“Don’t worry.
I’m awake right now!”

“Ha… But, I can’t do it anymore because I’m nervous.
If you want to go to the forest again, step on me!”

“I’m not going anymore!”


Rather, Cecilia did not hide her embarrassment at my firm words.

“It was really hard to go there, but I’m not going to go again.””

“That’s a relief, but…”

“But Cecilia is worried about me… I feel great.”

She smiled slightly, perhaps because she felt relieved only then.

“Sigh… Really, My Lady…”

I got out of bed and approached Cecilia.

“My Lady.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you…”

“Just… Thank you.”

Thank you for your sincere concern.
Not all adults were bad, thanks to her.

There were good adults, too.

And Cecilia, who looked a little embarrassed by my appearance, smiled brighter than ever.

“I’ve had four people, including Lady Bebe, but I think it’s the first time my heart has felt this way.
It feels like I’m seeing growing sprouts every day.”

“I’m a weed! I am growing way too fast.
so it might be fun to watch.”


“More than that, I’m slowly getting hungry.”

At those words, Cecilia looked brighter than ever.

“Ah! There’s finally someone to eat with.”

“Huh? ‘Finally someone to eat with’?”

“In the meantime, I brought food into the room so that it wasn’t obvious that you had collapsed.
When I went out, I had to leave the empty bowl as if you ate it.
But I couldn’t eat all of it, so I threw food out the window toward the forest.”


“Fortunately, you liked different types of bread, so I threw the bread and ate something simple.
I used to eat to the point where I felt bloated every day.”

Cecilia, who had mumbled towards the end of her speech, showed a slight smile.

“That’s a relief.
Since the person who’s going to eat is up, I’ll hurry up and go get ready.”

“Yes! I like it!”

Cecilia, who smiled affectionately, stood up from her seat.
Then she turned around as if she was about to get up.
However, just before going out, she stuck out the parchment on the table as if she remembered something.

“By the way, His Highness gave me this.
He told me to give it to you when you wake up.”

“What’s this?”

“I don’t know either.
He didn’t tell me what it was.
So open it, My Lady.
He gave it to me, saying you would definitely like it.”

“Something I’ll like?”

Then, stay for a while.
I’ll be right back?”

Cecilia quickly went out of the room, saying she was worried that I would be full.

Only after I heard the door closing, I slowly opened the parchment.

It was an affidavit.

I couldn’t close my mouth for a moment.
I read it again several times because I thought I saw something wrong after waking up, but what was written on the parchment paper was certainly the entry documents.

It’s exactly what I left in the Grand Duke room last time.

“Ah… Finally, finally! I can wake up my mom!”

[Entry permit document.
I am officially acknowledging Bebe Avelant into the Grand Duke’s family.]

My hands were shaking so much.
It was more touching than when I saw it last time.

There was even a small note under the document.

[When your mom wakes up, ask for her name.
That’s all you have to do to completely be my daughter.
Now no one will think of you as an unnecessary person.]

My heart pounded.

It has finally been recognized.
I could stay here.

I teared up.

“I… became useful.””

The emotion I felt over this one fact was overwhelming, as if it were compensating for everything I had gone through so far.

“I… I… I… I can live now.
Here… ”

Tears fell down.

It’s a good thing, but I kept crying.

Even if I wiped my eyes with my hands, tears that came out didn’t come off easily.

“Mom… Mom.
You can wake up now.
We can live now.”

My voice kept shaking.
I always spoke bravely when I talked to my mom, but my voice kept getting hoarse.

“Mom, you’ve always said, ‘I’m curious what Bebe’s like when she’s six, seven, ten, or even after becoming an adult.
How will my daughter grow up? Who will she meet in her life?’ You know, Mom… now you can see me even when I’m six, seven, ten, and even after becoming an adult.
We can be together.”

I buried my face into my mom’s chest.

My heart pounded.

I put my hand on my mom’s body and desperately hoped for it.

“Now… wake up Mom.
If you hear my voice… wake up…”

I wiped away my tears in case my mother was surprised when she opened her eyes.

“Wake up now.

I got rid of the energy that loomed around on my mother’s body like fog.

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