SK Domination: Ignis Fatuus

7 days of World Termination for Claire

In 2042, the world was in a constant peace treaty ever since world war two ended a hundred years ago. Though, compared to the real world outside this story, this world has advancements in technology, media, and societys evolution. Due to it, every living person was able to live their lives in this blissful era.

The cities were illuminating the sunlight from above, many civilians with their companions strolling in their leisure time, most of the people were working at this very moment, and lush trees and plant decorations were vibrant and beautiful.

There were no land vehicles available including low-quality services such as a tricycle or a taxi except for modern buses and cars that fuels on electricity and because of it many people were unemployed and started looking for other jobs that were placed by the government for their stable finances, it was like any other functioning society.

Though all countries might not have the same financial growth, it was completely better than in history. Even in the Philippines, one of the researchers discovered one of the most intelligent geniuses that carried their own country and its people to experience everyday lives easier than before and as for the others became the normalcy of humankind, though some of them were against at first.

In Japan, however, a center of domination was declared, since people were busy with their respective priorities, a strange guy has appears out of nowhere.

Everyone around that city caught the attention of a middle-aged man wearing a creepy mask, a black suit, and a green tie. At all available screens that were visible to the public, they all witnessed this strange event. This mysterious man suddenly bows down to the screen and starts his speech that no one even cared.

Some were enthralled by a sudden peek of interest, some ignored due to prioritized agendas, and the remaining portion of them wasn even listening or hadn noticed it yet. The greyish clouds covered the sun as all audiences see him clearly as a freaky disabled person.

They were both pleased and aggravated, so they called several cops on the situation. As this mysterious guy patiently waited for the perfect moment, he finally gives his speech.

”Everyone must be glad to be able to experience this point in life where humanity has sacrificed suffering of the past to make it this far… but this is however the end of your peaceful era and I decided the whole world become my own. My conquest will be granted. All humans who have witnessed such travesty from below, I declare world domination!!! ”

He shouted the grandeur of his last words over the whole crowd around the world, and they thought it was hilarious, a delusional idiot declaring world domination over this era.

Some of them thought a Hitler fan was still known after all this time. It was so funny that it immediately went viral on the internet for a short amount of time. And now some people around the world have their eyes locked on this man before them. The media was so advanced that the event immediately aired a controversial act in front of the world, all of them were disrupted by his presence.

The face he was wearing, and his expression were full of exhilaration. ”Now its the time. Everyone! I have killed all world leaders and other forms of government from within your countries, and so may I ask? Do you all fear death? ”

As he was telling his next form of speech, six formidable maids were slowly appearing from the shadows as performing a long legion formation surrounding the front large building that the mysterious person was standing below.

Another tall maid appears out of nowhere as she fell from the sky, and the huge cracked crater around her were so realistic. If this was real, how did she able to fall from that much impact?

No humans were able to believe she, a human capable of surviving a long fall, and whats worse she didn have any slight injuries like she is inhuman.

A moment passed, and police officers arrived at the scene, many civilians were forced to distance themselves due to potential danger but most of them still watched the show that the mysterious middle-aged man peculiarly made.

Police officers gave the maids a warning to drop all their weaponry and surrender to avoid any unnecessary danger as they aimed their guns at them with extreme precaution but the maids remained still after a free moment until this mystery person decides to command them.

Then, they all open fired, and instantly, the mysterious middle-aged man snapped his fingers at the right moment, a signal for a certain someone to respond to his command.

The tall maid from the middle is suddenly glowing a green aura and so, the time has stopped. Everyone froze except for the caster and the mysterious person.

She casually walked to the frozen bullets that were in still motion and thus in mid-air, she gives a full force of downward direction with her left hand to each bullet that was shot by the police officers until they all lose their last remaining shots.

The people were shocked by the gunshots but somehow they were dumbfounded by the fact that they weren injured. ”Now everyone, don be mesmerized by the fact that she stopped the bullets before they hit it to my little innocent maids. ” The mysterious person explained with a formal tone.

The police officers were frightened, confused, and still couldn believe that such people exist. ”Impossible. ” They said.

The mysterious person has initiated a command for the tall maid. Her appearance has green hair and orange eyes that were filled with a mysterious gaze to the people and both beauty and destruction were her full definition based on her eerie presence.

”Begin large world termination by fire, time limit is at 0.2 seconds. Begin… now. ” And so the tall maid instantly burned all humanity to ashes, every single one of them.

She used her time ability called ”Time Stop ” to terminate them one by one and ”life location ” to track every one of them in the world until all of them were terminated as their master commanded.

