“What’s that?”

“Nothing has been confirmed about Harris yet.”

The archduke, who was deliberately talking down, looked at Harris, who had a pale, shocked expression.

I was surprised by the unexpected words.
I thought it was too much.
Not that it wasn’t, but Harris’s face heated up red.

However, he only looked at Harris without changing his expression, before looking at the vassals.

“Isn’t that wrong?”

As expected, it was Lexit who didn’t miss this moment and opened his mouth.

The child hurriedly shouted with Harris in his arms.

“Father! How can you say that? Harris is obviously your daughter!”

“Many look-alikes come to me as my children, regardless of whether it’s a daughter or a son.”

“But there was evidence!”

That evidence is good.
But why can’t Harris use her powers? The bloodline of the Grand House has been strong for generations.”

The atmosphere grew more and more tense.

It wasn’t wrong, so everyone shut up.

But I definitely saw Harris’s face, whose lips momentarily tilted upwards.

It was a change in facial expression that adults looking down at people from above would never have seen.

As if waiting for this moment, Harris slowly raised her head.

“Dad, I can actually use my powers.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the political meeting became dark.

“You can use your powers?”

It’s so weak that I didn’t use it because I was afraid I’d be disappointed that nothing was going to happen…”

“I see.
That’s very good.”

Unlike Harris, who looked at the Grand Duke as if she had expected something, he gave a small smile.

Like it didn’t matter if she could use her powers or not.

“I don’t know how strong it is, but prove it.
Harris, I won’t say anything about your birth when it’s confirmed that you can use the power of the Grand Duke.”

“Harris can do it, Dad!”

Unlike Harris, who smiled and clenched her fist, the Grand Duke looked at me once and made eye contact with the vassals.

“Recently, the number of trees in the forest has increased.
It’s a perfect place to prove your power.”

“Wait, are you going to take Lady Harris?”

“Harris is young, dad!”

As expected, Lexit screamed.

“You said she’d prove it, so you have to take her.”

“…It’s not just Lady Herace who can prove it.
Shouldn’t the person who’s here for no reason prove something?”

Count Bertram did not give up and stared at me.
His eyes contained obvious hostility.
It reminded me of the emperor.

“That’s right.
Bebe will go, too.
In the Grand Duchy, my bloodline must prove their value, whether they are vassals.
And it shows enough value to stay here.
Even if it’s an enemy’s child, I can make it a child of my own.”

“Your Highness!”

“That’s the family motto that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Grand Duchy.
Do you have any complaints?

No one could say anything about it.

At that time, I met Harris’s eyes for a moment.
Harris looked so confident as if she had something to believe in.

‘Why is she so confident?’

I felt an indescribable emotion.
I couldn’t figure out why she was looking at me like that.

After talking to the vassals, the Grand Duke slightly twisted the chair I was sitting on and reached out to me.

“Let’s go.,Bebe.”


“From now on, follow those who will go to the forest.
However, the Grand Duke does not protect the powerless even if they are a vassal.
Strength proves that you can stay here.”

The vassals repeatedly pulled their necks in and out, as if they were turtles being shown a book.

In the meantime, we took a step.
It was really bright to step outside.

‘Now I can become a useful human being.
Those people… They won’t be able to look at me like that anymore.’

If I showed them that I had a strong power, at least they wouldn’t treat me the way they do now, even if I didn’t like it.

In fact, I didn’t have to like it.

I just wanted people to not look at me in a scary way.

‘I still can’t get used to it.’

I just hope that the way someone looked at me was not hostile.

Contrary to the expectation that he would say anything while going to the room, he only walked silently.
Instead, the Grand Duke made eye contact with Allen, who followed him, not with me.

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