“From now on, I will protect you and your mom.”

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I got it.
If you’re really sorry, hurry up and find the culprit.”

I’ll make sure to find them under my name.”

With that, silence flowed between us.

He may have looked at the numerous documents piled up in front of him, but he still stared at me.
His gaze was so burdensome.

Eventually, I couldn’t stand it and slowly opened my mouth.

“Uh… You know…”

“Do you have anything to say?”

Why was he looking at me like that?

He looked at me with his back upright enough to make me feel burdensome.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.”

But why did you call me?”

“Yeah, what did you mean by ‘don’t feed the wolf’?”

“… It’s literally the same.
I feel like you’ve been feeding the dog lately.”


Only then did he relax a little and smile.

“I heard there’s no dog in the Duchy Family.”

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“That’s right.
There’s no dog.”

“But what does that mean?”

“Didn’t you drop something outside the window recently?”


“It feels like the dog is here thanks to you.”

When we talked about the dog, he finished signing the documents in front of him.
However, his expression remained bright.

“Uh… What do you mean by drop? When you mentioned that, you laughed, Daddy!”

“By the way, Bebe.”


“I keep saying other things, but I have to explain why I came today.”

“Oh, right, it’s nothing special… oh! That’s right.
There’s a reason why I also came.”

After a long thought, I turned around and sat in front of him.

In front of my eyes, wine was finely poured into a glass set beside the cheese that didn’t suit my taste.

I looked at it and moved my gaze to his eyes.

I always thought it was as cold as ice, but it was rather warm.

What a strange person.

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He stabbed people with a sword and had a smile on his face.

I could clearly feel that he was a strange man.

“So what is it? What’s the reason you’re here?”

“If I become a useful person, grant me my wish.”

“Are you asking me to grant your wish?”

“Well it’s like that, but I am not expecting you to listen.
It’s like an exchange!”


His eyes gracefully blinked.

Probably it’s because it’s only the two of us, but I was exceptionally nervous.

“Yes! Daddy is making my wish come true.
In exchange, I’ll give you a present, too.”

“A gift? What is it this time?”

“Proving that I’m strong!”

“Ho ho, what are you going to do this time? Are you trying to use magic?”


I fiddled with the spoon that I kept tight in my pocket.
The feeling of cold metal had already disappeared.

However, as soon as I heard his definite answer, I stopped doing what I was doing and fell into agony for a while.

“Are you doubting me?’

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If I detect the poison right here, I could look a little suspicious.

Having been excited to show that I was helpful to him right away, I quickly became sullen.
My gaze naturally fell to the floor.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling sleepy?”

It’s not that… How much do you trust your people?”

“My people?”

“Yes, I’ve told you that I’ll make you, Dad, the emperor.
But in order to do so, I thought I had to check it first.”

While giving attention to the documents, he put down his fountain pen.

“Come to think of it, you always say weird things.”

“I mean, I have a really strong power.
And I have seen the future, too.”


“In all that future, you died.”

“I’m dying.”

There was no amplification on his voice and neither had emotions.
He just said that he would die in a dull way as if he is just listening to other people’s business.

“Oh, my.
You can’t talk like that about someone else’s story.”

“Do I look like that?”

I think I don’t have the will to live.”

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“Maybe a little bit.”

“No! I won’t leave you just like that.
I will save you and make you the Emperor, because you’re my dad.”

At that moment, his eyes shook very slightly.

“Because I’m your dad…”

“Oh! So hurry up and have hope in your life.
I want you to live longer so you can covet the Emperor’s position.”


“I came back because I want you as the emperor.
So, you have to cheer up?”

As if to cheer him up, I stabbed the cheese in front of me with a fork and stuck it out to him.

“Do you want me to eat all of this?”

“Yeah! I’m giving it to you to cheer you up.”

He opened his mouth wide and ate the cheese I offered, even though he was contemplating a lot for a while.
As he trembled all over, as if he was showing that he didn’t like it, he burst out a dejected smile.

“You’re an irresistible child.”

“Does it mean something good?”

“Of course.”

“That’s a relief.
Anyway… do you believe in all of your people?”

“I don’t.”

“Don’t trust everything.
And believe me.
Oh, would this make it harder to believe in?”

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