oine, who didn’t know what to do with us, finally opened her mouth.
Only then did Cecilia take me in front of her.

With messy hair, Allen followed me around like a fluffy puppy.

“Lady Bebe doesn’t have any clothes yet, so could you measure her size first?”

“Yes, ma’am.
First of all, I’ve been looking for clothes to wear after hearing about her age and rough stories.
If she’s wearing this first, I’ll measure her size and get her dressed.”

Madame Elloine, who had a thick figure and a sweet voice, pulled a long thread out of her arms and measured my body size.

I’d never seen anything like this before.

I wore these kinds of clothes when my dad was alive, but it was a secret at the time, so I didn’t have to openly call the Madam to coordinate clothes.
I just wore the clothes that children of that age wore.

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That’s why I felt ticklish from her touch as she traced all over my body.

“There’s nothing to measure in detail.”

As she measured my shoulders, arms, and height, Harris, who was sitting on the sofa, blabbered her mouth again.


“Why are you so meticulous when she’s about to leave?”


“So do it half-heartedly.
Just roughly.”

“No, please measure it thoroughly.”

“Yes, measure my sister thoroughly.
She’ll gain weight soon, so make her back a little broader.”

“Yes, yes.”

After mumbling for a while at Harris’ words, she listened to Cecilia and Allen afterwards before moving her hands again.

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But still, Harris didn’t even think about giving up.

After that, when she tried to measure my foot size, she would say she’s doing unnecessary work, and when she asked what kind of clothes I liked, she asked what I should choose.

Finally, Cecilia, who was holding my hand beside me, approached Harris.

“Miss Harris, do you have any business here?”


“Then please leave.
I want to measure Lady Bebe’s size in a comfortable environment.”

“So you want me to get out of here?”

“I don’t know why you’re here when you don’t have anything to do with it.
I understand that you’ve been getting more clothes recently, Lady Harris.”

“There’s no place I can’t go.
There’s no place I can’t be, but Cecilia, you’re picking a fight with me for everything.”

Only then did Harris get up and look up at Cecilia.
The maids and knights behind Harris threatened to surround Cecilia.

Eventually, I ran there after seeing it from a long distance.

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