Someone came in with a knock.

It was the Grand Duke.
He entered the room with two men.

“He is a knight who will protect this place for the time being.”

Contrary to the word knight, the two were just wearing neat clothes.
They didn’t wear armor, nor did he carry a sword at all times.

“Are these people knights…?”

“That’s right.
They’re knights.
I told them to take off their armor and bring a small knife with them, so it’ll be okay, right?”

There was no characteristic iron smell from the armor.

“It would be okay if I stayed in the room like this.”

I thought I was just passing by, but the Grand Duke was taking care of me.

I realized that too late.

‘For me…’

He took off all his armor to pretend he was not a knight.

It was all because I was scared and worried about my mom.

I raised her head and looked at the knights.

However, even though both of them took off their armor and put down their knives because of me, they did not show any signs of discomfort.


Let me introduce you now.
This is Lewis, the current acting leader and deputy general.”

“Lewis…! I am Bebe.”

“Yes, My Lady.
I look forward to working with you.
This is Theobaldo, the most reliable among my men.”

“Please feel free to call me Theo, My Lady.”


Theobaldo… For a moment, his name flashed through my mind.

I recognized his odd name.
I’ve heard his name before.

“Hey, maybe…”



I quickly pulled the Grand Duke next to me.

The Grand Duke, surprised by the unexpected tug, moved along as I pulled him.


“Maybe… That person named Theo…”

“Huh? Don’t you like it?”

As I was about to ask him, I quickly shut my mouth.

‘If you ask me about Theo now, I’m sure you’ll think it’s weird.
My memory is not perfect yet.’

So I took the Grand Duke’s hand and went out to the door.

“Oh, no.
Uh, let’s go, you two, I really like you two.
Both of you, take good care of my mom!”

“Yes, My Lady!”

“You said you didn’t like it a while ago, but did you quickly change your mind?”

I could hear the Grand Duke’s voice, which sounded somewhat upset, but he couldn’t say anything because of the information that flashed in his head.
I had already left the room.

As if puzzled by me, he followed me out of the room.

‘That person… Theobaldo… He must have been the one who was brought to the Imperial Palace after the Grand Duke rebelled.
He was really by the Grand Duke’s side until the end.’

And the current emperor could not kill Theobaldo.

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