Constantly staring at the darkness, in front of her were the two odd options glowing as a choice to continue or forfeit the reality she was in. Her eyes were a bit hopeless and lifeless as she was in still motion from the trauma to pick. The game is rigged and impossible to win in a situation like this.

Behind her, the little girl that appeared before her first death is now clinging behind her back whispering, and with that Claire snapped out from her awful condition to quickly press the continue option. She woke up from her daydream once more, seeing the three main options for the second time.

She was slightly sick of it. Data-kun gives her what she has from the first and second attempts. Analyzing all of it, Data-kun concludes, ”At your first attempt, going within the first option, that is within the 9th district of the city Alamus, will encountering the lone soldier known as Felia Millers while based on the second attempt, a greater threat known as the dominator named Mr. Shady is present from within the 8th district of your second choice, and thus the map of the following districts you have been in, all of what you discovered will be available from your appraisal map. And so, I recommend you to travel from the 10th district. ”

With a long depressing sigh from Claire, she utterly asks with an iconic expression, ”Will a new overpowered enemy be facing there too? ” Data-kun responds to Claire with a concerning sentence he added, ”Someone will be there to help you towards the seven days termination. He will be waiting at the 10th district. ” Claire ponders another shady character but unluckily she has no choice but to get help. Data-kun lastly replies, ”Don worry, he is the administrator of this world, a god perhaps that will help you from the first calamity. ” Claire has a lot of questions to follow up on from his commentary but it will have to wait up until to meet this so-called God.

Going towards the 10th district, it seems a bit isolated as well compared to the 8th district, though even the sick underage children aren loitering or camping at any passageways authorized by it. Claire got a bad feeling about it as she continues to explore a bit deeper, the clouds were still covered with the same monochrome scenery, and a gust of wind clawed at her so roughly as it gets louder and louder as she is closer to somewhere.

And the loud strikes of gusts immediately stop as she was at the right spot, agitated by the eerie presence of the controlled environment like coming from a horror movie. She gulps down as looking for the next new character appearing, hearing his first impressions like sudden chuckles from every direction she tries to follow it as saying, ”Amazing, after all that trauma you had experienced and died two times, you still managed to withstand. I applaud you for your courage and strength to get up. ”

The person who is voicing out from the background keeps on chatting to Claire describing the pain she had felt in the last chapters, as he is now hovering down at the air behind her. ”In exchange for your great performance and remarkable bravery, Ill give you one guidance. ”

Claire was about to spot him, though she was a bit concerned about his uncanny presence, and asked through whispering, ”So this is God you were talking about, Data-kun? ” Data-kun remains quiet as this so-called God finally lands leaving a confident sneer, still, Claire couldn understand for a fact that Data-kun wasn responsive or completely unavailable compared to his past behavior.

Claire stood against another overpowered antagonist since he portrayed himself as a god of this world, but Claire is not persuaded by his claim. ”Who are you exactly? ” Claire asks this mysterious character, from which this antagonist with full caution and answers, decides not to tell his details of himself.

”I rather not tell you at this moment but as you know, Im the god of this world, an Evil one to be precise. But like I said, Ill give you guidance towards this first calamity. In the first place, you are confused to figure out whats happening in front when you should consider looking out from the roots of all evil. Do you know what that is? ”

With Claire having no clue what this god is talking about, he continues by pointing out the skyscraper, ”The SK Foundation. Ill give you some of its pointers of roles that you can pick. ” Suddenly many options popped out of her vision as soon as Claire put on her goggles.

1. Disruptor Role

2. Dominator Role

3. Researcher Role

4. Soldier Role

5. Puppet Role

6. Normal Girl Role

7. Killer Role

”My advice is to enter the SK Foundation and use your other two lives to gain information behind the dominators and use it as a way to gain power or allies. But it will depend on your choice of course. ” As this so-called god was going to tell his advice, Claire was open to hear anything that could help her reach beyond her life expectancy.

