ith sharp eyes.
When he stared at me, everyone standing at the long table stared at me.

My mouth dried up for a moment.

At that time, a warm hand overlapped over my hand.

When I turned my head, it was Allen.

Allen, who smiled broadly, patted my hand as if not to worry.

“You said you’d admit it, but why are you bringing it up, Count?”

“I’m not here to ask for my son to be reinstated.
It’s just that I can’t wait and watch the Grand Duke change strangely because of someone who suddenly appeared.”

“Am I changing weirdly?”

I don’t understand all of this.
It’s not enough to make a child who suddenly appeared as a princess, but to give her two escort knights.
Even in the Grand Duke’s house, that is the level of security only Harris receives!”

“Is that it?”

“I don’t even know why you have to keep them by making three shifts a day.”

As if he were waiting for this moment, the Grand Duke leaned slightly against the chair I sat on.

“Since when did you start expressing your opposition to what I, the Grand Duke, do? I should  have said it last time; it looks strange because I’m calm.”

“No, I just heard that you’ve been treated by a doctor recently.”

“Are you investigating that? If you do more research, will you also check how many times I go to the bathroom?”

The giggling Grand Duke looked at me once and looked at the vassals.

It seemed as if he didn’t have to worry about seeing a doctor.

“That’s not it? We’re just saying this out of concern for the health of Your Highness.”


He said he was worried, but the words of that blonde-haired man, the Count, had a strong sense of urgency, as if he knew my every move.

“As one of the vassals that have served the Grand Duke from generation to generation, I am only concerned.
That alone worries me, but to bring that child all the way here.
This is nonsense!”

“Why can’t I do that?”

“She may be someone’s child, or someone from this family, but the reason I bring it up here…”

I looked up at the Grand Duke.

But he wasn’t even a little excited.
It looked like he’s enjoying it.

“You don’t know whose child it is… Then shouldn’t Harris be here?”

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