“If you’re too scared, do you want to go out again?”

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As Caleb said, I looked in and stepped back quickly.

“It’s dark… It’s like a cave.”

“That’s right, it’s as dark as a cave.
Thanks to this, we were always maintaining a certain temperature.
If the temperature changes, the taste of wine and cheese changes significantly.”

“Wow! I see! Then, is this a place where Mr.
Caleb watches all alone?”

If they go through the hands of many people, we will be in trouble.”

“I see.”

I was sure of that phrase.

This guy was a key person for me to ask the Grand Duke to grant my wish.

“I want to let you taste the wine I take care of because you’re growing up.”

As if he was disappointed, he was smiling brightly, making eye contact with me.

“Only my dad drinks this now?”


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“I see.”

At that moment, Leo, who had been following me all along, stood in front of me again.

“It’s a little dark.
Are you scared of the dark?”


“So let’s go see something else.
There are more amazing ingredients here!”

“Is there?”

Leo guided me from place to place in the warehouse again.
I did my best to follow Leo and respond to him so he couldn’t tell I was interested in the warehouse only managed by Caleb.

Whenever that happened, he was more excited, and the chefs in the kitchen and the chefs in charge of the warehouse all looked happy.

“Don’t your legs hurt?”

How much time has passed?

Cecilia, who had been following me, asked me anxiously.


“It seemed like you walked a lot today.
Should I carry you when you’re tired?”

“No! It’s okay.”

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“Oh my god.
I am so excited that I showed Ms.
Bebe different places.”

“It was a bit like that, but it was fun!”

Obviously, I had a goal, but the kitchen was a very interesting place.

Fruits, which had been tightly wrapped in thick packaging a while ago, quickly became delicious food.

“Is that so? That’s a relief.
You said that you had fun even though you weren’t interested.
It’s just…”

Leo looked a little lonely and then leaned down in front of me.

“My Lady, come again if you want to see me anytime.
Since I cook here every day, everyone needs attention.”


“Other people don’t tell me if what I cook is delicious or not, but everyone is always intimidated.”

“Yeah! But don’t worry.
The food here is amazing!”

I said it with sincerity.

Even though it was a large number of adult men I met after a long time, I wasn’t afraid of them because of the way they looked at me.

It was thanks to their gazes that sincerely showed it was good to visit…

“That’s why.”

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After listening to Leo, I looked at the kitchen, and the chefs looked thrilled.

They all had similar expressions.

“Thank you, My Lady.
If there’s something you want to eat at any time, please tell me.
We’ll do our best to make it look good.”

“Yes! And I like chocolate the most!”

“Chocolate… I see.”

Leo, who had been humming chocolate several times as if he had received a big mission, nodded.

“Then I’ll go!”

“Yes! Come again!”

The rest of the chefs, led by Leo, greeted me in a loud voice.

Surprised by their loud voices, I quickly calmed them down and waved.


After greeting, I grabbed Cecilia’s hand and left the kitchen.

There was a new snack, and Leo handed me a basket of chocolate and cookies in my hand as it was about to come out.
I went back to the room with the basket myself in case it would be taken away.

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“I think it’s a good place.”


“The kitchen! They gave me this as a gift, too!”

Looking down at the basket in my arms, I couldn’t control my excitement.

These snacks looked so delicious the more I looked at them.
I was already feeling bliss before I even tried to eat it.

“The kitchen staff will like it a lot.”

“Oh? Really?”


“But I don’t think they really want me.”

“Most chefs are those who came here only with their skills.”


So unlike other places, they rarely discriminate against other people based on their status or something like that.”

Listening to Cecilia made me realize that she seemed different from the maid who secretly cursed at me last time.

“Most other places have different statuses and influences depending on who they serve as their owners.
Even if they were the same maid, they even can get slapped depending on the owner.
If one is invited by a powerful owner in the bay, their status will change on its own.”

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