3 days later, a news reporter reviewed the new seven candidates of humankind, they call themselves dominators as destined to lead humanity to survival and glory for the upcoming termination of the host known as Mr. Smiley of the new world called Ignis Fatuus. ”Ignis Fatuus reviews as Deceptive Hope. ”

Hopefully, their meeting will start a declaration of new chaos coming from the world. As Mr. Smiley reviewed their world domination one by one, all of them pass and were considered formidable as resetting the world over its initial state of order.

While at the Skyscraper named SK Foundation, Professor Cthulhu on the 200th floor, where the meeting room is located, he walks in a formal and with his outstanding stance wearing his horrific appearance towards his alien-like dark tentacles covering his mouth and nose, his gaze was full of malice and determination.

At his side is Dr. Wicked casually walking beside him with an honest smile and an erotic figure of a laboratory coat. She opens the door slowly, seeing the meeting room, a C-shaped meeting table, and around it are the six dominators. They look horrifying as each of them gave a different vibe which made you a bit uneasy. The room was quiet and quite dark and thus Professor Cthulhu sits in the middle waiting for the intel from Mr. Smiley. One of his maids, the tall one with a cataclysmic power enters with a sinister aura, she remembers her as responsible for assisting this world into a living hell, everyone was quite unsettled by her as she slowly goes to the center of the meeting table.

She sets up seven holograms regarding the discussion of the world termination of Mr. Smiley. For once, they heard her beautiful voice, ”Greetings everyone, my master calls me Trolie as all of you would address me as. The seven dominators are present. Mr. Shady, the Fiendish Bystander. King Gorr, the God Executioner. Admiral Hellbert, the Soldier of Death. Engr. Xenakis the Omega Artificer of Machinery. Dr. Wicked, the SK Queen. And finally Professor Cthulhu, the founder of SK Foundation. ”

She stops for a moment to process all the data needed for them to know and understand their goals and strategies to keep the order as dominating Mr. Smiley. ”Everyone, here is the first topic. Reviewing rules and regulations regarding all negotiations for Mr. Smiley as agreed by all. The first rule, everyone must restrict their ploy of domination without the Hosts permission. And in doing so, you may inform me, as the chief maid to relay your request. Second, each dominator must present world termination from all protagonists as much as possible. Since all protagonists are highly wanted, I suggest terminating them as you wish for they will cause massive chains of destruction for the SK Foundation. And third, Everyone can be allied with four out of Mr. Smileys maids based on roulette data that I arranged.

Along with that, here are the chances for them to authorize, Goi at 50%, Solly at 25%, Holie at 10%, Chui at 7%, Phillia at 7%, and Trolie for 1%. These are the chances that were listed on your screen. ” As all of them check their statuses, skills, and characteristics, one of the dominators asks as raising his hand. ”What is it, Engr. Xenakis? ” Trolie analyzes his question.

”Why would he present four of his maids to kill him? ” He asks.

”In his response, he answers… This way, you won be able to bore me during battle. He is so powerful no one will be able to hold a candle with him. So he proposes the third maid betrayal rule in exchange for confidentialities of Mr. Smileys status, skills, and characteristics. ” Everyone was quite perplexed and at the same time excited about what was to come for the future. But what was certain is that this new world that he created became the most grandiose moment of their lives.

”Eliminating the protagonists and terminating the host is their main goal. All of you will be able to sense their unique aura based on what I am about to do. ” Trolie projects their senses into a memorable feeling. Their presence is what gives them the identity of a target. The meeting ended as all of them went to their respective stations.

The roulette was decided and thus delivered to some dominators as their allies. All protagonists have this mark on their hearts resembling a vibrant color visible to any dominators vision. And thus after 3 years of searching all identities so far, Professor Cthulhu has found the results. At the second meeting, he shows the data by Trolies hologram of three individuals that were found separately formulated, experimented, and confirmed that one of them resulted in death. The last one remains a mystery.

4 years later after it hits 2050, one last protagonist appears, one bystander was a 19-year-old female worker, she was constantly giving the right action of gathering intel about the society as she was assigned, her three remaining pills known as ”Hope ” that carries a temporary effect of being a human for at least a month without experiencing the SK Virus.

She is a new worker that was recently hired for this type of task of 3 days a week or so. And thus these candy-like pills, she swallows and different results have shown. She felt more humane than before like a strange power and aura had released to her body.

Signaling and waving on a large scale, every dominator including Professor Cthulhu felt the fear in his dark heart. After all this time, he was both glad and worried about the threat of what was to come. Before, Professor Cthulhu had a conversation with Mr. Smiley. While SK Foundation was in the time of rebuilding, Mr. Smiley gives him a warning, ”You may all be overpowered but that doesn mean you are unstoppable. All of them will find a way to slowly destroy every bit of your plan. I assure you. ”

With Professors sharp glares at Mr. Smileys overconfident smug. Professor Cthulhu knows whats behind Mr. Smileys facade. ”I was one of those protagonists, after all. ” Mr. Smiley casually replies closely to his ear with uncanny lore behind his words. After all that, Professor Cthulhu never forgets his words. And thus, he was determined to terminate the threat once and for all.

All that was left was one protagonist that could change all the strings behind this new world. All the protagonists, all characters, and all parts of this world will be marked and changed one day. Since three of them were already arranged within the death preparations in the SK Foundations lists, one was left to be marked, and that was Candy Mellows, Mr. Smiley calls her that for some reason and was officially named that protagonist as a wanted list to be highly caught and terminated. And thus, Professor Cthulhu begins his first command, terminating the last protagonist, Candy Mellows.

