“No..Mama, don’t die.”

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Even at her desperate call, her mother didn’t answer.

Although she has seen her mother’s death nine times, she still can’t get used to it.

Tears dripped down the back of her dry and cracked hands.


Her mother’s breath gradually faded with each plea.

The tenth life.
And after today, as always, her mother dies.
So while the knights who were supposed to watch them were briefly away, she crawled on the floor and removed a rug much larger than her body.

“Mama, hang on… I’ll save you!”

Her mother’s breathing was so weak that she thought she was going to die soon.

While removing the rug, she ran to her mother and listened to her heartbeat.


There’s a pulse.

But her mother, who has a boiling fever, did not wake up in the time she dragged herself to her mother’s side.

“Hang on…just a little…just a little more.”

Soon the rug was pushed aside and an incomplete magic circle appeared.

She took out a silver stone that she kept dearly in her pocket, then drew more magic lines.

“It hurts…”

Blisters could be seen on her hands from the stone that have become sharp here and there due to scratching the floor.

However, there was no time to relax.


The sounds of footsteps coming from afar grew closer and closer.

It made her arm move more and more rapidly.

Contrary to her urgent heart, her dried and cracked arms could not move as she wished.

Blood trickled down from her hands whenever she held the rough stone to scratch the floor.

“Come on.
Come on, Mama…I have to save Mama!”

With bruises all over her body, she looked at her mother sleeping on the floor using a curtain as a blanket.

Her hands hurt so much.
It hurts to the point of tears.


Her hands were shaking today even though she knew she had to hurry.

“Get a hold of yourself.
You need to get a hold of yourself.”

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For the past month, she has been drawing magic lines every day for this moment.
She can’t fall now.

A magic circle drawn under a shabby rug.
She doesn’t have time.
Her mother will die again after today.

“Mama… I’m never going to lose you again.”

Tears were dripping down her eyes.

“Don’t cry like a fool.
I can save her.
I’ll save her this time.”

The feeling in her hands is already gone and the sound of footsteps coming is getting louder and louder.

“What, she’s avoiding me because she’s sick? Who does she think she is, the Empress? That stupid woman!”

“But your Majesty, she’s about to die.
You should refrain yourself for now.”

“…Damn it.
She was quite useful, but if so, we can still use the illegitimate child!”

The voice that gave her goosebumps all over.
It was the Emperor.
If he comes, he’ll hit her again.
He was angry again this time, and his steps resounded more than ever.

Looking at her mother who has become white as a sheet, she put down the stone.

Instead, she rubbed her bloody hands on the floor.

Somehow, she just has to draw the magic lines.

“I-I did it!”

It was enough for her and her mother to enter the bloody magic circle.
As she rushed to her mother’s side, she held her hand tightly with one hand and placed her other hand on the floor.

Then, a brilliant light enveloped them.


Whether they noticed the disturbance or not, at this moment the door opened with a tremendous bang.

“W-what’s this…!”

However, it’s too late.

There was nothing they could do even if they came in.

It was after the magic curtain had already spread before the mother and daughter.

“You damn girl! How dare you go! You’re mine!”

“No! I’m my mama’s!”

“Damn it.
Get them now! Get them! Get rid of the magic circle!”

In this imperial palace where all magic is nullified, a working magic circle was finally drawn.

Because of that, no one rushed at the pair after hearing the Emperor’s order.

In addition, they were helpless against the barrier of the magic circle.

“Grab them! Grab them! If you don’t want to lose your heads!”

The Emperor and the knights quickly reached out to them, but the only thing that happened was having their hands wounded when time and space began to break..

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“That’s great.
Get hurt all of you who bullied us!”

There was a strong force in her words, filling the surroundings like the wind and hurting those who were trying to grab them.


“Goodbye now!”

She shouted at the Emperor, hoping to never see him again.

But deep in her heart she wanted to say she’d definitely come back for revenge! However, running away is her first priority.


The voice of the Emperor, who had not given up until the end, was heard, but the once thunderous voice had become distant.
Before she knew it, the space in front of her distorted.

It was a complete success.

She had finally escaped with her dying mother.

After closing her eyes due to the dazzling light, she opened them some time later to see that at last she had reached her destination.

It was different from the shabby room they were in a while ago.

The room they were in had

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