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[12/5/2027] – Final Report

Subject K


Abstract: This is our final report on Subject K. Due to several developmental failures and major oversights, we have been forced to discontinue our experiments on Subject K. However, despite these errors, we have been able to successfully implement the SSS-Rank System.

Department: 004 – Subject K Foundation


1. Introduction

Since the formation of the Project, the goal has always been to effectively produce humans with systems for the purpose of creating viable opposition against the hero. The technique used is referred to as the Psychological Strain Hypothesis, which is intended to use mental strain to allow bonding with the System Agent. This technique has been used instead of the more-commonly-known Artificial Substitution Method which is the primary method in most laboratories. With the enhanced PSH technique, we have experimented on several young children, between the ages of six and ten. Although the PSH technique has a 104% higher strength yield than A**, the failure rate is significantly greater.


2. Assimilation to Subject K

With twenty-four subjects who were deemed to be especially compatible, we have been able to produce results which are on average 43% faster and 11% more successful than those in the Louis-Atkinson Experiment. Seventeen of the twenty-four subjects were deemed failures with respect to the System Compatability Guide leaving a 70.83% success rate.

Of the successful results, the greatest potential was seen in the subject labelled Subject K. It has been observed that this subject was able to withstand the IN Error Test to 0.6. As a result, this subject was given preemptive treatments, following the PSH technique. It was observed that he suffered no major consequences aside from the development of Induction-Induced Multiple Personality Disorder, also referred to as II-MPD.


3. SSS-Ranked System Induction

Subject K was tested using the System Ability Gauge, recieving a score of 14.2. With relation to the scaling system, it has been determined that his system is ranked SSS. It has not been fully observed due to cost issues which means that the details and performance of the system is unknown.

However, it has been determined that Subject K will be a crucial element in the engagement against the hero.


4. Induction-Induced Multiple Personality Disorder

Subject K has been observed to have two main egos. His primary ego has been named, Kay Rudiless, with reference to the homin naming system. His secondary ego remains with the name, Subject K with reference to his developed coping mechanism. Further details for both personalities are noted below.

– Primary Ego (Kay Rudiless):

The main mode of determination for this ego is the apathetic and aloof personality. In this stage, he shows a lack of emotions, in particular, happiness, sadness and anger. However, he has been observed to show fear when provided an especially dangerous situation.

In this stage, he is predictable and mostly harmless. He has very high intelligence and will undergo and task he has been assigned. He is generally docile and won fight unless he is in danger.

– Secondary Ego (Subject K)

The main mode of determination for this ego is the obvious demonstration of emotions, with embarassment, happiness and love as the main signs. When observed closely, it is also apparently that he has slightly dilated and darkened pupils.

In this stage, he is completely unpredicatable. He appears to have some sort of internal goal which he seemed to try to accomplish no matter the situation. He seemed to also have knowledge of his other conscious, often referring to his other ego as Rudi.

Not much is known about this ego due to the lack of data


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