ice but to talk to His Highness.”

“Who do you think you are? Not even my maids…!”

“I am a nanny.
I am in charge of educating all the young ladies and masters in this family, except Lady Harris.
And I have the same power as a maid.
From my point of view, Lady Harris is lacking, so is there a problem with criticizing those lower than me?”

Cecilia spat out each word in an emotionless tone.

“Even so, you don’t have the right to say anything to those who are associated with me!”

“Is that so? But it’s up to the Grand Duke to judge whether Lady Harris, who has three maids yet only whines at the age of five, is good at etiquette.
And it remains to be seen whether it’s something to do with serving a child.”


“I will talk to His Highness about what happens next.
It just so happens that the Grand Duke said he would be here soon.”

Only then did Harris quickly step back.

“Dad said he’d come?”

If you don’t believe me, stay there.
Then the Grand Duke will welcome Lady Harris.
His daughter doesn’t even listen to her own…”

“…I’m not leaving because I’m scared of that!”

I wondered if that would work, but the effect was quite large.
Harris, who had been in a frenzy just now, took a step back.

She said she wasn’t doing this, yet she was afraid.

Only after seeing that, the knights guarding the door of the drawing room created a space, and Cecilia stood behind me.

“Cecilia… are you okay?”

Nothing was as effective as this.
Lady Harris doesn’t want to let the Grand Duke and the twin Young Masters know that she was like that.”

“Aren’t you like that to them as well?”

Now act like a sweet, cute, and lovely lady.”

I was surprised by the fact and I let out a small sigh.

“Even if others see such an appearance, they cannot easily inform the Grand Duke of this matter… I think that is more so.”

“I see.”

“Of course… I think you’re doing something similar to Allen.”

Her face hardened in an instant as if she had eaten a bitter candy.

I nodded my head loudly as I saw her like that.

My brother… I’m sorry.
He’s a really nice person.”

Honestly, who else could be as kind as my brother?

It was then…

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