That’s weird.

When I listened to Harris, I thought that the Grand Duke was particularly fond of Harris, but now the Grand Duke aws strangely distant from Harris.

‘Does Dad know? That Harris is weird?’

So, was it that he was reluctant to let her enter the family?

I looked at my dad quietly.

“…No, Dad.
Even if I’m scared, I’ll come.
I’m a member of the Grand Duke’s family.
I’m Daddy’s daughter.
If Daddy doesn’t hold my hand, I will hold my hand like this!”

If I didn’t know anything, if I hadn’t seen Harris treat me so badly, Harris looked so pitiful that I wanted to hold her hand instead.

It’s sad to even laugh.

But Allen, who saw it, sighed with a tired expression on his face.



“Nothing to see.
When you see something bad like that, just take care of your eyes.”

“Is it bad?”

“Sure, what did she do to you?”

Allen licked his tongue and covered my eyes with his free hand.
That’s why I couldn’t see the outside.

“What are you doing!”

“Protecting my sister.”

“What protection is…”

However, Harris did not blink an eye at our appearance.

On the contrary, Harris forced a smile as if we were ostracizing her.

“It’s okay if Allen hates me.
I’m used to being hated.
Instead, is it okay if I follow you, Dad?”

“If you want to, do it.”

That was the end.

As if this had happened often, the Grand Duke himself and Allen did not add anything special.
I just looked behind me once and lowered the hand that was covering my eyes.

Meanwhile, the Grand Duke, holding my hand, moved again.

I was curious because I’ve never seen Harris and the Grand Duke face each other.
Was it like this from the beginning?

‘Or did it end up like this because I’m here?’

With that thought in mind, I shook my head back and forth.

That would never happen.
What should I do?

I was nothing but a being.
I’m just that kind of person who wanted to live here as a parasite.

“It can’t be.
The Grand Duke could never change because of me… absolutely.
He’s never going to like me.
He’ll never ever need me.”

Someday, his interest will end, so I’ll have to work harder now.

“Do not worry.”


As he turned his head, Allen smiled brightly enough for me to see all his white teeth.

“I know you’re worried.
Don’t worry though, because your brother will take care of you.”

Allen’s hand felt tighter than ever.

“Yeah, even though you’re weaker than me.”

“Nope! I trained hard this time.”

“Can I look forward to it?”

“Of course.”

In terms of strength, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I was stronger than the Grand Duke, but the saying that my clumsiness protected me wasn’t reassuring.

Meanwhile, laughter was heard from behind.
It was the sound of Harris, but I tried to ignore it.

The Grand Duke walked as if Harris wasn’t following behind him, so I just walked along with them.

Allen was babbling like someone trying to relieve my tension all the way.

Starting with whether I’ve ever seen a chocolate as big as a human body, he lured me with strange words, saying that there was a pond made of candy.

‘Do you think I’ll fall for such things?’

He countered, but the Grand Duke, who stood next to him, spat out a single word that such things existed.

“Is there really such a thing?”

“Of course, would you like to see it?”

“Uh, I was just wondering if it was there or not.
It’s not something I really want to see…”

At that, the Grand Duke looked down at me and smiled.

‘I’m not sure I fell for both of their lies, right?’

As I looked at the two of them, wondering if I was being deceived, the Grand Duke, who was looking down at only me, smiled slightly.

“We have arrived.”

Only then did I realize that we were standing in front of a room.

I was a little surprised, only thinking that the environment had become a bit busier thanks to the two people who talked non stop as if to relieve tension.

“This place is…”

“It’s the meeting room.”

A little late, I looked around.

Last time I saw it, I didn’t know it was on the opposite side of the garden, but there were so many people waiting here.

There were also plenty of knights who were not of the Grand Duke.

“Then let me in.”

However, unlike the knights of the Grand Duke, the knights guarding the front door all looked down at me with uncomfortable eyes.
For a moment, I feel as if my whole body stiffened.

I thought I was okay when I came here, but I guess I wasn’t.

I had to go inside here confidently, but I couldn’t.
The knights in armor were too frightening.

At that time…

“I’m short so I can’t see well, so can I hold you?”


“Can I hold you?”

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