“Allen, are you going too?”


“Then go and change your clothes.
I’ll tell Bebe to go and change into more comfortable clothes.”

“You don’t have to change, but if you’re going to the forest, there’s nothing much you can do.
Little Sister, are you coming?”

“Go and come back.”

In the meantime, Allen looked at the Grand Duke anxiously, perhaps because he was worried.
Perhaps he noticed the gaze right away, but the Grand Duke made eye contact with Allen, who was confused.

“…Do you think I will not be able to protect Bebe, Allen?”

“Yes! My dad lacks kindness.”

It was worth flinching at the cold tone, but Allen was only confident.

“You’re not friendly.”

“But… I’ll trust you, so please, Bebe!”

Unlike the usual, the Grand Duke’s voice was small, and Allen hurriedly turned around.
Then, he ran away like a colt.

After watching it for a while, the Grand Duke sighed deeply and took another step.

Throughout the way to my room, he didn’t say a word.

I just walked and walked like a person with a lot of thoughts.

Soon after, we arrived in front of the room.

“Go to Cecilia and change your clothes.
Wear clothes that are good for physical activities.”

The Grand Duke turned to Cecilia, who had been following us all along.


“I’ll be standing here, so don’t worry and go.”

“You don’t have to!”

But even when I went inside and shouted, he didn’t think of going in front of the room… until the moment the door closed.

“Oh, you can go.”

“But My Lady, what happened inside the meeting room? Why change your clothes?”

Cecilia, who could not enter the meeting room, looked at me with only her head tilted.

“Go to the forest!”

“F-Forest? Is it the forest that surrounds this place? Oh, no.
That dangerous place!”


Never! I’m going to tell your Highness about this.
Never… Never.””

I hurriedly grabbed Cecilia’s hand, who was about to leave right away.

“I want to be recognized.”

Unexpectedly, Cecilia closed her mouth and blinked like a person who had nothing to say.

“My Lady…”

“I don’t want to be useless.”

“It’s okay if you don’t do that.
You’re already…”

“Every time people see me, they think that I’m a useless person so… this time, I don’t want it to be like that anymore.”

I entered the dressing room without thinking how she took my words or what she was thinking.

If she, who cared about me more than anyone else, told me not to go, I thought how my heart would be shaken.

‘If Cecilia says I’m a useful human being even if I don’t do that… I will go soft.’

I didn’t like being weak.
When I’m here, I felt like I became something great.
I had to keep reminding myself.

‘You are nothing.’

So when I entered the dress room, I made a fuss more than usual and chose a slightly shorter dress.

“I like this.
How about this, Cecilia?”

Only then did Cecilia, who entered, nodded with a gloomy look.

“I think that’ll be okay…”

Contrary to my worries that she might disagree, she nodded lightly.

“If you want that, wear it.”

“Uh, yes.”

Cecilia, who quickly took off my clothes and changed my clothes.
The dress, which was short enough to clearly show my calves, gave a much lighter feeling than the dress I was just wearing.

“I like this outfit, too.”

“I’ll change your shoes, too.”


There was no way she didn’t know her voice was different from usual.

I even sighed from time to time as if I was really concerned.

Finally, Cecilia, who even changed my shoes, eventually bowed down as if she was trying to put up with it and say what she had endured.

“Since you said you’re going… I won’t stop you.
I’m worried, but I believe you’re strong.”

“Yes! I’m really strong!”

“I will believe you.”

Obviously, there seemed to be more to be said, but Cecilia replaced everything by saying that she believed.

“Then, from now on, Cecilia, protect my mom.
You know how precious my mom is to me.”

“I know.”

“Take good care of my mom.
I will only trust Cecilia.”

“Yes, I see.”

While making eye contact with her, I also approached my mother.

‘Mom, I’ll wake you up this evening.
Do I have to compliment myself when I wake up?’

Don’t ask anything else, just say that I did well and that I worked hard.

After kissing my mother’s cheek with all my heart, I greeted Cecilia and came out the door.

As expected, the Grand Duke stood firmly in front of the door.

“I’m out!”

“Okay, Bebe.
Did you change your clothes?”

“Yes! It’s enough to run around.”

By the way, Bebe, I don’t want to go through what happened last time.”

But the atmosphere was somehow strange.

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