“My Lady?”

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Surprised by the unexpected situation, Cecilia only mumbled at me.

“Let me ask you something else instead.
What’s your name?”


Either you live here and survive by acting cute, or you’re loved by everyone.
I didn’t even want that anyway.

I was just trying to live, because my goal was to live without being ignored by others.

Frankly, my hands trembled and I was so afraid, but I stepped forward in confidence.

“Is it hard for you to say? I asked you what your name is.”

Only then did they bow their heads and apologize to me.

“No, Miss.
We are sorry.”

“What are you sorry about?”

But it’s too late.
They didn’t even answer my question properly.

“You don’t have to make a fake apology.
Why would you give a fake apology? So just tell me your name.”

Three maids with brunette brown hair like branches turned their heads and said nothing.

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“If you don’t tell me now, I’ll ask the other maids in person.
Will the maids ignore me like you did?”

“No, I’ll tell you.
Uh, I’m Lily, and this is Rachel.
This person is…”

“My name is Anas.”

Among the three, the maid, who actively prevented the other maid from talking behind her back, bowed her head the deepest.

‘That person is not as bad as I thought.’

Anas, who had a similar impression to Cecilia, did not raise her head for a long time.

Instead, the other two maids raised their heads quickly.

It was as if what they’ve already done was already enough.

“So can we go now, Miss?”

They called me a Lady, but I could never find any courtesy in their tone.

“What should we do? Should we really send them away just like that?”

Cecilia, who was sighing heavily next to me, leaned down and looked at me.

First of all, I got their name, so that’s fine.”

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“Okay, I see.
Then you guys can go ahead.
But I won’t let this go lightly.”

“Yes, Miss Cecilia.”

Answering in unison, they quickly moved away from me, wondering what I would say.
It was like they had an emergency.

Only Anas was looking at me for a long time.

“Let’s go now.”


She withdrew only after I took Cecilia’s hand and turned around.

I looked back just in case, but Anas stood there and bowed her head.

‘Strange person.’

Rather, Anas looked strange.

This made me feel uncomfortable somewhere in my mind.
The cause of the inconvenience was so unknown, but it was clear that my mind had changed from before.

I didn’t like her, so I hurried along with Cecilia.

We reached a place where I could only hear the sound of my footsteps and the piercing footsteps of Cecilia whenever she walked.
The surrounding area was so quiet, as if someone had poured cold water on it.

“My Lady, you’ve never seen the outside properly right?”

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Slowly looking outside with what Cecilia had fussed.


Only then did I get a good look at the scenery here.
As if on top of the mountain, the view beyond the window was a forest full of trees.

There was a cool wind blowing from there, and the hallway of the castle we walked on was so enormous, incomparable to the place where my mother and I lived.

These high ceilings and marble floors extended as far as the eyes could see.
Beautiful paintings hung from wall after wall, along with the expensive-looking ceramics.

My eyes moved incessantly as I looked at it.

“I can see outside the room I’m in now, but…”

It was fun to just walk and watch in the hallway.
What I saw from the room was the whole forest.
But the view from the hallway was so different.

The forest was so wide that there was no end in sight, and the world beyond which I could see through the corridor captivated me.

It was then…

“Well done, My Lady.”

After a long tour of the surroundings, I hurried to Cecilia at a moment’s notice.

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“I mean, what happened earlier.
You have to train your employees as a Lady.
And that’s what you have done.
And you did a perfect job.
It’s okay to be angry like a fire, but I also need that kind of scolding.”

Her words made my eyes wide open.

“Did I… Did I do a good job?”

“Of course, I was actually worried.
I thought you might have frozen after hearing that, but fortunately you didn’t.”

“Oh, I don’t feel intimidated.”

“Go ahead.
A Lady of the Grand Duchy must be like that.”


I pouted at Cecilia, who kept going back and forth.

“Cecilia is so strange.”

“I think so too.
I must be able to properly educate you, even if you decide to approach them, but you keep getting weaker when I see you.”

She smiled sweetly and leaned her body slightly to look straight at me.

To be honest, as an employee of this family, it is right that I have to take the side by saying, ‘These maids are actually good people’, but I don’t really want to.”


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