It took 200 hours in a normal clock to do this kind of task or even longer but in recorded time of its assets, she was able to turn all humanity into ashes within 0.18 seconds.

Their master was impressed by the fact of her amazing performance, that the whole crowd or audience was eliminated. ”Okay, revert to the normal position of 5.18 seconds ago. ” Everyone suddenly felt death in their hearts but uncannily alive as well.

They were all afraid, dumbfounded, and restless that most of them screamed from the terrors of the aftermath of being dead, now everyone gave attention to the one responsible for this disaster.

”Okay as I was saying, all humanity is now at the bottom of me, the new host of this world, you can call me Mr. Smiley, I am the deity of domination and I have declared world domination to your so-called Earth. ”

One of the police officers asked while being stuttered by his horrifying gaze, ”What… do you want from us? ”

Mr. Smiley answered, ”I don want anything from you. You are all hereby my subjects and I demand ownership of all living things. Wait correct, thats my demand. ”

With the little correction of his speech, everyone had no choice but to kneel before him, each of them panicked at the fact that their normal lives have now officially ended.

2 weeks later, after Mr. Smileys world domination, news spread across the world that every employee of the government, including the world leaders, were truly vanished.

The remains were a pile of ashes left in each specified location. Everyone is now agitated by the fact that they have to do something and at the same time afraid of their power being used against them again.

But of course, they still caused a riot and form a resistance to take down Mr. Smiley despite all the proofs of his godly powers. While for him, he was visiting other countries, inviting selected people for a new project he proposes and will be released at a later notice.

Expecting for at least another year, the whole world was in the state of anarchism and because of it, chaos has forged in humanity that every bit of life was now deemed meaningless. Everyone caused so many atrocities that most humans have hidden or even died for the cause.

One person decided to put a new organization called the SK Foundation that would stop all humanity from causing any further massive chaos and finally help them from surviving the new generation which Mr. Smiley calls ”The Era of Domination ”.

And thus, this founder of the SK Foundation named Professor Cthulhu has released a specified plague that would make humanity evolve and easily adapt to the new hostile environment that he intends to control.

It took a week for them to realize this plague that was quickly spreading throughout the world, making them experience early symptoms such as heavy fatigue, paranoia, and epilepsy.

As stated by Professor Cthulhu, the SK Virus varies symptoms based on age, it was researched 5 years ago as it has good benefits and bad conditions.

Less than the age of 1 to 6, they won be able to experience the early symptoms due to the dormant state of the SK Virus controlling the body of a child that repels it from spreading throughout the body. From the age of 7 to 18, the SK Virus activates as spreading throughout the body, making these individuals will experience uncontrollable hostile behaviors that cause them to harm or even murder an individual additionally self-harm or suicide.

Since having these extreme behaviors from underage individuals, they will have the worst experience of their lives because they have to maintain their sanity by avoiding any immoral or unethical acts that would partially induce their mentality in the long process.

As for those who will embrace this type of behavior for example sudden outbursts, wicked persona, and broken mental state, they will have to be terminated by the forces of SK Foundation.

From the age of 19 to 65, they will gain control of their body from the SK Virus and receive good benefits such as long extensibility of their sanity, vitality, and erasure of unnecessary emotions that causes humans to distract themselves such as their sins being detained, and desires being restricted, to prevent them from retaliating on whats left from protecting them and in the process removing the mark of being a human.

In doing so, they will focus on working at the SK Foundation and provide their daily needs. And because of it, they have adapted to the hostile environment that Mr. Smiley created.

At the age of 66 to 99, their sanities will revert back to human conditions. Depending on their performance so far from SK Foundation, they will gain access to full medical attention for their remaining lives and enjoy the simulation of their peaceful lives in the past called World Memories.

Small summary, it is a world of dreams that each people authorized to live in for the remaining portion of their lives, it is like worlds within another world, if they haven , they will have to endure their low sanity from the views of the reality, the harsh reality that was immediately forced them to accept such travesty, many of them dies as it continues, and their lives were full of utter darkness metaphorically. At the age of 100, all of them will expire.

All those who die at the age of 19 to 99, will be continuously resurrected from the living hell until SK Virus finally takes their lives. The end of SK will be always in a hundred.

As for those at the age of 1 to 18, hopefully, they survive their horrendous nightmare. ”Thats all the information behind the SK Virus. ” Professor Cthulhu finishes reviewing the intel at his office.

One of his allies named Dr. Wicked, a female researcher who aids him in his leading projects reminds him about the first meeting for the SK Foundation as Mr. Smiley has finally assembled them and will be arriving shortly.

Professor Cthulhu nodded as he prepares the real discussion about all dominations that Mr. Smiley made for his termination.

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