Because he was the illegitimate son of the Duke of Ubalt, whose ancestry was a bit ambiguous, he could not have any children.
Despite his illegitimacy, Theobaldo did not go to the dukedom in search of his own bloodline.

‘The only time he went to the Duke’s house was to ask his father to spare only the Grand Duke’s children..’

How much the emperor reviled Theobaldo for doing useless things…

The forgotten memories floated up like air bubbles.

As if someone gave me a little clue, a forgotten memory suddenly came to me.

I quickly figured out his identity.

“Why are you making such a serious expression?”

At that moment, the Grand Duke bowed his head and met his eyes.


“You have deep wrinkles on your forehead.”

“Ah! No.
It’s just… I just had something to think about for a moment.
Ooh, why don’t we go?”

But the Grand Duke did not intend to go and looked at me with slightly widened eyes.

“Since you saw Theobaldo earlier, you suddenly acted strange.
Did you even like him?”

“Huh? Oh no, let’s go to the forest!”

“…This way.”

As I kept asking to go, the Grand Duke walked reluctantly.

I could feel him looking at me with suspicion, but now was not the time to think about it.

‘The past Theobaldo… said he was not in his perfect form.’

While in the Grand Duchy, he was seriously wounded by something to the point where he could never wield a sword again.
Nevertheless, he did not give up until the very end that he was a knight of the Grand Duke.

He remained as a knight of the Grand Duke, saying that if he couldn’t wield a sword, he had to defend the Grand Duke another way.

However, the Grand Duke’s treason failed, and Theobaldo made a deal with his father, the Duke, to succeed him instead of siding with the Duke’s children to keep their house from dying.

‘It’s amazing… I can vividly remember things that I didn’t even remember.’

Now, we have to make sure that Theobaldo doesn’t get hurt.
However, I couldn’t remember what caused him to get hurt.

‘How do you protect someone who will protect the Grand Duke by your side until the end…?’

This time, such worries gnawed away.

“I think it’s right for Bebe to like Theobaldo.”

I nodded my head at my father’s words.

“Yeah! Come to think of it, I like Theo.”

So I liked him more.

I had to have a person who was more loyal than anyone else to be by my father’s side.

“I’m sure you’ll like him.”

“I want to keep Theo by my side.”

“Didn’t you hate knights?”

“Still, Theo is fine.”

It was said in a pure sense, but Dad’s face was distorted.

“It’s good… I’m glad.
I’m curious as to which one you liked, but anyone can tell I’m better.”

“Theo is Theo! So let Theo stay by my side.
Do not let him work anywhere else!”

Then you won’t get hurt.
If you do that, he could protect Dad and I well later.

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“…Lewis must be upset.”

“He… that person is good, but he’s the current acting leader and deputy general.
I can’t be greedy.
Theo is already enough.”

“It’s already Theo, Theo.”

“Anyway, do I have to do it?”

“If my daughter wants to do it, then do it.”

Although he had a disapproving expression, Dad laughed and walked with me.

‘Thank God.’

I will keep Theo.

At that time.

A foal came running from afar.
When he moved, he resembled a colt, and when he got close, he resembled a duck.

“Bebe! Brother is here.”

“Uh, are you here?”

Do you have any thoughts on your brother?”

Allen, who had approached me before I knew it, shook his shoulder and went back and forth in front of me.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

Something must come to mind when you look at your brother.”

“There is!”


“You look like a pony!”

My brother’s face, who was looking at me with unknown anticipation, turned pale, as if the world fell apart.

“I think I heard it wrong.

“You used to be like a duck, but now you’re like a pony!”

“P-Pony? That… that crazy bastard?”


It was a compliment.

His brother’s face looked quite upset.

“You don’t like ponies?”

“No, Bebe.
It fits very well.
Allen doesn’t have a tendency to be like that.”

My father, who was next to me, smiled and responded to my words.

“It’s too much… you pony.”

“The pony is cute…”

Did I say something? Whenever he ran, it’s like his mane flapped, just like a pony.

I blurted out my words in regret.
At that moment, my brother’s complexion brightened in an instant.

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“Ah!!! Bebe, did you give Brother a nickname because I was cute?”


It’s not like a nickname.
He really looked like that.

But if I said anything else here, he looked like he was about to cry.

“Oh, yes, that’s it.”

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