“Right, so let’s fight now, Lexit.”

“That… that… me and that one?”

“Of course.
Or Harris.
Whoever has powers, you can defeat it.”

Harris, who had been sitting down for a while, got up from her seat with a pale face.

However, Harris looked a bit strange.
The unusually ruffled sleeves sparkle.

“I-I will defeat you!”

It was surprising to see the appearance of the monster, but Harris stood proudly.

Lexit struggled as if he wanted to run away at any moment, but Harris did not at all.
As if waiting for this moment, the child wiped away all the sweat.

The monster, much taller than the height of an adult man, saw Harris walking in front of me and drooled.

It was like seeing the person in front of you as delicious food.

“Woah, it’s dangerous, Harris!”

“My Lady!”

Lexit and his vassals scuffled to call here, but Harris did not blink an eye.

He squealed as if not to come closer.

“I will.
I-I am strong!”

It was a very fleeting moment, but something sparkling fell from Harris’ hand like a grain of sand.

‘Is that…?’

It was something unusually red.


Every time Harris took a step, it cried as if the monster had been waiting for it.

“You can do it.
You can do it…….”

Miraculously, Harris, who had been sweating until recently, was now the same as usual.
It was like someone who suddenly gained strength.


And just in time for the monster to attack, as if to kill herself at any moment, she held out her hand.

However, contrary to expectations, its power was very weak.

As if a drop of water fell on a stone, the weak power that escaped from Harris’s hand touched the body of the monster.

The monster, who had flinched at the sound of the spit, reacted one step later.


As if she wasn’t enough, the demonic monster approached her as quickly as if they could eat Harris at any moment.

“Wh-Why?! No! Why!”

As if she had not expected this situation, Harris continued to put her hand forward and shouted at the monster, but the more she did, the more she aroused the monster.


As if looking at fresh fish and making it drool, the monster became more and more excited.

“No… don’t come… don’t come…!”

Belatedly, she thought that she would never be able to catch the monster, so Harris sat down on the floor and stepped back.
She threw stones as she shuffled back on the floor, but she didn’t shed a single tear.

‘This would be scary.
Should I help?’

Harris wouldn’t like it, but she also wouldn’t want her closest people to die.

So I raised my hand.

At that time, something vaguely shaped like a strong sword cut off the monster’s neck in one breath before I could do anything.


The monster, which had a disgusting appearance to the point of being hard to see with eyes open, disappeared in an instant ,as if it did not exist from the beginning.

“Ah… ah… i-it’s gone…!”

“Harris, you seem accustomed to this kind of situation and seeing monsters rather than running away.”

“I… I definitely have power!”

You may have magical powers.”

He condensed his magical powers again to create a sword.
Even the appearance of a sword that condensed a strong and dark power resembling the black night sky changed the surrounding air.

The demons who were about to come to us at any moment watched us from a distance.

“But Harris, did you come here saying you are my daughter?”

“…That’s right.
And before, something went wrong and I was out of strength, but obviously… obviously…”

“You had a hard time coming into the forest and coming here.”

“It’s because my clothes are long, Dad.
If only I was a little bit taller…!”

“The Grand Duke family has lived and protected this forest for generations.
Don’t let the things in here go out.
Our strength grows stronger in this forest.”

Having said that, the Grand Duke leaned his body slightly towards Harris.

“But the other magical powers get weaker here.
In conclusion, the magic that you possess has nothing to do with the Grand Duke’s.”

He seemed to have more to say, but the Grand Duke kept his mouth shut and looked at Harris.

“It’s disappointing.”

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