Cecilia, who raised her chin as if she had a higher rank than me, put the tableware down with a thump.

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Then she stared at me bitterly.

“Did you just say ‘you’ to me?”

“Yes, I don’t have to be nice to someone who’s mean to me.”

“…You don’t seem to have a good memory.
I told you earlier who I am and what I’m in charge of here, but I don’t think you remember.”

Cecilia let go of her stiff face and grinned.

“As you saw earlier, the two young masters have also been educated by me.”

“Oh, I see.
But I don’t want to be educated, so leave the food behind.”

“Ha, I’d like to raise my cane at you, but I can’t help it.
First of all, you’re late today, so eat and rest.
His Highness told me to give you a good rest today.”

She was about to lose her temper, but it looks like she had just given up.
She looked like she’s ready to smack me right away, but she poured the water instead and turned away.

“Make sure you drink water when you eat.”


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And that was it.
Cecilia went outside without adding any other words.
Her voice was much calmer than before she went out to get rice.

‘I was totally mistaken.’

There’s no way she’d suddenly like me when she came here and was hostile to me more than anyone else.

It’s probably all because of the Grand Duke.

I have a strange feeling that it’s because he makes people feel uneasy with his strange phrases.

So I nibbled my lips for no reason and ran to the door.

I locked the door tightly in case someone else came in, and came back next to my mother.

There was a plate on a bed-side table and food for two.

There was also a warm soup billowing with steam and bread that looked soft just by looking at it.
There was a salad and gratin, which looked like potatoes.
It made my mouth water.

“Looks delicious…”

My stomach started growling.

But I only had a few spoonfuls of soup.

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“This could be our last week.
When she wakes up, I need to save up for three days.”

You never know when things will change.
I should first eat the food that can spoil easily, and then eat the bread later since it can last for a long time.

‘Because the Grand Duke might suddenly abuse me.’

Adults were always like that.

It was common for them to suddenly change into someone else.
All the adults I met were like that.
He would often not hit my mom in the morning because he was in a good mood, but then he might hit her at night.

Though I don’t get hurt by such things anymore.

In case my strange mind might have another expectation, I hurriedly settled down and looked at my mother.

“I miss you, Mom.
Your voice will surely cheer you up.”

But I don’t want to wake my mom up yet.
I haven’t figured out the atmosphere here yet.
I met the Grand Duke’s two sons, but they are only children.

The only staff member I have met was Cecilia, and she was hostile to me.

No matter how much the Grand Duke puts me in as his daughter, it doesn’t work for them.

It doesn’t matter to me but it’s still a dangerous situation for my mother.

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“It’s not time for you to wake up yet.”

First of all, I have to show them that I’m superior to his children.

I can get through it.
There’s nothing I couldn’t do in this life in order to save my mother.

While sneaking up to my mother, I kissed my mother’s cheek, who was sleeping beautifully like a baby.

“Mom, sleep more.”

And I put my mother into a deeper sleep.

When she opens her eyes, she’ll create a bright future.

The next day, I heard a thumping sound as well.

Thanks to that, I woke up while sleeping next to my mom.

But I didn’t intend to open the door.

Even if she was my educator, Cecilia didn’t seem able to open the locked door.

I’ve felt that since I was brought into the Grand Duchy yesterday, but maybe it’s part of the etiquette here.

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“Open the door.
You have to be tutored starting today.”

“I don’t want to.
Don’t push me.”

“This is so you can live here…”

“Don’t force me to be disciplined because I intend to stay in my room.
I don’t need it!”

Cecilia seemed to be at a loss due to my words.

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For a long time she didn’t knock or talk behind the door.
And yet I couldn’t get out of it and stood at the door for a long time in case Cecilia went crazy and broke down the door.

However, after only trying to open the door a few times, she calmed down, as if she had given up.

“Well, now that you’ve quietened down, shall I go?”

Just before I went to bed yesterday, I looked all over the room for me to hide the bread, but then I found an opening in one side of the room.
It was small enough for an adult to fit and it was close enough to be regarded as a secret passageway.

This was the secret passage I couldn’t find when I was staying in that room in the palace.

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