At that time, Elloine, who was ordering others, approached us.

“Once a month, I will bring Lady Bebe’s clothes with me when other people’s clothes come to the mansion.
Usually, 30 casual clothes, 10 pajamas, and 5 clothes for special events will come in.
What clothes do you wear to a party or when you go out? If you pick a design on the day you come, we’ll deliver it.”

“Uh, okay!”

I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I just nodded my head.

I didn’t actually know if there were too many or too few dresses brought in.

“And originally, I was asked to prepare a hundred sets of clothes today, but I prepared more than that.
Why don’t you take a look and pick out the ones you don’t like?”

At her recommendation, I looked around.

But there’s nothing I didn’t like.
My face turned confused because I liked everything.

“Madame Elloine, if you don’t mind, can I take all the clothes you prepared today?”

“Oh! I’d be very grateful if you did, but would that be okay?”

“Of course.
Will you be okay?”

At the moment, I turned my head and made eye contact with Cecilia.

‘How did they know?’

As if noticing that I wanted to, her eyes creased into crescent moons.

“Isn’t it okay?”

“No, no! I thought it would be nice to do that too! You had a hard time time bringing the clothes.
It would be a hassle to take them back!”

Only then did Elloine nod her head loudly.

“I’d appreciate it if you could do that.”


“Then please continue to take good care of us in the future.
I think you can wear all the shoes without having to choose.
On the other hand, ribbons, pins, hair accessories, rings, necklaces and other items were prepared.”

“Uh, yes!”

“Henelph Salon generally supplies dresses and shoes, but if you need anything else, please feel free to let me know.”

Cecilia, who was next to her, slowly opened her mouth as if she had been waiting for this time.

“Usually, accessories and decorations are delivered from other places.
There are more than one or two places that bring goods to the mansion.”

“No, I’d like them to be from the Henelph Salon.”

Elloine treated Harris almost the same as me.

‘Maybe other people are different.’

For me, who was a little afraid of change and meeting new people, this was the best choice now.

And with a slightly startled expression on her face, she nodded her head.

“Thank you.
I’m glad.
We will continue to do our best to make dresses and shoes for you.”


Like the chefs I saw in the kitchen, Elloine’s face had a wide smile.
It was an awkward smile when I first saw it, but now it looked sincere.

“Then I’ll order the bottom ones and move all your clothes to the room.
May I?”

“Uh, yes!”

Meanwhile, she approached the door as if about to go outside with her clothes.

At that time…

The door opened even before the people inside left.

It was the Grand Duke who entered.

“Did you choose all the dresses?”

I thought Cecilia said my dad coming here was just to overcome the situation, but he really came.

The Grand Duke, who walked with his long legs, looked at the room once and immediately approached me.


Did you choose your favorite outfit?”

“That’s true but… Dad, aren’t you busy?”

“It’s okay.”

“Are you here for me?”

But there was no answer.
It was just that my dad pouted his lips and turned to Elloine, who bowed his head in front of him.


“Yes, Your highness.”

“You worked hard again this time.”

“What do you mean ‘worked hard’? I’m always grateful for being called amongst the other designers.”

“Thank you.
Please prepare a few more clothes for an adult woman.”

“How should I prepare the size?”

The Grand Duke, who was lightly sweeping his chin, looked around and made eye contact with Cecilia.

After looking at Cecilia for a long time as if thinking about something, he approached her.

Can you listen for a second?”


I thought it would be better to measure the size.”

Cecilia, wondering about the sudden situation, nodded her head a little late.

Then the Grand Duke held her up.
Like a person weighing things, he seemed to have lost his mind for a long time.

After a few minutes, the Grand Duke put Cecilia on the floor.

“I think it’ll be similar to Cecilia, so try to match it.”

“All right.
Then, Cecilia, please take a moment to get your body size measured.”

“Of course, but Your Highness, did you measure to make clothes for My Lady’s mother?”

Cecilia, who was raising her arm comfortably for Elloine to reach, asked with curiosity.

If it weren’t for that, it would be easy to say no, but my dad just looked around without saying a word.

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