didn’t come through, and I buried my head in his shoulder and mumbled.

I could hear the vassals talking behind me, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.

And just as I was about to fall asleep, I saw a silver wolf in the distance.
A silver wolf shining like the moonlight.


But without saying anything, I fell asleep.

As soon as Bebe was about to fall asleep, the Grand Duke turned his body around.

“Anyone still dissatisfied with my decision?”

In particular, Count Bertram quivered his lips and shook his head.

It was the same with Harris.

Harris, who had been imposing all day, grabbed Lexit’s arm, who was trembling with an angry expression.

“You have a lot of power.
If you have that kind of power, there seems to be no problem in purifying this forest.”

Perhaps it was at this time, the Marquis smiled and took a step forward.



“All the monsters around here have been cleaned up.
Even if it’s not, it’s tens or hundreds.
Bebe has the power to do it all.
Are you still going against it?”

Blue eyes, as if they contained a deep abyss, were looking at the vassals pitifully.

Then something was seriously wrong.
The vassals lowered their tails as if feeling it.

At that time, the Grand Duke lowered his gaze to Bebe, who was asleep and trembling in his arms.

“Huh…? I see.”

He talked to himself for a long time, as if sleeping Bebe was talking.
His voice could be heard better than ever because it was quiet, except for the sound of the wind seeping through the forest and shaking the trees.

“It sounds like you only showed me this much today.”

“Did you say that? …Haha.
You are a princess who is very useful in many ways.”

It’s more useful than anyone.
It’s not the power of the Grand Duke, but he’s stronger than anyone else.”

At that time, without noticing, one of the vassals opened his mouth.

“Then why don’t you clean up the whole place after this happened, Your Majesty?”

At the vassal’s words, he silently listened to Bebe.

To show that Bebe never slept, for a while he pretended to be conversing with his child.

“Obviously, if his usefulness disappears, he asks if he will be kicked out again.”


“Wait, can’t you…”

The vassal, who had just been talking with a light mouth, only scratched his head.

“Even I can’t trust the vassals, so I’d say they’re children.”

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