A new life has surged to the protagonist known as Candy Mellows. Like in the game, she was shown a new post-apocalyptic world where she was presented as the protagonist based on her screen window from within her vision.

At the top right corner, she witnesses a notification icon. She presses it and sees a greeting from an AI helper named Data, ”Greetings player, my name is Data and I will assist you for the upcoming route of the world known as Ignis Fatuus. ” At first, Candy was a bit puzzled by the sudden introduction of a so-called game. And thus, she asked him in an informal tone, ”Uhmmmm… I know it is a bit out of context but is that your real name? ”

Her AI helper was a bit perplexed by her unexpected shallow question. After a moment of silence, she declares, ”From this very moment, I shall call you Data-kun! If thats alright? ” Data-kun was a bit concerned about her ignorant behavior towards this upcoming fate of the world.

”Well, if we were going to start this journey, first we must know our current location and destination. ” Candy concludes the mechanics needed for the early stage. The title of the first stage was seven days termination. And thus, it must mean an action-based game, so she first explored a few of the tricks on her sleeve.

She starts to click one by one of her window screens icons. It starts to appear as the status of her character, her name at the moment is Claire Valentine as having the following:

Claire Valentine (Human Protagonist)

21 lives available

Power: 78

Speed: 30

Agility: 25

Defense: 34

Dynamic vision: 123

Wisdom: 300

She then discovers her skills at the bottom. As being curious and excited at the same time, she sees one unlocked skill called Colorful Humanity. She comments down on her character detail with full judgment which focuses on her experiences before as a veteran gamer of story-based games or as an expert narrator of any novel-based stories,

”So this is my starter status. So this world is really like a game. ” She stares at the enormous skyscraper in size. As the sky is still covered by greyish clouds, the world was in terrible pity and everlasting melancholy. Claire sees the world to change somehow. And thus, she begins her first step towards the city. As walking almost near the crowd, three main choices appear on her screen of vision.

Appalled by the sudden action, she deeply ponders about it for a moment. ”In these types of choices, there are no wrong choices. These choices are known as the main options. This will only decide three pathways for you to march on. ” Data-kun ends his advice. Claire understood the mechanics.

A. Wander aimlessly to the sidewalk of the main road.

B. Find a place to stay and observe the society

C. Go directly to the large skyscraper

She chooses the first option of scouting the places in the city. Strolling around the district for an hour, Data-kun gathers a bit of information. ”This is the 9th district of the city called Alamus. It is once a part of Russia in the past and is now called the SK Foundation. ” The AI helper ends the first intel. Claire asks Data-kun, ”So whats the SK Foundation? ”

Data-kun responds with no information available at the moment as he requires a bit of connection regarding the name of her interested search to find the results. She continues to stroll, up until a certain soldier appears on the roofs of the slightly torn down buildings. This character holds her sniper as cautiously aiming for Claires head.

But at the last moment, the soldier was stuttering intensely resulting in a missed shot which Claire was alerted. The bullet hits the nearby trash bin that was close to Claire. Claire decides to look for the location of the shooter, she sees the soldier cocking her sniper impatiently.

Claire quickly runs towards the crowd and so the soldier as we know it lost the target. ”Whats with that shooter? She seems a sniper chaser but she is lousy at aiming. ” Claire responds to the situation, by panting from escaping she was alerted by a notification icon.

She clicks on it and sees a new skill has been unlocked, though she had no time to check. The soldier finally finds Claire and quickly aims for her but fails again. The crowd hears the impact of the shot and thus they ran as far as possible, leaving Claire as clearly seen by the soldier. She runs to the right alleyway of the main road continuously fleeing from the scene but this soldier is quick on chasing her.

She attempts to shoot again and shoots another trash bin. Claire grabs the garbage lid as a cover for her head and for once the soldier finally hits her, damaging the lid. Claire drops the garbage lid as continuously running. Data-kun gives intel to Claire while on the chase,

”Intel gathered to the chaser, she is a notified soldier of one of the dominators of the SK Foundation. She seems strangely alone for some reason since the whole point of his army was in the pack and hugely strategized. ” Claire replies with an extreme tone panting aggressively, ”What should I do then? ” As lastly saying, the bullet pierced through her left shoulder as it slows her pace from running. While doing so, her shoulder is bleeding too much she tried her best on running.

At the edge of the left alleyway, she pauses hiding at the side of the large trash bin. Breathing heavily from the injury, she was concerned about her condition as if feeling the agony of being shot. She asks for the last time, ”What can I do to survive in this situation? ” Data-kun answered, ”No available option. ” Claire was both afraid and hopeless from this dire situation.

Constantly breathing, The soldier spots her. She starts to aim her handgun at Claires head as she continues to breathe heavily. ”Why are you chasing… me? ” The soldier replies, ”I need you to be terminated for my survival. ” At Claires last moment, she was shot in the head with a lethal shot.

She was clearly dead. At her death, there was darkness. She was embraced by death, a little girl who is hard to be noticed in her vision, and slowly, she woke up in a daydream. She sees the three main choices again.

”What happened? I just died a moment ago… ” Claire asks. And thus, Data-kun answered, ”You lost one life in the first attempt. And you were reawakened again as having 20 lives left. ” Claire was able to experience an unfortunate death as in return, she was able to gather data. She lastly comments, ”Whats wrong in this world? ”

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