“I misunderstood again.”

“From my point of view, it doesn’t seem like a misunderstanding, but let’s go anyway, Allen, Bebe.”

“Okay! Brother will hold Bebe’s hand as tight as before!”

So we walked together to go to the forest.


The first thing I saw after following the Grand Duke was Harris in a more splendid dress than before.

Her face hardened.
She didn’t look good.

“Is that how you want to go, Harris?”

“Yeah! Today is the day Harris finally shows off her power!”

But even if it’s uncomfortable, it can’t be helped.”

“Yes! Don’t worry.
Harris is strong.”

Harris, who smiled brightly like a spring flower, nodded her head and looked at her father.

However, my father no longer looked at Harris.
He looked at the vassals around him for a moment, and then grabbed my hand.

Perhaps she was dissatisfied with that, and Harris eventually ran towards us.

“Daddy… Do you hate Harris now?”


She didn’t look angry or otherwise.
She just looked at the Grand Duke with melancholic eyes like a faint protagonist.
It was a sad sight to see.

In a moment, the vassals who followed us, Lexit, and Allen also stopped.

“I’m fine.
It is natural for a father to be interested in his new daughter.
I’m not jealous.
It’s just… I can’t stand next to Daddy like I used to?”

If I had seen Harris without knowing anything, or if Harris hadn’t done such bad things to me, I would have been very saddened by that appearance.

But Harris had always quarreled with me.
It was a lie to say that he didn’t spring.


“If you can’t help it, please tell me.
My heart will let it go for you….”

Because of Harris, who mumbled the end of the sentence, the atmosphere around her had changed quite a bit.
Some of them hardened their faces as they looked at the Grand Duke.
He had a hard expression on his face, asking how he could treat such a lovely daughter so harshly.

Just looking at Harris’s hair swaying in the wind today seemed to give him regret.

“Daddy… you don’t love me anymore, do you? Did I do something wrong?”


“Have you changed?”

“Nothing has changed.”

“Really? Then can I look forward to it?”

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You only have knights to protect you, but Bebe couldn’t keep a single knight because the vassals opposed, so I’ll take them.
Now, let’s stop talking nonsense and let’s go.”

It was natural for some of the vassals’ faces to harden at that resolute appearance.

But my father did not even look at them and walked again.

The Grand Duke said so, but no one else could say anything else.
We just went into the woods.

Harris, Lexit, and the vassals who followed Allen and I all walked and walked.

After coming down to the forest, the energy was definitely different.

Ordinary people were overflowing with a sullen energy to the point that it felt suffocating.

Looking back slightly, Harris sweated profusely as if it were hard.

On the other hand, neither Lexit nor Allen seemed to mind.

‘There’s definitely no power.
You don’t even have the strength to overcome this energy in this place.
So what kind of power do you have?’

I felt it every time I saw Harris.

Those with magical powers resisted other powers, but Harris seemed to be unable to resist at all.

Even the power that Allen radiated was enough to suffocate me.

‘It’s no different from Cecilia, who doesn’t have magical powers.’

‘What kind of powers do you have today?’

It was then…

Behind me, there was the sound of something tumbling.
Looking back, Harris, who had been walking unsteadily, eventually fell to the floor.


But the Grand Duke, who was holding my hand, didn’t even think to stop.
Perhaps he felt that, and Lexit, who was guarding Harris’ side, screamed.

“Harris, are you okay? Father! Harris has fallen!”

Keep quiet, Lexit.”

“Harris has just fallen, Father!”

“If you scream so loudly, a monster will appear.

It was then that a monster of enormous size appeared next to Lexit and Harris, who were far behind us.

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“Oh, aaahhh! What is that!”

“It’s the monster you summoned because of your shouting, Lexit.”

“Hey, is that a monster? M-Me… huh, is it difficult?”

It didn’t look normal to anyone.
It was the size of a bear, and its face was smashed to the point that it was unrecognizable.

The floor thumped with every step, and saliva dripped from its mouth.

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