I was about 20 feet away from the class, I saw three girls coming out from the classroom, they going the opposite side, then the girl at the back turned around and saw me and immediately inform the others. They turned and started walking towards me smiling. I kept on walking not minding them in other to avoid trouble . Instead of looking at them to see if they were actually coming to meet me, I kept on looking at the class door just to avoid their continues stare. Just when I thought they weren coming to me and that they were probably going to the cafeteria, I felt something cold pour on my chest going down to my stomach. She poured her drink on my uniform.

” Oh my gosh ” I am so sorry, I didn do that on purpose ” She said laughing with her other friends

I was so mad, why was she laughing if she didn purpose, she was obviously mocking me. I wanted to shout at her but I just restrained my self from doing what I had in mind, not wanting what happened the last time to repeat itself.

” Yeah, indeed ” I said walking away from them, then someone held my hand and dragged me back forcefully causing me to fall. ” What is the meaning of all this ” I said to her angrily with my voice getting hoarse. I looked at her tag , Olivia was her name.

” You don the meaning of all this? ” she asked me and now she wasn laughing any longer.

” How am I supposed to know ” I asked her already getting up, the other girl pushed me again on the floor ” What is wrong with you? ” I asked her holding back my tears. What have I done to them to deserve all this shit. But no matter what they do I musn cry, it will only give them the impression that I am a weakling which I am not.

” Jack is meaning of all this, why are you forcing yourself on him ?. I know you want money thats why you are doing all this. Oh my gosh I didn expect you to stoop so low to this extent, don you have self-esteem ?. The other girls were laughing now. I could see students gathering in the hallway, watching the scene, I felt so embarrassed.

” If you want money I will give you money, after all you are the only parasite that uses our money to pay your school fees. Stay away from my boyfriend you cheap, poor, wretched prostitute ” She opened her purse brought out some money and sprayed it on me. Now this was too much, I couldn hold by self. By now the hallway was crowded with lot of students enjoying the scene.

” What did you just call me? ” I asked her angrily and immediately she turned back smiling and walking towards me with her friends.

”Oops seems like she didn hear me well, or she doesn know the meaning ” she was staring at me with irritation. ” I called you a damn prostitute that you ” I slapped her immediately, she tried to slap me back but I held her hand. I was stronger than her, I pushed her down making her to lie flat on the floor and sat on her. I packed the money on the floor and put it into her mouth, by now she was already crying, I guess the embarrassment was just too much, now she knows how it feels. Surprisingly her friends were to scared to even come to her rescue, I got to to leave when I saw jack running towards me , I felt scared he would be angry about what I just did to his girlfriend.

” What is going on here, I was informed that you were being bullied but it seems like the opposite .

” Hm__w__ell, I was only trying to defend myself. Your girlfriend told me to ”

” What girlfriend?, who told she was my girlfriend? ” Jack asked me looking confused

”she did and ”

” Enough ” he grabbed my hands ready to leave and turn to Olivia ” Next time you go around telling people that you are my girlfriend, you would have yourself to blame. My ex girlfriend is what you are is that clear. This was obviously the reason why I had to break up with you and seems like you haven learnt your lesson ” He told her leaving her on the floor.

We got to the class and I saw Leo sitting in the same position as before with his eyes closed and earpiece in his ears as usual. I almost forgot I was sitting with Jack now. We both sat down and their was silence. We didn talk to each other for some minute, I assume he was probably angry. I just placed my head on the desk, closing my eyes, I didn even have the appetite to each any more.

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