oked at Kayle, wondering what he was doing.

Kayle slowly closed his eyes and said something unknown.
These were words I heard for the first time in my life.
Shortly after I heard strange words that tickled my ears, the surroundings began to sparkle as if gold dust had been sprinkled in the room.


The sparkling lights as if they were in the middle of that sky soon permeated my mother’s body.

“Oh, Mom…”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already taken action today so she’ll wake up soon.”

“What… did you do?”

“It’s a blessing.”

The sparkling powders disappeared, but the warmth in the room felt warm.


“I’m not trying to hurt your mother, so don’t worry.”


I just thought that he was a good person.
I don’t know if it’s because he was unusually kind or because he just gave my mom a blessing.

“I don’t think it’s a place where I’ll stay for a long time.
Now that I’ve blessed you, I will leave today.
By the way, Grand Duke, because of today, I have to report to the temple about my hasty arrival today.”

“Isn’t it okay to just say you blessed me?”

People will misunderstand if you come often and continue to bless your highness.
Between us.

“People will misunderstand if I come here often and say that I continue to bless Your Highness and keep it between us.”

The Grand Duke’s face hardened as he slightly covered his mouth and smiled.

“You’re saying weird things in front of my child.”

“What do you mean ‘weird things’? Your Highness, I can understand all the love in the world.”


“But the Grand Duke would not want to be misunderstood, so could you tell me? Who is that person lying down?”

“She’s my wife.”

It was only then that Kayle smiled brightly as if he understood and looked at my mom and I alternately.

“I see.”

“It’s still confidential, so keep it quiet.”

“Don’t worry.
Then I’ll post the report like that.
Then it seems… I’ll come once a week.”

“Anyway, I thank you for coming today.
I’ll pay you through someone…”

“No, the pay is fine.
I’m also curious about this situation.
I’ve never seen this before, but if you would like to do something for me, I will ask you later.”


“Then I’ll see you again.
I’ll see you next time, too, Little Lady.”

Only then did Kayle step back as if he was satisfied and left the room after greeting.
I stared at the door he came out of for a long time in light of what happened just then and the recent information.

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