ap, I wondered how theirs was, if it was easy as mine. I wondered what I was thinking to have fallen into this trap.

” Hahahahaha, Leo, Leo, Leo, just look around you. You are about to die in my hand but don worry, you will have to beg for your life first then I will give you a slow painful death to make you feel better .

” You think? hahaha, did you forget who I was? I can possibly die in your hands. You are a weak old scumbag ” I told him and immediately he gave me a hard blow on my face.

” You would pay for that ” I told him.

” When you are dead? ” he ask me

” No nowwwwwwww ” I shouted, immediately there was an explosion the glasses in the room broke into pieces the building shook causing Leo men to fall and immediately my men took the advantage of overpowering them and collecting their weapons. What Antonio didn know was that some of my men were still in the field and I had a tiny earphone inside my ear, so they could listen to our conversation incase anything happens and immediately I shout now with a haorse voice, no matter the type of conversation I was indulging with the enemy they should hit the red button so that the bomb will explode and they did at the right time.

” I guess you didn see this coming Antonio ” I told him, he was on the floor, struggling to stand up. ” you must have fallen so hard old man., does your back aches? ” I asked him mockingly. He brought out his gun which he kept in his back pocket and was about to pull the trigger, I quickly grabbed one of his men and pushed him towards Antonio, immediately he dropped dead on the floor. Before he could shoot again, I kicked the gun away from his hand before giving him a hand blow on his cheek, by now blood was gushing out from his mouth and he was also bleeding profusely from his nose.

” Antonio all this is over , now I will give you a quick death ” I told him already tired of the whole fight.

”Don kill me please give me one more chance, just this last one p___ ” I shot him.

All of Antonio men was already on the floor, some unconscious, dead and in pain.

” Put all of them in one room and make sure you lock the room ” I instructed my men ” The rest of you, go and rescue the others that were held captive by these mother **ers ” immediately they left while I stood there looking through Antonios stuffs to see if I can find anything valuable more likely an information..

” Sir we are done ” One of my men told me. ” Sir what of the other captives that ain our men? ”

” Leave them there, I told him ” I told him

” Okay sir ” By now they were all back and waiting for the next order

” Now plant as many explosives that you can, get the fuel and burn up this place ”

” Yes sir ” they chorused. After few minutes they were done. When we had gone far enough, I instructed them to hit the red buttons and ” BOOM ” the house was on fire, the buildings was falling.

”End of the black dragon Mafia ” I thought immediately I got home, I treated some of the bruises I had sustained due to the explosion, likewise my men. I had my bath, ordered that my food be brought to my room. I ate to my satisfaction before I slept off.

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