I was mad at Jack for taking that girl wherever he took her to and I was definitely going to deal with him, I promised myself but was going to be later foe now, I thought of just going home to sleep if possible. When I got home, my body guards were surprised to see me back from school this early.

” Call Jack, tell him to come and see me today, it musn exceed today ” I told my bodyguard, climbing up the stairs and heading to my office forgetting that I was supposed to sleep. I got to my office brought out some files I was to sign on and started signing on them one after the other. After I was done, I went to my room to take a nap as I had planned earlier.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face or probably take my bath, I wasn so sure of what I wanted to do. I got nearer to the bathtub, ” Guess it a bath then ” I said noticing stains on some side of the floor, showing that it wasn properly cleaned, I became irritated Immediately. I hastily picked up a mop beside me and cleaned the whole bathroom again until it was sparkling clean before I went ahead to have my bath. I was about to sleep when I noticed a strand of hair on my pillow, I was mad who dare lie on my bed,

” These stupid maids, How dare they ! ” I Yelled.

Immediately I summoned for the maids that cleaned my room. They came in 30 seconds after I had them summoned. They were about five, looking terrified and trying to catch their breathe at same time, they had probably been running.

” Who among you laid on my bed? ”I asked without getting any response, instead they all stood there looking at me with fear.

” Are you guys deaf? ” I asked this time shouting, I noticed one of them already crying which irritated me. Then I saw them looking at a girl in her late twenties who was already crying. I knew she was the one, I was about to ask her if she was the one, before I could continue, she had started begging me, claiming she slipped and fell on my bed.

”Why were you so careless, you slipped? and it didn occur to you that you were to change the bed sheet? ” I asked her, she knew fully well that I don like people coming in contact with me or my things. ” And you guys, when you saw her slip you didn know what to do? Who cleaned my bathroom? ” A young woman standing at the back raise up her hand. ” You didn even clean my bathroom well, I had to clean it myself. I wonder were you guys were gotten from geez ”. I said staring at them while they all looked down fidgeting with their fingers.

”Clean my room now you lazy assholes ! ” I demanded, I went to get my jacket, so I could leave the house and go anywhere but not here, not in my house.

” And one more thing, you are all fired, I hope you are happy ”. I slammed the door and left, heading to my car.

” Sir do you need anything?? ” My body guard asked.

”No, tell Mrs. Kate to employ more maid, I just fired those lazy things in charge of my room ” I told him while walking, I could see him making phone call immediately I was sure he was calling Mrs. Kate.

I kept on driving although, I didn have a stop. The only place I go to when I needed peace and to be alone was my personal swimming pool which occupies a very large room in my house but today I didn feel like going there. It was as if I was driving round and round then until I was tired. When I noticed I have been driving for two hours I decided to go home, I was hungry. I decided to rest a bit before heading home, I parked my car in front of an eatery and brought out my phone to call my bodyguard to inform the maids that, I was on my way back and want my dinner ready before I get back or else they are all going to be dead, I have done before, few days after I killed my father.

Then I started my engine ready to leave then something caught my attention, in front of the eatery, I saw a girl outside crying begging her boss to pardon her and also give her a second chance I didn see her face and I didn care, it was none of my business immediately I drove off with my car.

I got home and found my dinner ready, it was served by Mrs. Kate herself.

” Sir how many maids would you like me to hire? ” she asked me holding a sheet of paper to jot.

” About six would be fine for now ” I answered and continued with my food.

” Hm, sir what age rate would you like? ”

” Geez Mrs. Kate, you want this food to choke me to death, you can wait till I am done eating ugh… Well the age rate should be from 18 to 23, can I eat now? I was already getting irritated replying her dumb questions. After dinner I went to my room to sleep, I liked what I saw, my room was sparkling clean. I took off my jacket, laid on my bed to gather strength,then I will head to bathroom to have my bath, immediately I hit the bed I slept.

I woke up the next day realizing that I had forgotten to take my bath, guess my decision to rest before bathing was a pretty bad idea. I went to take my bath immediately and started preparing for school, although I didn feel like going but I got to.


I got home had my bath and slept, I didn even wait for mum to return, I know I had to start job hunting, I needed money to support mum. I heard when the room door creaked open but I just kept on sleeping.

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache, it was really bad. I went to the kitchen, mum as usual was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lucky for me she was done. I ate and took a pain reliever. Surprisingly mum didn talk about school, I guess she must have heard what happened and no doubt it must have been my sister that told her. I kept on wondering how she felt about the incident coupled with the fact that I lost job.

No wait she doesn know I lost my job right? I was lost in my thought I didn even hear my sister calling.

” Hm yeah, you were saying? ” I asked her smiling, trying to hide my sad, worried looking face.

” I know you lost your job, it fine I know you will get a better one, stop thinking about it. Speaking of better one, my friend told me about vacancy in a very big mansion, they need housemaids. So I went there yesterday evening to find out the requirements and also make some enquiries ”, she said smiling like working as an housemaid was an achievement and a good thing to be happy about.

” No, I can work as an housemaid, it means I will be leaving you and mum to live with some strangers who will end up mistreating me, and their pay ? I am sure it is low as usual. Would I even be allowed to go to school and hm ” I was interrupted.

” Exactly, I wasn even done. So yes you would be living there, you would also be allowed to go school from there because you are still a student, the woman in charge assured me of that. Plus they pay awesomely well. You know I would have taken this job, but one of their requirements was age 18-23 and I am 24, so I can be accepted but whatever guess how much they pay ” she asked looking straight into my eyeballs

” Hm, w…ell hm…maybe ” I was didn even finish when she shouted ten thousand dollars.

” What, you are kidding right?. Are you for real? ” I asked looking shocked, the pay far what I expected it to be. Wow I was so in for this job as long as it makes mum happy and beside the money was going to go a long way in helping us. Mum could even stop working if everything goes well.

” But what of you and mum, I don want to leave you guys ” I asked her. In as much as I wanted the job my family came first.

” Well did I tell you that, you would be coming back every weekend? ” Jenny said walking towards mum, holding her hands. They were both staring at me.

” What! That is great then ”, I looked at mum, Jenny was holding her tightly and they were still waiting for a reply. They didn want to force me although I knew they wanted me to take this job, it was written all over their face.

” Alright then, I will try my luck ” I could see how happy they were. It has been a while since I saw mum this happy. Before I could join in their celebration, Jenny already brought out a form for me to fill and was directing me on how I was going to go about with the registration. I had an interview tomorrow, that was the shocking aspect. I wonder if housemaids go for interview before getting employed, well I must try my possible best not to be late.

I spent my day at home preparing for the interview, I searched the Internet for any possible questions that I might be asked.I thought about the fact that I didn go to school today, I had miss todays class. I had nobody to borrow note from. ” Ohhh Jack ” I thought aloud, I could borrow Jacks note, if he would give it to me. Then I remembered that monster and I became scared, I didn want to see his face. I had an interview tomorrow, was I even going to go to school?, I forgot to ask Jenny the time the interview was starting before she left for work. But either way I would just prepare for school.

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