”Do you understand now, Claire? ” This strange God-wannabe character continues. Claire ponders a bit to understand who are these antagonists he speaks of, God continues to explain, ”You have already encountered one of those three. Youll be able to meet the others the more you are closer to the goal, just go to the SK Foundation and youll understand. ”

Claire gulps from agitation as answering his obvious guess, ”Mr. Shady. He seems tough to persuade. ” God replies, ”That will be all, all other problems will be your concern. Keep on suffering for the sake of salvation, Candy. ” God says his last commentary as leaving but Claire tries to convey her feelings to him, ”Don call me that, I feel like a clown being called like that. Also, Are you really a god? It seems for me you are an Evil God if you turned out to be the main reason why the world is in chaos. ”

God chuckled at her disrespectful and casual conversation as he was a bit doubtful to reply but he give a short response, ”Feel free to think whatever you think I am. But I do acknowledge people who are capable to face true suffering. ” He immediately disappears from the scene as Claire was able to clear up any confusion about the current situation, that is to be able to surpass her death for 7 days.

As soon as she was able to get back to the game, Data-kun finally responded at perfect strange timing. ”Finally! Why were you zoning out? ” Claire was a bit worried about Data-kuns absence. ”My apologies, there was a static that was interfering from connecting to your conscious mind. But have you accomplished at finding God? ”

As Data-kun asks about my findings, she was still a bit confused as to why out of all things he was absent during her meeting with him. This is the first time that has happened but for now, she has to face this weeks survival. Five hours have passed and she finally covered the whole perimeter of the 10th district, there were three strange places discovered along the way but was too afraid to face early dangers head-on, it was the first day but it was successful.

Data-kun was first analyzing the appraisal map for 2 hours and the fact that it was too long, Claire has to entertain herself for that long. She has done some funny montages of her making many things that would embarrass her later if she was being recorded by a certain media outside from this screen but too bad this was only written by an amateur author so the jokes were on you reader! Haha.

The analysis was done and thus she finally checks the appraisal map. ”Woah!!! This will truly help me not get lost or even tracked by creeps in the future. ” Claire was in tears of joy as she is now able to cover from the 8th district to the 10th district. With that, she is now capable to withstand the last hurdle, figuring out why the 10th district is isolated.

As being dumbfounded by the fact of it, she overloads her mind from thinking too much and decides to sleep since nighttime is the nearest. As she was about to track a sleeping spot, three choices from the three strange places were given as an option in my window vision.

A. Go to the abandoned catacombs

B. Go to the roofless compartment

C. Go to an open clinic

”Why do I have to choose a place to sleep in where this is supposed to be dangerous undiscovered places Ive never been? ” She is undecided to pick but Data-kun told her it does not trigger any red flags so she picks whichever she randomly chooses. She picks the first option.

As going with excessive boredom and weariness, she arrived at her destination. She couldn be able to go any closer since it is a bit too dark and dusty to sleep in. And also, she seems to feel like a nightmarish creature lives inside it as a weird sound rattles with a hiss deeper from afar.

She decides to go back and pick the second option, since she doubted it would be safe to go inside, she used the hook ladder to go to the top of it. It seems to be a perfect place to take a nap, quite drafty but she can at least see the lights from the 9th district but alas, as preparing to sleep, the rain poured down strongly and suddenly with big disappointment towards Claire, and thus she is now wet and annoyed.

She outbursts her tantrum from the lousy choices, ”Whats with these choices?! So darn annoying!! ” she lastly picks the last option and thus she expects less since the other ones were useless. She enters and it was quite dark so she tries to reach anything from this pitch black blindness, Claires thoughts were, ”I hope there isn anything that involves anything creepy or has hentai content in the darkness. ”

While trying to open any switch she can find, she was able to stumble from the right switch and activate the lights of the disarrayed clinic, empowering the new sights to see, Claire was able to scout and explore what was inside too easily. After half an hour has passed, she was able to search the whole place, considering it a safe place to sleep.

