Then I suddenly remembered my mom.

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“No, Mom can’t do that.’

He’s handsome, but he never used it to bribe others, nor was it ever allowed.
The Grand Duke was sometimes a cruel and crazy man.
Having come to that conclusion, I nodded deeply.

“Your expression keeps changing every second.”


“It was good, then it was bad.
It surprised me.
I can see those emotions constantly passing by in that small face.”

“…No, it’s not.” I was expressionless!

He stared at him with his mouth closed tightly.
But he was quite relaxed.
It was as if it didn’t matter what I said.
Like that, the Grand Duke looked at me for a long time and saw me again.

Meanwhile, as if he had something to say, he slowly opened his mouth.

“Anyway, it’s not when you like it unconditionally.
There are some things I haven’t published yet because of your name, but there are other reasons why I haven’t.”

“Any other reason?”


“It’s hard.
Making documents didn’t stop it.”

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With disappointment, he hurriedly hardened his face, which had been filled with anticipation until just now.

“In a way, it’s big, and in a way, it’s trivial.
There are a lot of people who will definitely talk about why to let you go.”

He nodded firmly as he spoke.

Nothing was wrong with what he said.
In fact, when I thought about it, it was natural for the vassals to look at me unkindly.
They didn’t know who I was.
It was as if I fell from the sky.

I told the Grand Duke that I was a child of the previous emperor and had strong power, but the vassals do not know that.

Even if he knew that, you would think there was no reason to put me here.

His forehead hardened automatically.

“That’s true.
I think so, too.”

What should I do now? Wouldn’t it be useless not to publish this document, especially if the emperor doesn’t allow it.

‘Is it all useless in the end?’

Disappointment was as great as expected.
I looked down at the documents I had held silently in my arms for a long time.
Come to think of it, my life was always like that.
A comfortable road.
There has never been an easy road.

‘It was always like this.
You don’t have to be disappointed.’

Therefore, I raised my head again after making a sullen face.

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“It’s okay.
I’m sure there’s a way.”

“Is it okay?”

“Yes! Of course, my life has always been like that.
The easier it was to go, the harder it was.
So I’m fine.”

It’s okay.
If you say it’s okay, it’d be really okay.
With such expectations, I made eye contact with him.

“I thought you’d be disappointed.”

I was disappointed…” Nothing changed just because I was disappointed.

“It’s always been like that.”

I was disappointed every time I lost my mom and lost her again.
There were many days when I was frustrated and struggling with the reality that I couldn’t save my mother.

Now that I thought about it, all those days seemed to have provided me with the “power to endure.”

The power to get up quickly.

“You’re brave.
Then Bebe, will you do anything to announce it?”


“Then, good for you.”

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At that moment, I only opened my eyes wide at an unexpected word.

“Huh? Will it turn out well?”

“I’m showing you how strong you are in the morning.”


“Ableland Grand Park is a place that prioritizes strength.
It flattens the noses of the vassals who keep talking nonsense.
At least those who say you were put here for no reason will be speechless.
If I have to say, it’s much better than those guys who talk without any power.”

As his lips smiled, he stared at me.

“What do you think?”


“Of course, there will be people who wonder about that power.
Then you’ll have a hard time.
Is that okay?”

“If I could enter a public place, I could do anything.”

I clenched my fist and made eye contact with him.

If only that could happen, so if I could wake up my mom…

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I didn’t care what I became.

“If you do that, no one will be able to touch me.
Me, too.
My mom, too.”

If you did that, no one would touch my mom like last time.
That alone was enough.

My enlightened head and the Grand Duke’s head moved at the same time positively.

“I like it because it’s lively.
There are plans they would like to achieve, and if so, I will take care of the work for that day.”

“Aren’t you going to worry?”

First of all, I’ll go to the forest.”


“This forest is a great place to live.
Do you know anything about him?”

“I heard there’s a silver wolf!”

“Yes, that forest with silver wolves.
If we talk about him, we go back to the distant past.”

I nodded to ask them to hear me when I was completely out of expectation.

“A long time ago…”

The current Duke of Avrant is a man with a small amount of royal blood, but the previous Grand Duke was a loser.”

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