Walking at the cliff while carrying the little Claire from the rain dripping down the land of the countryside, it was still a far path for them to embark on their journey to the end.

A little heavy through his shoulders at the side of the man in black clothing but no matter for him since it has been a while since he was accompanied by someone. At the back of his, the sleeping child was still occupied from its slumber, it wasn an ideal description but in truth, it was appealing to see a child sleeping since it was considerably adorably cute, and thus the journey continues and was still a long path for them to stop right up until the dusk was near its falling.

It was nighttime, which means it was time to set a bonfire in the woods, as the man in black clothing cooked meals for themselves awakening the little Claire from its cutesy slumber.

She was widely awake now and so she asks the man in black clothing, ”Where are we? ”

With a clear idea of where they were, he still tries to answer with careful thought, ”We
e still in the woods at the moment. We have to stop since it will be dark soon. Look, I prepared us a meal. Do you eat soup, little one? ”

”I want meat!! Meat. Meat. Meat. ” Persuaded by the little Claire, The man in black clothing had no choice but to hunt.

”Wait here for a little while, little one. ” Taking a long look behind him, he disappears into darkness for a while as to go and hunt him for some meat. While Claire, on the other hand, she tries to entertain herself through her wildest imagination.

She imagines a floating cloud from above and so it summons a yellow cloud floating above her as dropping snow continuously, making her so happy for the little one that the snow was fascinatingly pretty and cool.

Then she imagines another, a flying butterfly in yellow. It glides around her pouring a speck of yellow dust at her whereas the butterflies poof out of yellow dust. Little Claire was both hectic and tired at the same time due to using her abilities too much so she decides to take a quick nap.

Half an hour later, the man in black clothing arrives with the deer meat he has brought on his shoulders. Putting it down on a rolling stick from the bonfire to cook it well, he discharges the soup pot at the side to finally start cooking.

The aroma of the deer meat goes to the nose of little Claire, awakening once more, her stomach growls as loud as a lion. Being heard by that embarrassment, Little Claire gently rose as to rub her eyes off, asking if the meat is ready.

”Almost done, in about 5 minutes, for the meantime, try the soup there. ” After that time, the meat was ready to serve. Aggressively munching the meat of the deer, Little Claire was blessed by the gods to be served a fine meal. Leaving a messy empty plate.

”Thank you for the food. ” Both of them appreciated the food that was given. Since the meal was finished, they decided to take a rest. But for safety reasons, the man in black clothing chooses to watch out for the night. Not long before he will be too soon to take a rest as well.

In the morning, the man in black clothing both carries the luggage and little Claire itself, walking on the green rice terraces, it was a fine and beautiful place to travel, with all the farmers working and all, Little Claire was loud and annoying at first but today she gave a forgotten question.

”May I ask? ” Little Claire asks the man in black clothing.

”Sure. What is it? ”

”What is your name? I haven known your name yet and strangely you know my name as well. How is that? ”

”Forgive me with that kind gesture of yours. My name is Nightingale. You can call me that. About me knowing your name… is hard to tell but I just know for some reason. And my reason is to take you with me on this journey.. ” Little Claire quietly gestured once more with a hilarious look. ”Whats with that look? ”

”Just trying to be funny. Am I not funny? ”

In his mind, ”I can tell her that she is being weird. ” Finally, they arrived at the first landmark. A city that was outgrown vines of plants and so on, it was a spectacular site so they slowly arrived at it. 3 hours later they stopped at a broken-down diner.

Trying to rummage some remains of food from around the corner, good thing luck was with them, seeing a bunch of canned goods from the store and it is near the place they have been looking for.

After taking a quick break, they finally face the place. A ruined elementary school, entering it was slightly hard due to its ruined state, but they found a door that is connected to another dimension.

That is the office of Mr. Smiley. For some reason, the man in black clothing has an appointment with him especially relates to bringing little 9-year-old Claire.

”So you finally brought her. Is this your will for her salvation, Mr. Shady? ”

”I am Mr. Shady no more. One last request from yours and the deal is now a closed case. I will be both free alongside Claire. ”

”Thats what Im talking about. Since you brought her this far. Are you sure you can bring her to the rendezvous? After this pathway is the most difficult one. ”

”Im afraid so. I need to know where are the specified doors to travel to your dreamland. ”

”Aren your concern on how can you survive the journey with Claire knowing the danger and the havoc that is within the mask? How about I give you a hint? How about you put her in your dreamland first? Its like putting a cat in the bag while risking your journey ahead from the monsters and wreckage of the darkness within. ”

”I see. Thank you for that. How can I open mine? ”

”Its easy, with me around, I can open any world. ” Interrupting their conversation, little Claire woke up seeing both of them together.

