Every world needs a hero—because there will always be villains.


[Your first mission has been assigned]

[! Kill Eloquim the Dealer !]

[Part 1/3]

[Time Remaining: 4 hours]

[Failure to Complete: {x1} Wheel of Punishment Spin]

A confused yet calm Kay Rudiless found himself sitting on the rough, wet concrete. His hands were bathing in a tiny puddle of muddy water, something that even a sewer rat wouldn drink from. There was a slight whistling noise from the breeze that flowed through the dark alleyway. The sky was dark; all he could see were the dark silhouettes of the trees just outside of the tiny street.

Slowly pulling himself up, he looked around at his surroundings. There was such a lack of light that practically nothing could be seen. Beside him was a small, dilapidated store which was closed, covered by a large shutter. Tasting the outside air for the first time, Kay wasn scared or stressed. In fact, he was quite relaxed.

Ah, so this is what the outside feels like.

Armed with nothing but a small yet deadly Kester Knife and his ragged yet not unclean clothing, he began making his way onto the main street.

He was dropped off in the deepest corner of the slums. The city of Amlas was already known as one of the poorest areas of the country, and Kay found himself walking around the area which was most destitute. The streets were filled with what other citizens referred to as insects. However, these insects were simply homeless people sleeping under layers of soiled blankets. A horrid smell emanated from these impoverished people, seeping through every corner of the streets like a treatment plant.

Making his way down the street, a large map appeared in front of him. The map wasn tangible in the physical sense; it was like a projection that only he could see.

[Eloquim the Dealer has been marked]

In the middle of this projection, a bright yellow circle glowed.

I guess thats where he is. Time to go.

Holding the Kester Knife in his hand, Kay prepared himself. A few moments later, he found himself standing in front of a sizeable western-style bar. It was the most grandiose building in the area, although it still was a crudely-developed piece of architecture.

[Warning: Eloquim the Dealer is NEARBY]


Holding the knife out in front of him, Kay raised his leg and kicked down the rustic wooden door. It tore straight off of its hinges, crashing into the front of the bar. The wood splintered apart as it smashed into the ground, sending a loud noise through the entire area.

”— Ey ey now… what a ya doing here…? ”

He had a low, raspy voice; his beard covered half of his face, distorting any sounds that came out. Eloquim the Dealer was a large, well-toned man dressed like a cowboy.

”Oi… I paid me debts already… what a ya here for? ”

His voice started accelerating as he saw the weapon in Kays hand.

”I have no obligation to tell you. ”

”Oi… don ya think thats a bit unfair? Yer just a little boy. Go home now. ”

Tensing his body, Kay prepared to fight the man. Eloquim noticed the aggression, frantically trying to rush behind the main counter of the bar. As he stumbled over, causing furniture and drinks to smash onto the ground, he hid behind the counter.

Slowly, Kay began making his way up to him.

”Ya… little boy… go home, I said! ”

Holding a large cleaver in his hand, Eloquim stood his ground behind the counter. He held quite the elegant weapon; the sharp, lustrous blade glimmered as the slight moonlight pierced through the windows.

Suddenly, Kay charged at Eloquim. Jumping right over the counter, he jabbed at the man with his knife. The blade slammed straight into Eloquims cleaver, drawing out brief sparks. After a loud clang, Kay hopped to the side, quickly preparing for a second attack.

Eloquim desperately tried to fend him off. However, his large weapon was not fit to defend continuously. It was clear that his movements were awkward, heaving around the giant blade of the cleaver. Eloquim swung his weapon. Kay bent down, easily dodging the swing.

In the next movement, Kays knife found itself cutting through the mans rough skin, tearing right through the flesh on his stomach. As blood poured out, the man fell to the ground, holding his abdomen in pain.

”Aah! Ya little piece o shit! Who the ** sent ya ere!? ”

Tears began gathering in the eyes of the man. With his final breath, he muttered a phrase that wouldve scarred the heart of a sane person.

”…just… when I thought I could give my daughter a better life… ”

His voice gradually trailed off as blood escaped from his body. It leaked all over the ground, staining the wood with a dark tone of red. His life was gradually being sapped from his body. With no more strength in his arms, his entire body gave in, falling limp on the ground.

[Part One Complete!]

[Retreive his daughter, Melanie]

[Part 2/3]

[Time Remaining: 3 hours and 39 minutes]

[Failure to Complete: {x1} Wheel of Punishment Spin]

Ah, I shouldve known that I still had more to go.

On his personal system map, another yellow circle appeared.

[Melanie has been marked]

Jumping back over the large wooden counter. He made his way to a door near the back of the bar. There was a large sign stating, Staff Only – Do not enter. Kicking the door down with one big kick, Kay forced himself into the staff room. There, he found a young girl and her mother huddled in the corner.

”…w-who… are you!? ”

”Give me Melanie. ”

The mother showed an expression of pure anguish.

”…no! Im not giving her to you! Why are you here?! Who even are you?! ”

However, even in the face of such a display, Kay did not show even an ounce of emotion. His face was still unchanging, like that of a doll.

Slowly, he made his way over.

All of a sudden, a lady appeared from behind him, accompanied by a seethingly bright light.

”Weve found the suspect! Bring in the reinforcements! ”

Ugh. What a pain.

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