I want to believe that lying to my children is not a bad lie, and that it was a good lie since I hoped my children wouldn’t be hurt.”

“I see.”

I thought all lies were bad, but listening to the Grand Duke, I think there are also good lies.

“So I kept holding it in, but I thought it wouldn’t work now, so I asked Harris to take a test.”

“Are you all okay now?”

“…I’ve known that I’ve been treating my children wrong since I met you.”

Smiling quietly, he leaned over and made eye contact.

“Because of me?”

“Anyway… that’s why I had Harris by my side the whole time, and I just thought I couldn’t do it anymore.”

I wondered what he felt when he saw me, so I asked him back, but he got up from his seat in a hurry without an answer.

It was as if to avoid my question.

“But it’s weird.”


“I don’t know why I’m telling you this.
Is it because Bebe is good at giving advice?”

“Maybe you just wanted to tell anyone.
My dad is a person before he’s a dad.
But Dad should always be strong.”

He stopped moving as if he was organizing gifts right away.


“That’s why you needed someone to talk to.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded as he was spitting out a despondent smile.

“Yes! That’s how much you trust me.”

“I trust you…”

“But you feel much better now that you’ve shared your feelings, don’t you think?”

Looking at him tall for a long time, he raised his head.

“That’s possible.
I feel a little relieved.”

“I can give you counseling sometimes.”

“I have a reliable daughter.”

Anyway, don’t worry about Harris.
Whether Harris is real or fake, my older siblings will be able to endure it now.”

It was a little difficult for my siblings, especially Lexit, but I purposely raised my voice in case the Grand Duke was worried.

“Is that so?”

“Yes that’s right! And Daddy changed his mind.
Someone would be shocked if they see you treat others so affectionately like you do to me.
Then everyone will be fine.”

Only then did he nod and laugh.

“No, but children your age deliberately pretend to be adults, and I think that’s right.”

“Do you think I’m pretending to be an adult?”

This isn’t bad either, Bebe.
You can be more like a child since you’re only five years old.”

He stroked my head.
I wanted to say that I wasn’t pretending to be an adult, but I couldn’t say anything else to him, whose face changed in an instant today.

“Yes! I got it!”

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