hat it was hard to stand still.

The first person to sit down was Harris.

“What are you doing?”

One after another her maids and knights sank to the ground.

“Let’s go, Bebe.”


Thanks to him, the path that I thought I could never pass opened.

But Harris crawled on the floor and grabbed Allen’s leg.

“She’s the one who tried to go without following the rules!”

“Behave, Harris, or I’ll kill you if you bully my sister again.”

“I’m your sibling!”

“I know, but it’s weird.
I’m sure everyone says you’re my sister… but I don’t understand why.”

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Harris, who sat on the floor, looked up angrily and stared at Allen, but Allen only passed Harris.

I quickly got out of there with Allen like that.

It wasn’t hard to come out because there was no one to stop us.

But Allen grabbed my hand out of uneasiness.

Then he started running.
His hands were so warm and big that I teared up at the thought of him really being on my side.

It’s all because my mother’s mana shroud broke.

With that in mind, I ran faster and faster right after Allen.

Allen was much faster than I expected.

I thought he was just a boy who was taller than me, but he’s so fast.

I couldn’t breathe thanks to him.

“Pant, pant.”

“Are you all right?”

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“Uh, yeah.”

“We’re almost there, so hang in there.
Do you want me to carry you on my back if you’re tired?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Rather, Allen looked at me quietly and nodded as if he was more anxious than me.

Not long after, we arrived in front of my room.
It wasn’t originally a crowded hallway.
No wonder I came out of my room and walked for a long time to see the staff.

But it’s very strange that it’s so quiet.

Even beyond the closed door, an unknown energy spread.
It gave off a sense of danger.

My hands trembled, and I had to open the door, but my feet gave away easily.

On behalf of me, Allen suddenly opened the door.


As I hurried inside, I saw three people wearing black masks.
My room was a simple structure consisting of a large living room, a dressing room, and a bathroom.
The bed was in the corner of the living room.

Therefore, it was immediately visible to whom the assassins were targeting and what they were doing.


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