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At the beginning of Imperial history, the two royal families, who were from the small kingdom of Lehel, organized all the tribes here and laid the foundation for the country.
One of them became an emperor, and the other became a great army.

However, the public’s words were unexpected.
It was a group of losers.

“Finally, a country was established here, and the kingdom of Lehel, from which they had come from, had a problem remembering the name Lehel Douard when the name was decided.”

“What’s the problem?”

“The question of who ascends to the emperor.
Would it be Avrant, who was wise, excellent, but a woman? Cloud, who was always looking for opportunities one step behind.”

It seemed that he only nodded because his name had already inferred who continued the Grand Duke.

“In the end, Cloud became the emperor just because he is a ‘man’.
And Cloud created the Grand House of Avrant named after Avrant, in the name of taking care of his sister.
At first, it seemed to take good care of it, but at some point here in the north of the Empire, magic that could threaten the men and men constantly emerged, and the Emperor settled the first grand duke here.”


“It was the reason to protect it as a guardian of the Empire and to give the vast land in the north to the Great Duke.
But as a result, it was to make a Grand Duke surrounded by forests and to never rebel against him.
The Emperor just wanted the first Grand Duke to die in this forest.”

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For a moment, I had to swallow the word “bad guy” as I almost blurted it out.

How could humans do that? You said you were his sister.

“The Grand Duke endured better than I thought in this forest.
But the magic here constantly appears and threatens people.
If even one of them went to the capital, the Grand Duke used to be greatly reprimanded by the Emperor.
That’s why the Grand Duke has to stop the magicians from getting out of this forest.”

“That’s how it is.”

When I was nodding, he made a pretty bitter look and spoke bitterly.

“Now, I’ve arranged all the roads to the outside.
By the way, Bebe, did you think there are no knights in the family?

“Right! I’ve rarely seen knights in a castle.”

“The Grand Duke has so many troops that it is comparable to the Emperor.
Of course, the Emperor is unaware of this fact.
Anyway, they all surround this huge forest, so that nothing can escape from it.”

I opened my mouth wide for a moment.
It was a story that has not been heard anywhere in the past.

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“Beasts and monsters… I didn’t know there was something like that.”

“People don’t know.
Because I’ve managed them perfectly in public for hundreds of years.
However, monsters and beasts continued to increase for unknown reasons.
It became more ferocious and appeared rougher.
It’s been worse since about five years ago.
And when it becomes spring, these beasts get particularly mad.”

Perhaps the story was finally over, but the Grand Duke smiled and stroked my head.

“And we’re going to the forest.”

“That forest…”

“I’ll make a board so that you can take the vassals there, so use your strength there as much as you want.
It’s to show your strength to the vassals.
What do you think? It must be full of scary things.
Is it okay?”

“Yes! It’s okay! I like it!”

“I’ll take care of everything after that, so trust me and act.”

What happens after that means I’m going to faint from strength.

My strength was both strong and weak.
No matter how strong you use, the power becomes useless when the user faints.
Users even face situations that can be dangerous due to fainting.

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So I didn’t want to let anyone know this power.

But for the admission documents, if I could prove it to those who bullied my dad, I’ll do so.

“Yes, I will.”

I’ll call you at the next political meeting, so come out there.”

“Can I go there?”

“Any family member of the Grand Duke can go.
So don’t worry and come out.”


“And… it’s going to be noisy for a while because you’re going to a political meeting, so keep that in mind.”

“Are you spreading rumors?”

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That way, all the vassals will attend.”

As if the devil had descended, an evil smile spread across the Grand Duke’s face.
But I also realized for sure now that he was worried about me.

The Grand Duke looked at me with softer eyes and spoke in a friendlier voice than before.

Why was he making such a burdensome face?

‘Ah! It means to go and do well.’

Otherwise, there would be no reason to look at me like that.
Deep enlightenment.

When I understood, I nodded my head.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll do everything I’m told to do.
Then I’ll go now.”

It’s late at night.”

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