She undress herself from her wet hoodie jacket and the soles of her shoes were removed since it was too drenched from the rain a while ago. Preparing to sleep in cardboard boxes she conveniently finds inside the storage room. It was filled with many outdated pills and other health equipment that can be useful in the future, she reads the descriptions one by one of what they are worth but in a sense, it was beyond edible due to expiration but the health aid kit seems to be plausible so she collects it and puts it in her bag.

She oversees two remaining pills called ”hope ” inside it and nothing more. Overwhelmed by fatigue, she tuckered herself as initiating to sleep. Seeing the top ceiling one more time as it blurs, finally, she goes back to sleep.

For a moment, she was sleeping for a while but she envisioned herself all alone in darkness as it embraces her existence, glowing in a yellowish color to her existence and in the midst of it, she felt a little bit of anxiety. Slowly, she hears voices that captivated her courage to face such nightmares.

Struggling to keep her eyes shut, she abruptly wakes up at 6:30 am in the morning. She gets up carrying all her slightly wet clothes and decides to climb to the hook ladder at the side of the building to the top of it, trying to scout the places so far but it seems to be isolated marking it as safe to stroll.

Putting all the wet clothes towards the top of the building, it was so drafty that she hung her clothes somewhere nice trying to make a plan to make as far from getting killed as possible. Also, gaining information is a significant necessity to gather.

And with that, Claire asks Data-kun in regards to what he had gathered. And so, Data-kun gives a list of what he has discovered from before and demanded any suggestions such as a guide or opinions that would help Claire for the 7 days termination.

She sees some of Felias performance, Mr. Shadys motives from when she met him in the first place, and some ideas about how the world got into this kind of mess in the first place. She slowly swallowed all the information as a whole to first figure out a plan for her to survive.

She has the appraisal map covering from 8th to 10th district, the enemies occupying it, and whats left is how her action will be to deal with it. But as pondering about it, the floor she was stepping on was too slippery and was near the edge of the building, thereupon falling at a 7-story building.

She was in utter hopelessness as to try to discover a way to survive on this one. Though, the fear of heights or acrophobia was intense for her to experience firsthand. But in a sense, she wasn dead. Slowly peeling her eyes from the fall, she realized that someone has caught her.

A female individual with a half-body black uniform with a short Scottish dress. Claire was slightly bewildered by her eerie beauty and perfect timing in saving her. She has iris purple hair and eyes that defines how her face was like a masterpiece painting that is on par with Mona Lisa.

The bottom right shows a newly unlocked achievement of some sort called ”Annoyingly Lucky ”. Claire questioned it and look further information. ”My passive… skill activates when two deaths… occur. The next red flag event will be covered by 1000% good luck. ” She then realized that she already died two times which means.

Claire looks at the face who saved her. The beautiful lady softly grins back at her as Claire smiled with confusion. As she was able to survive that fall, Claire introduces herself to the lady.

”My name is Claire Valentine. Thank you for saving me… ”

As the beautiful lady greets back with a welcoming response, ”Salutation to you as well, Valentine. My name is Aliza Closs. ”

Claire replies, ”Its a pleasure to meet you. ”

Aliza questions her incident of why it had come to this moment, ”Its quite a fall you got yourself into. What were you doing? ”

”I was drying my wet clothes from last night. I wasn paying attention to my direction and the floor was slippery so I mightve ended up dying if it wasn for you. ” Leaving with an agitated smile.

”I see. ” Leaving a suspicion toward Claire, Aliza gives a clue of why she needs to stay away from the 10th district. ”So what brings you here in the 10th district? This place isn safe to stroll around. ” Aliza continues her conversation.

”I am currently studying the isolation of the 10th district and some… other things. ”

”Oh, I see. If you do mind, I have the information you need regarding the 10th district. Or even better, I can assist you on any problems whatsoever if you follow me. ”

Suddenly two options were popping into her vision as Aliza proposes what Claire needs and thus the action of following a shady lady.

