girls were whispering among themselves.

” I think Jack likes the asshole Clara girl. First he allowed her sit with him automatically be coming his sit mate, and now he defends her from his ex girlfriend ” I heard a girl saying.

”Yeah, I agree with you. And that good for nothing got some nerves, just imagine what she did to Olivia, wow ” I wished they could just stop talking and like a miracle it was time for the next lecture which was mathematics so they had to stop talking.

The maths teacher Mr. Thomas started by collecting the student assignment, he went round collecting others but he didn come to collect mine out of fear. No teacher come to me except they are given the permission to. The last time a teacher came to me to collect my assignment without me giving him the order to do so he was surely dealt with. He nearly died after I fed him with my note, I made sure he ate all and no one came to his rescue until he was done and I let him go.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, I checked who was calling, it was my bodyguard, something was definitely wrong he never calls me when I am in school except it was an emergency.

” Sir, some of our member were attacked by Antonio the leader of the black dragon Mafia , and they have been held captive. He also sent a message that you should come and save them by your self if you dare ” My body guard said hurriedly. I could hear him already setting the guns

. ”Did Antonio just dare me ” I thought, no ones dares me and escape with it. I saw Mr. Thomas almost done with the book collection. I told him to come and collect mine leaving on the desk which he hurriedly did and smiling like I was done him a favour by summiting the assignment.

” How did he deliver the message ” I asked my body guard whispering

” He sent a young boy who is about 12 years ” I heard the teacher about to teach Matrix.

” Really, I see his trick, kill him ” I said my voice still low, no one could hear me. I was the only one sitting around that side.

”What ” he asked

” Kill the boy Im on my way gather all the men at my house, and yeah also send the corpse back to him ” I hanged up. I saw a girl look at me, maybe she heard this last one. I turned to look at her also then she hurriedly look away.

I picked up my bag arrange my things ready to leave, then I remembered Antonio words ” If I dare ” seems like he has forgotten who I really was now.

”You are **ing going to die now ” I didn even know when I said that aloud, every one turned to look at me, I put my phone into my pocket. Mr Thomas was looking scared, I wonder why he was, then it occurred to me that he might thinking I was talking to him. I almost laugh out, it was quite funny. By now he had already knelt down and was begging me which was becoming annoying, I wasn even talking to him beside he didn do anything why would I want to kill him. I shouted at him to shut up as it was becoming annoying. I got up from my sit ready to leave my earpiece fell on the floor, I picked it up but the thought putting it back into my ear disgust me, I could not wash the earpiece what is the point? I through it back on the floor and smashed it. I have a lot more. I left heading for the door, I had picked something from the floor I needed to sanitize my hands. I had a small sized sanitizer in my back pocket,i tried to bring it out but it was upside down and the cover was hooked the a thread which made it difficult to bring out.

While I trying to bring it out, everyone was looking so scared. Did they think I was about to bring out a gun?, that was indeed very funny. Mr. Thomas was begging for his life profusely already crying. I heard telling me we could sort things out and all that. It was very funny, they all thought I was about to kill Mr. Thomas I had possibly delayed in bringing out my hand sanitizer because I was enjoying the scene. . Finally I brought it out, used it and put it back into my pocket. I opened the door, by now I could not help but smile while leaving the class but after I remembered what was about to happen and where I was going,I frowned immediately.

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