“This won’t do.
I need to talk to you.”

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“Lady Harris.”

Meanwhile, Cecilia, who was next to me, clung close to me.

As expected, the girl was even annoyed with Cecilia.

“I was wondering where Cecilia, who was in charge of training in the Grand Duchy, went, and she is stuck with you? And not me?”

“I was wondering where Cecilia went.
You’re usually in charge of training in the Grand Duchy but now she’s stuck with you? And not me?”


“Why are you with the fake anyway?”

“His Highness the Grand Duke commanded it.
It’s only natural to obey my master’s orders.”

Looking at Cecilia talking without speaking all high, the child named Harris’ face hardened.

“Don’t you think you should be next to me?”

“I’m just following his orders.”

It was quite different when she talked to me.
Like a person with no feelings, Cecilia just looked at Harris like when she saw me for the first time.

The child, who stared at Cecilia as if she belatedly realized that it was pointless no matter how much she shouted, bared her teeth towards me.

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“It’s all because of you!”

I nodded roughly, knowing that it would be more troublesome to respond.


“You’re reacting like this to me? I’m so annoyed.
Hey, you! Do you know who I am? I’m one of the four real children of the Grand Duke.
Unlike you, I’m real.”

“Oh, yeah.”

The sparks came back to me.

But it wasn’t exactly something to be interested in, so I nodded roughly.

“…Why don’t you want to argue?”

“Do I have to refute?”

“O-Of course!”

“You’re not wrong.”

At that moment, Harris’ face hardened as her hair fell down smoothly.

“I-I’m right about everything?”

I’m a fake.”

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“Huh, huh… you’re a very strange kid, aren’t you? Then why are you here when I know you’re fake?”

“Can’t I just stay here? They said I can stay here even if I’m fake.”

“…You have a very annoying personality.”

“So do you.
You suddenly appeared and trampled on my flowers.”

As if she responded angrily at my words, Harris huffed and stepped on all the flowers around me.

“Wh-What are you doing?”

“A fake should not pluck any flowers!”

Her face hardened automatically due to her obstinate appearance.

“…Really, you’re beyond redemption.”

“H-How dare you tell me that? Do you know who I am? I am Daddy’s favorite daughter!”

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you are taken care of the most or not.
And the Grand Duke said, ‘I hate useless things the most.
Even if it’s my son.’ Are you a useful person?”

“Of course, I’m so useful that it’s incomparable to yours!”

I clicked my tongue as I watched Harris talking proudly.

“Oh then, congratulations.”

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No wonder, I felt that even if I continue to talk, it would only increase the number of troublesome things.

So I clapped my hands roughly and responded to Harris.
But the more I did that, the more her anger towards me escalated.

Even though I said I wouldn’t talk anymore, Harris blocked me.

“Oh, you’re scared of me, aren’t you? You’re afraid I’ll hate you huh?”

“Not at all.
I don’t care if you hate me or not.”


“And I read in the book that one shouldn’t avoid poop because you’re scared.
You avoid it because it’s dirty.”


“I’m not avoiding you because I’m afraid of you.
I’m just avoiding you because you’re so loud and annoying, so I’m leaving.”

Surprised, Harris stared at me, trembling all over.
With such a child behind me, I quickly got out of there.

I was more in a hurry just in case Harris would stick around.

A long time later, of course, the child screamed as if she had grasped my true meaning.

“A-Are you saying that I’m a piece of crap? Is that what you mean?”

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I was about to say yes, but I just shook my head from side to side.
Well, I was on my way out of the garden anyway, so Harris couldn’t catch me anymore.

So I followed Cecilia ahead into my room.

But my steps along, with hers, left nothing but regret.

‘Ha, there’s only one left.’

Most of the flowers in my hand had already fallen off because her hands hit me hard earlier.

Slowly I spread out my hand.

Then there was only one flower in my hand that looked weak.
It’s the only flower I’ve had left to bring to my mom.

I felt sorry for myself.

I couldn’t help but have lingering feelings.
My steps kept slowing down.
Maybe she felt that, but Cecilia came close to me.

She sounded a little hoarse than before.
Maybe she saw the flower in my hand.

“Don’t be too disappointed, Miss.
We can come back later, okay?”


“When Lady Harris isn’t around.”


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