A. Trust her

B. Don trust her

And so she decides to trust her. As the two of them led to the place where Claire was familiar, it was the first option from last night, the abandoned catacombs. A way where deep darkness was ahead, Aliza leads the way by casting a glowing orb that illuminates an iris purple color as it shows the way despite deep darkness surrounding the two of them, Aliza confronts as heading towards an unimaginable unknown inside this abandoned catacombs.

It was about half an hour when she finally stopped walking and sees a large steel door that has a four-coded lock attached to the handle. She opens it as entering. Claire follows her and sees a decoration of an old small church as the sunlight stretches towards the figure of some kind of an old tomb. Aliza stops as soon as we are close to the closed coffin.

She suddenly goes beyond the curtains at the right side of the room and brings out a blood suction at this medical wheeled table. She puts the suction and the needle on her wrist and the other end of the suction is a medium-sized glass. Blood gets through the suction hole and spills down inside the glass until it gets full, she stops the machine.

Aliza opens half of the coffin and sees a guy sleeping, then she knocks towards the glass and so this guy instantly opens his eyes as deliberately looking at Aliza and Claire at a rapid speed and then he asks with an annoying tone, ”Im hungry. ”

In his calm expression, Aliza gives her glass of blood to the strange guy. After that, he shuts himself back in the coffin and sleeps. Going to her office near the tomb is a neat palace that contains a bunch of books that looked like a library of some sort.

”Oh him? Hes Lunar Cross, one of my allies in my unit. So here may I ask, what is your aim? If you ask me, you need an ally to assist you towards your goal. We share the same need, Claire. ” Aliza wonders what Claire would do next.

”I don usually make plans and just make countermeasures of whats to happen, but you
e right, I need someone to aid me if I need to survive my life expectancy warning. I don even know how many enemies out there. ” Claire is concerned towards the next danger she will face as her fingers tremble from the lack of progress. Aliza gave her a little bit of insight to see the light and opportunity of this pact.

”I propose a pact. A temporary pact for us to get what we both want and help each other. With that, you won be troubled by facing adversaries. Does that sound enticing? ”

Claire ponders quite a bit if this is a good idea. Otherwise, trusting a close of being a stranger doesn do any good for any scenario but she has to risk it. ”Id like to have a pact then. ”

”Ill give you a hint of what a pact is like. First… may I ask if you have a code? ” As giving long gawk at Claire, Aliza asks as if she was waiting for something from her.

”Code? What do you mean by code? ” Claire was left dumbfounded as to wonder her strange question.

”I see so you haven got the code. ” Aliza makes a drink that is mixing an alcoholic substance of some sort and an orange juice appearance, it looked like a juice beverage. Aliza continues, ”Drink this. Then youll know the code. ”

Claire cautiously looks at the juice beverage as drinking it all. Then, she felt her neck was pressured and stiffened, puking blood all over the floor as struggling from the agony of eternal bleeding due to the burning sensation and acidity of the drink. ”What did… you… do.. to me? ”

”Just a simple drink with a small dose of poison that can easily paralyze and gave you unbearable pain, causing internal bleeding from excessive acidity. That way, youll now understand the code. This will be our short farewell for now. ”

As Aliza waves by and softly grins with a dark facade behind her watching Claire die, Claires vision blurs as soon as she had lost another life. It was filled with darkness all around, then a dim light is shown from the center, a mysterious girl calls out to Claire saying,

”Hello, I noticed you died 3 times. ” Claire was a bit bewildered hearing a glitchy voice and seeing a darker appearance mixed in pitch black background as the girl speaking continued, ”Ill extend your saving slot in this save zone. ”

Claire asks, ”Whats your name? Actually, who are you exactly? ” With full hysteria, her sweat continues to drip from the cold fear of that little girl narrating her life like a code being read by a supercomputer.

The girl paused for a while in silence, she responds, ”Im… death. ” Suddenly, Claire sees the continued menu and loads the current saving point as many tentacles slowly cover and block her vision.

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