so Harris’s employees could not enter, along with Cecilia and Allen.

‘Brother could be in danger.’

Even now, he’s trying to protect me, and he’s looking for weapons around him.

But the power was almost so intense that it’d be a burden to the involved parties.
It’s a force that could even hurt yourself.
So I grabbed Allen’s arm in front of me.


“Don’t worry, Bebe.
Your brother will protect you.”

“No, don’t do that, I’ll figure it out.
Will you accept me if I do this?”


“It’s a… secret between you and me.”

I smiled and looked at Allen.

As if surprised unexpectedly, Allen only widened his eyes, but it didn’t take much to deal with those guys.

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That didn’t stop me from fainting, but at least I’d be up in half a day.

“What do you mean? Bebe, come on, it’s dangerous!”

My brother’s face turned pale as I walked past them.

I smiled as if I shouldn’t worry about him.

“I won’t let you die.
I can’t let you go like this.”

I condensed the forces that flowed through my body into one.
Then I reached out to those in front of them.
At that moment, the forces I had gathered quickly attacked the men.

As if to speak for my mind, the sharp force of the blade hurt all of their bodies.

“What the hell is this!”

“Don’t worry.
You’re not gonna die.’ ”

“Darn it.
That girl didn’t say she’d use her power!”

Someone who called my brother ‘Young Master’ and the one who thought my mother was here called me a little girl.

I wonder if the Emperor sent it.

I thought it was possible enough, but if the Emperor sent them, he would have asked to bring Mother and I back alive with them.

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Then, was he the servant of the Grand Duke who hated my mother?

There was more credibility there.

Whatever it may be, Allen and the Grand Duke will take care of it later.

I looked at them scrambling to avoid the attack, and then I fell down with my knees on the floor.
Then I touched the floor.

“I’d kill you right now if I could, but I’d have to find out who you are first.”

Go to sleep.

Enough not to kill them.

With that emotion, I let the power in my hand flow to the floor.


Within seconds, the assassins fell to the floor one by one.
While using all of my strength, I covered my mother with another layer of mana protection.
Only then did I sigh and take off my hand on the floor.


Allen, who was looking at me a few steps back, rushed to me.

“Bebe! Bebe! Did you just use your power?”

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