>“Is that an issue, Lexit?”

“Yes, I’m not happy with it.
Harris… Harris came in alone like this… !!!”

Lexit’s eyes were fierce as if he would eat me up right away.

“I guess the nobles here think the same as you, Lexit, an eight-year-old.”

When he said that, Lexit looked around.

I didn’t mumble like before, but the fact that I could feel their gaze made me feel smug.

“It’s nothing, since everyone is so opposed to me holding onto something.”

Dad smiled as if he thought of something good, and sat me down on the chair at the top of the table.

The aristocrats were even more shocked by the situation.

“Your Highness!”

“Father! That spot!”

“Why? Can’t I? I was told not to hold her.
Is there a problem?”

As if he was doing more on purpose, the Grand Duke looked around and laughed as if nothing had happened.

Only then did I realize that the seat I sat on was the seat of the Grand Duke.
It was an enormous chair for me to sit on.

“Let’s talk, Lexit.
What’s the problem? Am I the only one who has to sit on this chair?”

“There are a lot of problems! The chair, too!”

“Don’t you remember sitting down a few times when you were young? Aster and Allen both sat on the chair.
Can’t Bebe sit on it?”

The Grand Duke, whose lips twitched, looked around with a cold look.

“What’s the problem? Do those who attended this meeting, like Lexit, want a child who wants to be recognized as my daughter to be kicked out of here?


“Or are you trying to say that a child shouldn’t come in?”

The meeting room got cold.

Even I could tell the Grand Duke was angry.
However, rather than reflecting on it, the nobles’ faces I saw now seemed to be dissatisfied with something

‘It was said that the Grand Duke was less powerful than I thought.
After things went wrong with the Grand Duchess, they let everything go, so greedy vassals began to affect the Grand Duchess.’

That’s why spies could permeate the Grand Duke more easily.

‘That’s all because of them.’

This time, I’m never going to let that happen.
I opened my eyes and looked at them.

At that time, I felt something rustling from the side, so I looked away.

Harris, who was trembling as if it were cold, stuck close to Lexit’s side.

“I didn’t use a lot of strength today…”

I had enough strength to overcome it normally, but Harris overreacted as if she had no magical powers at all.

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