“Don’t complain anymore.
It looks tiring, so please stop.”

“I will prove myself!”

“It won’t be too late to do it later.
This is a forest infested with demons.
It will be difficult to just stand there.
Seeing that most of the vassals are exhausted and my son, Lexit, who had only just run his mouth, this is so futile.”

While biting his tongue, the Grand Duke looked at Lexit pathetically.

“F-Father, it’s me…! No, I was surprised.”

“I must have studied Allen and the monsters the same way.”

As soon as those words were finished, Lexit looked at Allen resentfully.
Unlike Lexit, who didn’t know what to do, Allen stood right next to me.

“…I-I saw it up close… Allen would have been surprised if he had seen it up close too!”

it could have been Lexit.
But the way you look now is really bad.
I don’t want to see my  son like that on the floor anymore.”

He thought he had only spoken badly to Harris, but that was a mistake.

It seemed that the words of the Grand Duke that he hated useless things the most, even for his own children, was not true.

“Even so, it was bad.
You might be surprised.”

That’s why Allen didn’t want to go to the government meeting.
He knew for sure.

‘I can’t leave it alone, even for my pony.’

At that time, the demons must have noticed this commotion and surrounded us.

Although they were a little farther away, their appearance was still surprisingly rough.

“My father…”

Lexit got up from his seat and bit his lips tightly and pointed his hand towards me.

“This isn’t being objective! Shouldn’t you say she’s weird, not to Harris and I? Why is she fine? She didn’t even get surprised when she saw those monsters! Allen’s a weird kid, so I thought it was just that.
But her, who is she?!”

Lexit, who was whining like a child, seemed to be unable to control his resentment.

He pointed with his hand and groaned.

“You are full of things you don’t like.

“…I just don’t like her existence.
Just… I just hate it! Those eyes look at me like I don’t know anything! What is it?! What is it!”

Hearing the child’s grumbling, the Grand Duke took a deep breath and looked at me.

“Unlike you, Bebe is strong, so she’s fine.”

“You can’t be strong.
That… That… How is she stronger than me!”

“I think it is your turn to go, Bebe.”


Allen’s hand, who had been holding my hand the whole time I came here, was slightly loose.

“A-Are you really doing this?”

Lexit, who did not believe that I was strong, and Harris, who expressed her anger towards me, stood in front of the Grand Duke.

As if waiting for that moment, he took the sword he had made with his magic.

Then, one by one, the demons, who had not been able to come here, came.

There used to be one, but this time three came.

“Oh my… Th-Three!”

But I held out his hand as if I had nothing to worry about.

‘It looks creepy, but…’

The eyes of the people who looked at me were even worse.

Even now, those who looked like they were going to eat me from behind had the faces of monsters.

More menacing than before, the demons approached me.

‘I will prove my worth and wake up my mother.’

Having regained my composure again, I waited for the demons to come right in front of me.

“Oh, Father! Is she okay? Huh?”

Until recently, I could hear the voice of Lexit, who didn’t care whether I was eaten or not.

‘Just one step closer…’

I waited to express my strength more dramatically, and when the monster opened its mouth and tried to eat me, I put my hand forward and used magic.

Definitely more power.

As if to prove that what the Grand Duke had said earlier was true, it was a little harder than usual to use my power.
That was because the source of my magical power was completely different from that of the Grand Duke.


Meanwhile, the magical power that came out of my hand became a small, sharp thorn that moved with the wind and penetrated into the hearts of the demons.

“Aaaah! Ah…”

Not knowing what was going on, the demons stopped in place.
Then, as if belatedly aware that he had been attacked, he tried to move, but to no avail.

“In my next life… don’t be born as a monster.”

You too were born to be loved, so don’t be put to death like this.

Reluctantly, the monster hardened like a statue and disappeared in an instant.

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