Sangria Scandal

Scholar Exams

less someone wants to back out and come with me outside- ”

”Min Yong, thats enough. ”

Disappointed, the head scholar bowed his head and went outside. The King examined us one by one before clearing his throat.

”I know most of you or rather, all of you know but I am Shin Ho Yeon, the King of Joseon, son of the late King Shin Kim Ha. It is true that only a few will be chosen from this batch and you won be able to retake the exam this way again but breathe. Ease yourselves a bit. Are you nervous? Don be, I will not shake any of you to the core for I will only ask a single question that requires just a single answer unless you want to explain your answer with a why I wouldn mind. Once I sit down, none of you are allowed to ask questions from both me and your fellow examinee. Now without further ado, you may start writing your answers now. ”

He gently sat down and the whole place fell silent. No one is moving and I can tell that everyone is confused.

He hasn given the question yet, what are we supposed to write?

I stared at my paper and then lifted my gaze at the King. Is this some kind of puzzle? I looked at the other examinees and they were just as puzzled as I am. A few moments later, the first examinee passed his paper to the King. And I swear to all living creatures living in Joseon, he has written something on it, and whatever is written made the King smile.

Where the hell did he find the freaking question?

I peeked at Song Yoon and saw him writing on his paper as well. Whats the problem with these intelligent people? I could really use my sisters intelligence right about now.

I looked at Seuk Min and he was getting irritated. Getting surrounded by people possessing big brains does make anyone irritated.

”Three minutes left. ”

I don have much time, I need to look for the question now. I looked at my paper and rubbed my fingertips. Its rough and thin. I placed it in the daylight and looked for a question hidden in the paper.

I didn find any.

Maybe its not the light, maybe it should be wet. I started rubbing my saliva to all places where the question could possibly be hidden but found nothing. I even placed it really close to my face in case the question is so tiny no one can see it but theres nothing there as well.

I was finally giving up when Song Yun stood up and saved the day. Due to either laziness or excitement, he forgot to roll the paper, therefore, making me see some of his answers.

I saw the word yes.

Yes to what?

I looked at the King then back at Song Yun then I realized what the question was. I dipped my brush into the ink and started writing.

He did mention a question. Its Are you nervous? no answer was given to that question despite it being a rhetorical question.

My hands danced with the paper as I wrote my answer. Ill try to be as honest as possible.


Shit. This is bad.

My parents would never let me set foot in our residence ever again. That means no more alcohol and no more girls. No! I can live with that! Of all disciplinary actions, why does it have to be a scholar exam? How am I supposed to answer a missing question?

”Good luck Seuk Min. Fighting! ”

I stared at that guy visibly showing my annoyance. Who is he to call me by my name? Doesn he know who I am? I am the youngest son of the head of the ministry of defense. We are not close enough for him to call me by my name. He hasn even used any honorifics. Show some respect, man.

I stared at my paper again and looked at that guy who acts so much like a woman. Doesn he have any pride? What kind of guy licks his paper for the sake of answering this stupid anonymous question?

More people are passing their papers to the King. What do these dudes even write?

Confucius said that… no thatd be too common. Anyone who wants to be a scholar would write that. I don so I won .

”One minute left. ”

The King stated. Where does this guy get the right to pressure people? I am being pressured far enough.

The girly guy stood up and passed his paper with such gleaming eyes. Whats so enthusiastic about answering some dumb question?

Argh, whatever. Ill just write whats on my mind.

”I… don know… the answer… ”

I wrote it in calligraphic form so it wouldn look so offensive. Kick me out of the family registry for all I care. Do they think I can live on my own? What good would being a scholar bring me anyways? Id just be stuck with people who have been feeding their brains non-stop until it becomes obese.

Besides, there are no girls inside the scholars chambers. Wheres the fun with that? Even alcohol isn allowed. What do they expect me to do? Fuck some dude? Get a life, you lowly creatures.

I rolled the paper and stood up. I made my way to the King and gave it to him with my chin up. Yes, I am proud of my answer or whatever.

After receiving it, I was instructed to go back to my seat so I did. He opened my paper and for hells sake, I saw him laugh. Is he making fun of me? Hes just the King, I can have the defense walking to my command unlike him, how dare he make fun of me?

I kicked the cushion and sat down.

”Hey, don be so gloomy. Who knows? Maybe you got the right answer. All of us just guessed and that is okay, none of us knew what the question was anyways. ”

The problem is I wrote that I don know the answer. Thats not even the proper way to tell someone that you don know something. The only proper way is my handwriting. Why does he care anyways?

”Look at the bright side and hope we both get to pass. ”

He smiled so wide I thought it would tear his face.

Why can anyone just leave me alone? I swear I could kill a person if this guy is with me if I pass. Its less likely and I am happy with it. I can still be with girls. And girls alone.


”The allotted time has passed! Please pass your papers with or without your answers. ”

The King said.

We were dismissed and I walked happily outside the hall when the head scholar looked creepily at me.

”You didn pass. Theres no way youd pass. Even if you do, I swear your life would be so miserable youd quit the first day you get here. Mark my words. ”

What had I done wrong with that guy?

I gleefully went outside the castle grounds when someone pulled my hand and hid me in the bushes.

What is happening? Who is this?

Sangria scandal*

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