She asks, ”Who are you? ” Mr. Smiley goes up close to her, he replies with a chuckle,

”Youll know soon enough, but for now… ” Mr. Smiley puts up a spell that immediately makes the target fall asleep.

”I see. Do it. ” As the man in black clothing finally agrees to Mr. Smileys proposition, so does Mr. Smiley, preparing to unleash one of his abilities.

”Okay. ” The world has been unleashed and so does Nightingales old past. ”You only have a limited amount of time. Quickly, set her on her safety. ” Entering the world known as Ignis Fatuus, it was still a cruel place for humans to dwell in.

Walking while searching for a place for Claire to take care of, there were a limited amount of people, simply by old age were present in the specified districts, going into the 6th district, the man in black clothing stops as to suddenly heard of someone telling him to stop at the right door.

He comes closer and thus he knocked on the door three times. The door opens and sees a middle-aged man in torn clothes.

”Are you the one called Mr. Shady? ” the middle-aged man asked the man in black clothing.

”Yes, I brought her here for you to take care of. For now, Ill be back for her when the time comes. ”

”Sure. Mr. Smiley already told me the details. Good luck on your journey. ” And with that, the man in black clothing leaves the scene to enter a portal back to the office of Mr. Smiley.

”Is it done already? ” You
e quite quick if I may say. Are you prepared for the harsh difficulty of the journey? ” As Nightingale nodded in agreement to the negotiation with Mr. Smiley, he did exactly as he intended to do, facing the danger of the unknown that was corrupted Claires mind by the mask, and in doing so he is more prepared than he ever was. He continues his sentence with determination.

”Ill do my best. ” Mr. Smiley grimly grinned at him as to answer his savory sentence like he was prepared to die for the cause.

”Don let me down. Ill take care of the other arrangements in the further run. Good luck. ” And with that, he opens the door and closes it.

Going towards a new pathway, the door slowly opened with nothing inside but dusty furniture and a messy room. As hours passed he slept for a while, enduring the fatigue he has while covering himself with his black cloak.

After that, he continues towards the pathway, random door after door that is connected to another dimensional plane. He took an enormous amount of time to pick door after door to get it right.

Moving forward to the journey, he has face a new background, a more ruined place where the land was even destroyed seeing only floating landmarks, it was difficult for him to find another way out and so he slowly but surely took each door or even window to enter the pathway he needs to enter.

A not long while, he was chased by night crawlers, a four-legged creature that feeds among any flesh of the living, more of them gathered in one place during nighttime and so the man in black clothing fled the scene and covertly lurk around them to ensure that he won give them much attention for safety reasons.

Finally, he was able to see the last door, where he can finally escape the remains of the ruins. Due to its last seconds, it will soon destroy itself and further break down into nothingness.

Though with all the careful stealth, he was spotted by a much larger threat, a spotlight that was showered upon the man in black clothing, it made him unable to move for some reason.

It may be the cause of the spotlight, he has to escape somehow. And thats when it hit him, he can escape by controlling one of the night crawlers nearby and kill the one behind the spotlight.

He was lucky enough to control one of it and somehow, in the eyes of the night crawler, the one who does the spotlight was in mid-air as tentacles slowly and closely gather up to the man in black clothing.

Luckily, he was able to tear down the creature called light snatchers where they can petrify the targeted being and slowly devour them whole. Good thing it was put down by one of the night crawlers by the man in black clothing.

And with that he enters the last door with determination in his gut, he sees only deep darkness. Without much thought, he aimlessly wanders through the darkness to search for a light somehow.

Sooner or later he will be able to succeed in finding it, with hope on his side, he must find it. Piano music slowly enchants the readers thoughts of a man in black clothing wandering through the darkness.

It was lonely for him to travel alone but he needs to find it at any cost. Slowly, the spotlight that was given to Nightingale was only seen in the scene to provide a vision for the readers to heed.

47 hours later of wandering through the darkness, he finally sees the light, slowly he was able to run now and so he did. Continuously running from the darkness all around him, he finally was able to reach the light.

He was somehow in a cave with bats flying around and water leaking into the stalagmites as he carefully walks through the open area of the cave and finally sees the sunlight. He gets down from the cave and through the forest. Not long enough, he was found by a villager who was just washing clothes with her little sister in the river nearby. Going closer to the villager, the man in black clothing greets the villager and kindly asks the location of the forest they are in.

