“Well, if you don’t like it, I’ll say hi later.
More than that, Bebe, you’re hungry, right? I am hungry too.
I kept starving to eat with Bebe.”

Then, I waved the bell I was going to shake earlier.

Cecilia came inside, sweating as if she had waited.

“Did you find it… Hah… Young Master, I told you not to go in.”

“What’s wrong with me coming to see my sister? Go ahead and get her meal.
Bebe’s mom woke up.”

Only then did Cecilia bow for a while towards my mother with a bright face.
She then left.

“Bebe… Who is that person?”

“Oh… My nanny…”

“…Baby, Mommy doesn’t understand.
What’s going on… ”

I understood her.
This must have been a series of situations that  she couldn’t understand as soon as she woke up.

“First of all, Mom, let’s eat.

Still, the mother looked uncomfortable at Allen, but my older brother was busy eating cookies on the table as usual.

Like a small rabbit trying to protect its young, my mother was busy taking her time looking around.

‘It’s really okay…’

How should I say this to make my mom understand? Then, suddenly, I brought the admission documents placed on the table to me.

“That’s right, Mom.

“Yes, I’m listening.”

“Do I use my name Bebe as it is?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You want to… change your name?”

My mother, who was looking around, hurriedly looked at me.

“Oh, no.
That’s not what I meant… If I officially join the family… I thought someone who knew my name would follow me.”

“That person…”

“I told you before.
I have a dad.
And you have to put your name on it to become a child of your father.”

My mother nodded as if she understood a step later.

“I understand what you mean, but… Bebe, who’s going to adopt you?”

“Don’t you remember? The first day we came here.”

My mother hurriedly bowed her head as if she had a headache.

Oh… Right.
I remember.
Someone treated my mom.”

“That’s right.
And you saw a man.
He’s going to be my dad!”

“You don’t know if it’s a dangerous person.
At that time… I don’t know why I just passed it by…”

Mom was like a different person when she was with me and when she was with someone; Sensitive and suspicious of everyone, like now.

And she had become more determined and rational than ever.

“It’s safe here, Mom.
It’s really, really safe.
If it hadn’t been safe, wouldn’t I have done anything when my mom was sleeping… when I was alone?”

“That’s true, but…”

“There’s nothing to worry about.
My brother, Nanny Cecilia, and Dad are all good people.
Really… It won’t happen like before.”

No matter how much I persuaded her, I couldn’t.
What were the consequences of believing me?

“But Bebe.”

“My mom also told me about her husband’s feelings earlier.
You laughed about it back then.”

“I thought our Bebe was playing a joke earlier.
But… really? About the husband, the father, the adoption?


Just in case, I held the doll next to me tightly in my arms.

“It’s my first time receiving a gift besides my mom and dad.”

“This is…”

“That guy over there gave it to me.
Mom, you know… you know, I’m happy.”


“I was happy when I was with my mom, because I have a mother who always loves me.
But I’m still happy.
Now I want to be happy with my mom.
So… so…

My mom’s hand stroked my head.

“Mommy had to have her doubts.
That’s how I survived.
I can’t believe my daughter talking like a grown-up like this, but still… I’ll believe you because you said you’re happy.”


“If it doesn’t work, Mommy will take you and run away.”

She smiled brightly.
My mother, who had been hardening her face just now, smiled at me.

Obviously, my mother will continue to doubt and doubt it, but this was enough for now.

Meanwhile, my mom opened the documents I had in my arms.

“What’s this…”

However, my mother’s face, which had been smiling just now, quickly hardened.

“G-Grand Duke Avelant…? Bebe, BVebe, was this the Grand Duke?”

“Yes! The Grand Duke! And I said I’m going to be Princess Bebe Avelant! The guy over there is Allen Avelant! He’s the third of the Grand Duchy Family.”

Meanwhile, my brother, who jumped down from the chair, hurriedly wiped off his mouth and stood straight in front of his mother.

“I’m Allen Avelant.”

“That’s a weird way of talking.”

“Was it weird? Isn’t this cool?”

You look like an old man.”

Only then did my older brother nod while his mouth pouted.

“Then there’s nothing much I can do.
Nice to meet you, Bebe’s mom.
I’m Allen, Bebe’s reliable older brother.”

However, my mother still looked at the documents and the older brother alternately.

“Th-The Grand Duchy of Avelant is a crazy place…”

“Yes, that’s right.
Mom, I think it’s crazy.”

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