designated location wasn that far away, it seemed.

Hurrying, Kay quickly made his way toward the designated location. He took a relatively discrete path, trying to avoid going back into sight of the officers. Wind blew past his face as he picked up the pace, running toward the yellow dot on the map.

He could feel the young girl struggling, trying to escape his grasp. However, she didn have anywhere near enough strength to do so. A few minutes later, after sprinting through the darkness of the night, Kay arrived at the designated location.

He found himself standing in front of a large building. It was hard to distinguish what it was in the dark, but it had a clearly run-down appearance. Taking the girl up to the door, he noticed that the mission was still incomplete.

”Help! ” the girl screamed.

However, there was no one nearby to help her. The officers had already completely lost them, too far away to even hear her scream.

Kay knocked on the door.

A few moments later, following the sound of footsteps, the door clicked open.

A man appeared.

”Good job, well take it from her. ”

”Oh, alright then. ”

”Don worry. We
e not going to do anything bad to her. Well just be using her as a hostage. Well also deal with the police situation, so you don have to worry about it. Ill make sure they don continue pursuing you. ”

”Ah. ”

”Anyways, you
e Kay Rudiless, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”Youll be transferring to Elaine Academy tomorrow. Heres some money. Find a motel to stay at for the night. Transport will be organised for you the next morning, so be prepared. ”

The man took Melanie and gave Kay a stack of banknotes.

”Sleep well. The world is counting on you. ”

”Huh? ”

The door slammed closed.

[Part Three Complete!]

[Time Taken: 29 Minutes]

[You will receive your rewards]

– Attribute Increase!

– [Shop] Unlocked!

– {x1} Random [Rare] Ability Unlock!

Before long, he was shown to another screen. However, it would appear that something was going wrong with the system.

[System Error…]

[Error… code: 1959]


[Error: Intelligence Attribute Maxed Already]


[No solution found.]

What was happening…?

A few moments later, another screen appeared.

Blood Sacrifice (Rare)

{Summon the Blood Demon by calling his name. Once he appears, you can feed him your blood. The more blood you feed him, the more strength he will give you. The strength boost is temporary. Ability is lost if the Blood Demon dies.}

Ah, this must be one of the abilities that a system gives you. Ive seen other test subjects in the Rudiless Project get them.

Strength: 23 (+7)

Speed: 21 (+4)

Stamina: 28 (+9)

Intelligence: MAX

After receiving his attribute increases, Kay began going down the street, searching for a motel or an inn. It was pretty late at night, so he decided to search further away from the area he was in, walking toward a wealthier section of the city.

Im transferring to Elaine Academy? Was that a school nearby? I guess Ill think more about it tomorrow.

I hope, once this is all over, Ill be able to see Maia again.

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