“What do you think? Brother is cool, isn’t he? I chased her away!”

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“…No, you’re not.
I can kick her out on my own, uh…? That’s…”

Just when I was about to say that I could kick her out by myself, the strange thing was that someone was hanging around the entrance.

“What’s wrong, Sister?”

Obviously, there was a person who looked like the person in front of me.

“Well, that’s…”

I had no choice but to mumble with my mouth open.


He looked exactly like him.

I thought I saw a ghost, but it was a human.

The boy that looked like the person in front of me watched us from the entrance.

Following my gaze, the boy waved towards the door.

“Ah, Lexit! Welcome home.
This child is our little sister!”

It wasn’t a ghost or anything after all.

He’s definitely a person.

The boy named Lexit frowned heavily and entered with an uncomfortable expression.

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The closer he came, the more he looked like the duck who called me their sister affectionately.

However, unlike his appearance, the boy’s reaction was quite different from the other boy.

“I thought our father had a child outside our family, but he didn’t after all.
You don’t look like us at all.”

Lexit, who was still looking at me, smiled.

“You might not even look like him!”

“My family’s bloodline is so strong that we all have blue eyes, and so yours is a fake one.”

“That’s a bit too much, Lexit.”

“That’s what it’s about.
You look like a drained fish with big eyes! Don’t pretend to be part of my family.”

It would be great if he didn’t mind, but this Lexit boy clearly showed hostility to me.


“And for me, the only sibling I need is Allen.
Stop shaming our family and get out of here.”

Stomping inside, Lexit gripped Allen’s wrist with a thud.

That kind of reaction, that gaze, that behavior was so familiar.

I’ve never been loved by anyone before.

I’m used to this boy’s behavior, because everyone who treated me was always like that.

Allen, who came to me first and pretended to be close, was a strange person to me.
Should I say it’s kind of awkward?

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“No, I’ll even check when she is eating.”

But Allen was adamant.

He was just as stubborn as he was when he told me to call him ‘Brother’.

Lexit only shook his head as if this happened often.

“Go ahead, but eventually everyone will call her a fake and kick her out.”

“No! Dad said he was our sister.”

“…Father said that?”

“Yes, Dad said that! He told me himself.
It’s her!”

Maybe that’s when he showed interest, but Lexit slowly came towards me.
In front of Lexit’s clear blue eyes, I might be considered ugly.

“Are you really our sibling?”


“Can’t you tell me? Are we blood-related?”

I didn’t really feel the need to lie.

I’m sure I’m different from them anyway.
I straightened my shoulders and proudly said…


As expected, Lexit snorted due to my answer.

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“You see, we’re not blood-related.
I don’t know how you managed to lure my father in, but you’ll be gone soon.”

“Though I’m not blood-related to this family, I won’t be gone soon.
I’ll be here until I grow up.”

Lexit’s face quickly hardened.
Then he pointed his fingers at me and yelled at Allen.

“What? You want to stay here? You said you weren’t part of our family.”

“Yes, we’re not really family, but I’m a contractual family member.”

“A contractual… family?”

“Yes, I’m not of the same blood as you, but I’m a member of the Grand Duchy from now on.”

Lexit shook his head at what I said.

Now there was a difference between Allen and Lexit.
Lexit was unlucky from head to toe.
He was different from Allen in that he had his hair slicked back without any baby hairs.

“That’s funny— there’s no way our father would sign a contract with you.”

“I’m incredibly strong, so I have made him sign a contract.”

“He’s a lot stronger than you are.
And you say you are strong even if you look like you are about to collapse? Good joke.”

“You’re the weak one.
You both didn’t know that the fault lines in this place actually disappeared overnight, did you?”

Allen, who was looking at us back and forth a little while ago, and Lexit, who was talking to me conceitedly, were both flabbergasted and speechless.

“Wow, do you mean the barrier was made by the Grand Duke?”


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“Did it disappear?”

“Is that what you mean by proving your strength?”

Like a man who was annoyed and at a loss, Lexit sniffed.

“Y-You got rid of it? What a load of crap!”

“It’s real though.”

“I can do th-that too, you know? Yeah, that kind of thing!”

“Ho ho, so you can do it huh?”

Lexit shrugged his shoulders and looked down at me.

“I can do it in an instant!”

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“Oh, but I’m not going to do it since you said the fault lines are apparently gone!”

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m telling you, you’re not strong, you idiot.”

I guess he hated me so much that he was too busy showing his raw hostility towards me.

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