Madame Elloine of Henelph Salon, who had been approaching us as if she wanted to talk to us from the moment she entered the drawing room, opened her mouth.

“You’ve been waiting for a long time, Lady Bebe.”

She bowed her head to me with a serious voice.

She wasn’t as serious, but she was pretty nice.

So I stood in front of her and nodded roughly.

My eyes were already taken away by the dresses and shoes behind Elloine.

“You came earlier than I thought!”

It’s not that it’s not, but it came really quickly.

“I heard all of Elloine’s clothes are handmade, so I guess it takes a long time…”

“That’s right.
We all make our own clothes.”

But how? The question came to mind, but Elloine only looked relaxed.
It was like a person who hid something.

“It doesn’t really matter.”

I was happy, as if I had won the world just by entering this room with so many clothes.

“Then come over here.”

I struggled to hold back bursts of laughter and stood as she led me.

Meanwhile, many dresses passed my eyes; dresses that caught my eyes.
Among them, three dresses were seen on a mannequin, unlike the other clothes on the hangers.
The Madame stopped.

“We prepared these separately to see what style you like.
Depending on your choice today, I will prepare your clothes from now on.”

She was a person who gave a similar feeling to Cecilia.

Of course, there was a feeling that she was kind and good, but for me, who was often intimidated by people, it wasn’t bad either.

Meanwhile, tremendous dresses appeared in front of my eyes.

“Woah… Ah…”

“It’s so beautiful, My Lady.
They look so good on you.”

Cecilia, who was next to me, couldn’t hide her surprise.

It’s not that they’re not, but these dresses really exceed expectations.

As if it had clouds in it, a dress with numerous lace inflating the skirt hem caught my eye.
It was a pretty dress as if it gave the feeling of the sky itself.

The next dress that caught my eye was a yellow dress that matched my hair perfectly.

Dresses decorated with flowers here and there as if they were in a flower garden gave off the scent of the nose just by looking at them.

“They’re all pretty…”

The last dress was red, but the skirt hem shone as if it were a precious jewel.
That would have been pretty, but the waist dance had a large ribbon that interfered with the calm beauty of the dress.

It was pretty, but…

‘It would have been beautiful enough if there was only one.’

Feelings of regret rushed in.

On top of that, the last one gave the impression that Harris would like it no matter who looked at it.

“Which one do you like the most?”

Cecilia, who was watching from the side together, bowed out and made eye contact.

“Hmm…! The sky blue dress! Then the yellow one!”

“Don’t you like the last dress?”

“It’s so pretty… too pretty.
It would’ve been prettier without the ribbon since it was so shiny.”

When I talked with regret, Madame Elloine nodded.

“I just wanted to see what kind of style you’d like today.
Thank you for your answer.”

“Then, are you taking that back?”

“Do you like it?”


“Originally, I was going to trim it a little more, but if you want me to, I’ll leave it finished as is.
The finish is pretty good.
It’s also tailored to Lady Bebe’s size.
It’s a dress only for you.
The only one in the world.”

A smile kept spreading on my face.

They were my clothes.
Clothes only for me.

“My clothes… The only one in the world… my clothes.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes! I love it!”

As soon as he heard my answer, Elloine pointed to the dress in front of her and ordered others in the room to move it.

They organized not only the clothes on the mannequin but also the clothes on the hanger, as if they were waiting for this moment.

Looking at it, I couldn’t control the laughter that burst out.

“My Lady, you look happy.”

“Yes! But that doesn’t mean I’m that greedy.”

It’s really weird.

At first, I was too busy reading the room, but after that, I thought about how I hoped they didn’t hate me, especially the people I liked, Cecilia and Allen.
And I hope the Grand Duke doesn’t hate me.

“I know.
It wasn’t because My Lady was always greedy.
I think sometimes that I hope you can be more greedy.”

“Can I be more greedy?”

Of course.”

I wanted to hear that word.

I could be more greedy.

I could live like that.

“Yes! I’ll be greedy!”

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