Allen’s eyes glimmered as he promised to protect those who were weaker than me.

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After chatting for a long time next to my mom, I leaned down with an “Ahh” sound.
I didn’t have time for Cecilia to stick next to me all day, so I had to take advantage of her absence and finish the bread from time to time.

I hurriedly took the bread out of the back of the bed.

“I’m going to break it up one more today.”

I should be able to get rid of all the bread soon.

Fortunately, there was no such thing as a mouse eating, or doing so yet.

Today, I stood close to the window and sprinkled bread out of the window.
On the first day, it was soft, but today it was cut a little bigger and all was thrown out.

“It’s all done.”

Birds and small animals living in the forest would love it.

“It must be good for all of them.”

Having comforted myself so much, I laid in bed to sleep a little longer.


It’s been more than two days since I got the penguin.

The only thing that had changed so far was that I used almost all the bread I had saved up because I threw bread into the forest, and that my brother visited every day.

After breakfast, training, and after having lunch, my brother visited me every single day.

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“I didn’t mean to tell you to come here this often.”

“Huh? More often?”


Allen clearly told me that I couldn’t get angry when I smiled.

‘Or maybe I’m only weak for Allen.’

I could be mean to a bright person like Allen.
It’s not like I didn’t know the bad side of the world.

No, it’s because he gave me all sorts of gifts.

I held the penguin doll tighter in my arms as I carried it around like my alter ego.

“You don’t want me to come?”

“Who said no? It’s because it feels like we’re hanging out in my room.
Is it okay for the Young Master of the Grand Duchy?”

“But studying is not fun.
Neither magic nor swordsmanship is fun.”

Allen, who was lying on his desk, chewed on the cookies Cecilia had brought for me to eat.
Any man who stole my precious snack was the worst man in the world.

I took the bowl of cookies from Allen and pulled it towards me.
Then Allen’s hands, who had been resting, roughly picked up cookies with his hands and floundered in the air.

“Oh, where’s the cookie?”

“Get out if you’re going to steal my precious snack.”

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“That’s upsetting.
You mean snacks are more precious than me?”

“Of course.”

It was around that time that Cecilia, who was watching us, smiled and put down another plate.

“Don’t worry, I’ve brought you a lot of cookies just in case.”

“…A lot?”

“Yes, a lot.
They can make a lot of cookies, so eat a lot.”

“If that’s the case…”

I pushed the cookie bowl I took towards Allen.

“What my sister likes is cookies!”

“Why…? What’s wrong with it?”

“What are you so excited about?”

“Everything, especially when my sister’s eyes glimmer.
You look like you’d do anything.”

“You don’t have to get excited about that.
Or tell me something else that Bebe likes.”

“Something else I like? I don’t know.
What could it be? I love chocolate! I think it’s the best thing of all.”

“And then?”

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“Mom! I love her so much!”

“…Other than that, you don’t have a brother?”

“Yes, I don’t.”

For a moment, Allen’s face hardened a little.
His face was so honest, as if he were expressing his disappointment immediately.

“Gee, as of now, I am not, but I’ll make you like me soon.”


It was then…

Cecilia, who was still listening to our conversation, took out a small watch from her pocket.

“More than that, Miss Bebe, you have a schedule for today.”

“Huh? Me? Do I have a schedule too?”

“Yes, the clothes you’ve been wearing are suitable for grown-ups, so I’m going to match your new dress and shoes today.
Maybe Madame is here.”

Was that what we talked about last time?

Somehow, my expectations heightened.

What does she mean by new clothes?

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You remember what I told you then, right?”

“Of course! I remember.
I remember!”

“That’s today.”

To be honest, the clothes I had were good enough so I did not need new clothes.
They were a little long, but the dresses were all good.

The shoes were a little big, so I got a scar on my foot, but they were still great.

‘I’m all good compared to what I’ve been living in.’

Even when my father was alive, I wore pretty clothes all the time.
However, after the new emperor rebelled and became the emperor, I had to wear my clothes until sunset, and not be provided new ones.

My shoes were too small to wear, and I was banned from washing.

After going through that past and becoming like this in the present, it was enough in every way, but people must be greedy.

‘This level of greed is fine.’

So I jumped down from the chair.

“Let’s go.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, but I won’t be too greedy.
Just moderately, just a bit… l-like one or two…”

Casual clothes and pajamas; I wish I could wear these two as new clothes.

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