Jacks pov:

After I left the class, I went straight to the cafeteria as I was already hungry. I left the house angrily so I was unable to eat. My dad started his usual talk about me joining the Mafia, and taking over from him. I had sworn never to be part of the Mafia cult.My dad didn force me to join while I was young, it was always my older brother Jerry he trained and thought everything about the Mafias. But after Jerry died recently, he now want me to join but luckily he can decide for me neither can he force me as I was already grown.

I was eating in the cafeteria I sat with my friends, we were talking what happened the previous day. They were teasing me about Leo killing me because I helped Clara. My water poured on the floor while we were laughing, I was about to go and get another water from the counter when I saw Clara leaving, I guess she didn have anywhere to sit but was she going to starve?

I got the water and went back to my friends, I was done with my food by now waiting for them to finish up so we could leave together. After some minutes I saw students abandoning their food hurriedly running out of the cafeteria. Something was definitely going on and they are going to watch. Well I didn bother, this kind of thing happens often in the school and teachers don intervene.

My friends wanted to go to but I told them not to until they finish their food. Which they dare not disobey. Although I wasn part if the Mafia, people aslo feared me, because my dad Mafia was the second most dangerous mafia in Italy meaning that Leo and My dad were enemies but surprisingly Leo and I are friends as a matter of fact I was Leos only friend.

I was still in the cafeteria watching my friends as they were hurriedly eating their food just to go and watch what was happening. I was laughing at them when I heard someone call my name but I didn look at the person calling.

” I know this rat voice, I can recognize it anywhere and anything. What do you want Ella? ” I said almost laughing, it was my cousin Ella, we were in the same class.

” Who are you calling a rat stupid ” she said restraining herself from laughing which I noticed.

” Who else, remember the rat that comes to my house without leaving with my chocolate cake, even when I ain around ” By now she was already laughing

” You stupid child ” she said hitting me on my head. ” I came here to tell you something important and you almost made me forget silly boy ” .

”Yeah, what is it anyway ” I asked her as the word important kept on ringing in my head. I wondered what the important thing could be but I couldn help but joke over it. ” Wait don tell me your dad want you to join the Mafia or no he want you to marry a Mafia leader probably Leo ” I asked her laughing profusely, my friends were also laughing. Immediately I felt a hard knock on my head.

”Marrying Leo wouldn be a bad idea though but It is your good for nothing ex, she is bullying the new girl in our class ”

” What why? ” I asked her as I was still trying to digest the news.

” How am I supposed to know that? She even called her a prostitute and threw money at her and I heard your name. Hm, yeah she said something about ” I didn even let her finish I ran out of the Cafeteria.

When I got to the scence, I saw clara sitting on Olivia with money stocked in her mouth, I wanted to laugh but I knew I had to save the laugh. Then demanded to know what was going on from Clara, she stammered at first and then I heard her saying she was only trying to defend herself. She kept on looking down while she spoke, I could see that she was scared. Then the next word she said infuriated me, she called Olivia my girlfriend, I was suprised but no doubt it must have been Olivia that told her that shit. I told Olivia to stop going about and telling people that she was my girlfriend but my ex and left with Clara .

When we got to the class, I saw Leo. I wondered why he must be the first person I must see while entering the class. I noticed Clara was also looking at him. We sat down and I didn know what to say to her, was I supposed to apologize or scold her about her actions. I was still thinking when she placed her head on the desk and closed her eyes.

” Im sorry, hm about what happened earlier ” I told her and all she said was its fine, I guess it was anyways, why was I even apologizing.


Jack apologized even if tough it wasn his fault, I just told him it was fine. I didn want any conversation between us about what happened earlier. I was very angry and wasn in the right State of mind to talk about anything at the moment. After about 30 minute, the bell rang it was time for the next class. The next lecture we had was mathematics, which was held in the classroom. I was happy at least I wouldn be bothered about where to sit and who to sit beside but at the same time, I hated the fact that we had mathematics. I performed poorly in mathematics. It is also surprising because science student are know to be good in maths, I wondered why it is not the same with me. The maths teacher was an average heightened man probably in his late forties. He got into the class and asked for the previous assignment he had given to them in the last class, he went round collecting it one by after the other to take notice of those that summited. When he got to my turn, I just quickly told him that I was a new student and had just resumed on Monday, he went ahead to collect Jacks own and left.

” Mr Thomas, come and have mine quickly ” Leo said quitely, anyone could barely hear what he had said. He left the book on the desk, not even looking up at him. I saw Mr.Thomas hurriedly going to collect Leos assignment, I wondered why he didn go to collect Leos assignment just like he was doing to other student. Worst of all Leo commanded him to collect his in a very rude manner.

”Who the hell is Leo, Is he the president son. He must be one of this spoilt, rich, good for nothing asshole ” I thought .

Mr. Leo began to teach after the assignment collection. ” So last week I told you that I would be teaching you all matrix today right or right? ” Mr Leo said displaying the topic on the projector. I wonder what he meant by right or right, isn it right or wrong or maybe yes or no. He had not started talking for 10 minutes when Leo shouted ” You are **ing going to die now ” He immediately put his phone back into his bag. Everyone attention was drawn to him. Mr Thomas stopped talking, he was struggling to breathe, his eyes were turning watery while he kept on staring at Leo probably wondering what he had done wrong. To my greatest dismay Mr. Thomas knelt down and was begging Leo, why are they all afraid him? All this made me to keep wondering who Leo was.

” Shut up old hag ” Leo got up from his sit carried his bag and was heading towards the teacher, his earpiece which he had put into his pocket fell down he bent to pick it up, all a of a sudden he threw it back on the floor and smashed it. While he move to the front of the class still heading towards the teacher who was by now close to the door probably trying to leave the class but was still scared to. He put his hand into his back pocket struggling to bring out something. I saw everyone was looking afraid, some girls where already covering their faces, no doubt I was still confused about their attitude and reaction to what Leo was doing, they were acting like he was about to kill the teacher. ”hahahaha, funny he can possibly do that, no matter who Leo was, he can kill a man and go Scott free ” I thought.

” No Leo, no don do anything, don Leo ” I heard Jack whisper, which made me turn to look at him. Was I the only one lost, what is going on?. I looked at Leo again, by now Leo was already close to the door and was bringing out his hand .

” Please sir, please Leo, I don know what I could have possibly done but please let__le__t ” Poor Mr. Thomas was begging already crying. ” I wouldn teach Matrix again never again, I promise I won collect your assignment even if you tell me to take it I won . Just spear me this once.

”Leo!!!, please don please, we could sort this out please I beg you ” Jack told Leo shouting on top of his voice nearly crying. Here I was still looking so confused. Leo brought out his hand sanitizer and sprayed it on his hand and threw it on the teacher.

” I told you to keep shut geez what was the need for all this ”Leo said shaking his head, opened the door and left the class. I think I saw him smile a little bit but I wasn sure. Now this spoilt rotten were having fun, they were all laughing at Mr. Thomas and making fun of him. Some started mimicking him. I wondered how their emotions changed so fast. They were all looking pitiful, scared and sorry for Mr. Thomas and now they are… Wolves in sheeps clothing.

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