The villager responds, ”You are in the Tokunaga Village. If possible, I can assist you through the village if you need assistance. ”

”That would be great, thank you… Whats your name, miss? ”

”Nice to meet you, Lyra is my name and this is Rebecca. And you are? ”

”Barrow, just a friendly merchant. ”

”So you are a merchant. ” While walking around the forest, the little girl named Rebecca seems to be interested in his goods and so she asks, ”What products are you selling? ”

”Just some artifacts, potions, and any valuable materials. If you need something from me, we can do a trade. ”

”That would be wonderful but I have no money to spend. ” Suddenly the man in black clothing gives an old rag doll to the little girl. ” Thank you very much! Look we are almost close. ”

While carrying the bucket full of garments to wear, they finally arrive at the village. As the elderly wave by to the young Rebecca, she introduces the merchant to them. ”Chief! We have a visitor or a traveler. He seems to be lost in the forest. ”

”I see, I see. Well, good thing you found our village. Come in. ” The man in black clothing was given good hospitality by the chief villager. Giving him an old cup of tea and a loaf of bread, he enjoys it with full blessing.

”What brings you here in the Tokunaga Village? ” an old woman asks the man in black clothing.

”Im a merchant you see, I was a bit lost in the forest halfway through since my map went missing. Can you tell me where Greenley Village is? ” After the chief villager tells the specified location, outside of the village was refreshing to see as before the journey went by, it was a cruel and harsh environment that even travelers like him were warned of the danger that lurked by.

But today, it was relaxing for once in a while. Finally, he has the map for the location of the Greenley Village, he can now continue the journey. As he closely leaves the Tokunaga Village, the young girl named Rebecca calls him by his name.

”Hey!!! Merchant-kun! ” she waves at the man in black clothing, he on the other hand was left unsettled as waving back at her. It took three days and two nights for the man in black clothing to wander through the forest and finally, he finds another village.

Through the meadows see a vibrant village where near outside the forest was seen, and so do the lovely villagers appear at the well nearby to do a simple task for the day.

The man in black clothing has arrived at the Greenley Village. Entering the gates sees many little kids playing tag, old men playing chess, and young villagers working for the wooden walls to be built.

It was been a while since Nightingale was in this village. All he remembered was when he was a child, he grew up in this village by no other than the old chief himself of the village and he had met villagers such as a swordsman, a healer, and an old monk.

He learned how to keep valuable things through his ability, and with that, he wanted to be a merchant and a traveler.

After walking a long path, he goes to the house and knocks through the door. And so the door opens and see an elegant lady in front of the man in black clothing. ”Its been a while, Tomo. ”

Tomo is an acquaintance of Nightingale before, also just a new name since she is a reincarnation of Trolie which they had similar features of her hair and eyes because, in this world, all souls from the original world were transported here.

And with that, her name was rewritten in this world as her soul was transported as a human being compared to being an android in the past.


While in the world of Ignis Fatuus, Professor Cthulhu has a lot of plans in waiting for the event that Mr. Smiley made for all the dominators to be shared, that is to take world domination a little bit of mixture of pleasure and satisfaction including the timeline fixed by Trolie for the maids of Mr. Smiley to take part of it and the gears that all dominators have to test it out for the fight.

While on Claires side, standing in the white room and testing out her real powers and abilities, she was able to enhance it with full control. Due to it, she had another oracle, the white-haired reaper, a young lady carrying a katana to end her life.

She is prepared to die but she isn intended to so she keeps on waiting for the time being that is to see what awaits her spinning on the other side of the coin.

The maids including Chui, Solly, Goi, and Holie were kept inside the white room to ensure that they reach their full potential, Trolie has finally done the time experiment and connected their past towards the point of the game, what would have happened if Mr. Smiley hadn gotten to reach the maids in their display of support?

Where there was no one to save them, Professor Cthulhu have finished writing a full statement about the overtime work he had been through. The talents of her members, the maids suffering, and Claires secret behind all the parallel universe.

He had thought of an overwhelming number of deaths of Claire were to result of how viciously powerful her true ability Oracle would be. Since Professor Cthulhu had found a way to consciously connect to all the multiverses of himself with the power of the most powerful one possible to administer all of the remains of all Professor Cthulhus conscious mind and share as much information as possible. A new ability has been shared.

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