Obviously, I thought I could tell you what was the most delicious and what was disappointing, but the foods in front of me were all great.

Cecilia went outside while I was eating today, and I eventually gave up trying to check the extent of the food before she came.

“Are you done eating?””

Usually, she finished her meal in about two to three minutes, so she entered the room in time.

“Uh, yes!”

“How was it? Which one was the best?”

“I… Yeah.”

Cecilia also glistened as if expecting my evaluation.
But I couldn’t say anything to Cecilia.

“Everything’s delicious.
Everything’s great… It’s perfect and it didn’t miss anything.
Even the chocolate for dessert!”

“Was it that good?”

“Yeah! I think it’s getting tastier day by day.
Please go to the kitchen and say that.
It’s so delicious that I feel bad about evaluating it.
In fact, it’s hard to rate which one tasted better.”

“Yes, I will.”

Cecilia, who was wiping my mouth by taking a handkerchief with her hand, lifted me up from the chair and dropped me on the floor.

I was afraid of someone hugging me.

However, Cecilia’s hands were just as friendly as her mother.
I was careful as if I didn’t want to surprise myself.
Because of this, I was thinking that I’m getting used to her more and more.

Then you should hurry up and say hello to your mother.”

“Oh, oh! She’s already here?”

“Yes, I checked and she was already here and getting ready.”

At her words, I walked over to my mother, putting my feet in place.

“Mom! I’ll be back!”

It’ll be over soon.
So please wait a little bit.

Looking at my mother, whose complexion improved every day, I vowed again.
I’m going to finish everything.

After saying goodbye, I ran out of the room.

Perhaps because I went once last time, but the path to the drawing room looked familiar.
I didn’t know because I’ve been trapped, but I seemed to memorize the path better than I thought.

‘Of course, it wasn’t that dark hallway when I entered through the hall.

Anyway, I walked ahead of Cecilia in the bright hallway.
She didn’t really care about me taking the lead.

Rather, I just walked.

As we walked and walked like that, we came near to the drawing room.
As if what Cecilia had said was true, two knights were firmly guarding in front of the room like the knights in front of my room.

The problem was that the hallway was loud in front of them.

Harris, who was screaming so loudly, was holding out.

Like thunder, Harris’s voice was so loud that the floor shook.

“Why can’t I go in there?! Oh!”


However, unlike others in the Grand Duke’s house, these knights were not afraid of Harris.
Rather, they were only firmly guarding the door.
They didn’t even pay attention to what Harris was saying.

I guess it bothered her even more.

“Ha? Do you know who I am? Huh?”

“Hey! Do you have to watch my call over my dad right now? I know my dad hates walking in vain, but you wouldn’t know that!”

Eventually, the knight who was listening to it sighed and opened his mouth.

“Lady Harris, this morning, the Grand Duke said no one should be allowed in here except Lady Bebe.”


“In particular, there is a high probability that Lady Harris will come, so he added that we should stop her.”

Even from a distance, I could see Harris shaking.

For all the time I’ve been living, the knights only hit me.
They enjoyed beating me, as if they had no feelings.

However, the knights under the Grand Duke were different.

Everyone protected me.
They took my side.


That’s why it’s weird.

Thinking about what this feeling was, I stood there and didn’t move for a long time.

I heard that you’re on the side of the Vice Captain.
They don’t even have a status.
They’re not noblemen, yet they’re being rude to me like this.
Foolish things.”

“…No matter what you say, you can’t enter this place.”

As I was just watching them, Cecilia gently touched my shoulder.

“Shall we go now, My Lady?

“Uh, yes.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of Lady Harris.”

“I’m not afraid of her! I just don’t like it because it’s so annoying and it bothers the people around me.”

As I slowly mumbled, Cecilia nodded as if she understood everything.

“But you don’t have to worry.
Those who have pledged to be next to you expect that much.
So you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Cecilia was the one who was most worried about being harmed by Harris’s actions.
But since she said that she was okay, I couldn’t add anything else.

Without a second thought, I approached the drawing room.
Harris looked at me with a stiff expression, perhaps because she only noticed my presence only then.

“Are you finally here?”

What brings you here, Harris?”

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