be from 18 to 23, can I eat now? I was already getting irritated replying her dumb questions. After dinner I went to my room to sleep, I liked what I saw, my room was sparkling clean. I took off my jacket, laid on my bed to gather strength,then I will head to bathroom to have my bath, immediately I hit the bed I slept.

I woke up the next day realizing that I had forgotten to take my bath, guess my decision to rest before bathing was a pretty bad idea. I went to take my bath immediately and started preparing for school, although I didn feel like going but I got to.


I got home had my bath and slept, I didn even wait for mum to return, I know I had to start job hunting, I needed money to support mum. I heard when the room door creaked open but I just kept on sleeping.

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache, it was really bad. I went to the kitchen, mum as usual was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lucky for me she was done. I ate and took a pain reliever. Surprisingly mum didn talk about school, I guess she must have heard what happened and no doubt it must have been my sister that told her. I kept on wondering how she felt about the incident coupled with the fact that I lost job.

No wait she doesn know I lost my job right? I was lost in my thought I didn even hear my sister calling.

” Hm yeah, you were saying? ” I asked her smiling, trying to hide my sad, worried looking face.

” I know you lost your job, it fine I know you will get a better one, stop thinking about it. Speaking of better one, my friend told me about vacancy in a very big mansion, they need housemaids. So I went there yesterday evening to find out the requirements and also make some enquiries ”, she said smiling like working as an housemaid was an achievement and a good thing to be happy about.

” No, I can work as an housemaid, it means I will be leaving you and mum to live with some strangers who will end up mistreating me, and their pay ? I am sure it is low as usual. Would I even be allowed to go to school and hm ” I was interrupted.

” Exactly, I wasn even done. So yes you would be living there, you would also be allowed to go school from there because you are still a student, the woman in charge assured me of that. Plus they pay awesomely well. You know I would have taken this job, but one of their requirements was age 18-23 and I am 24, so I can be accepted but whatever guess how much they pay ” she asked looking straight into my eyeballs

” Hm, w…ell hm…maybe ” I was didn even finish when she shouted ten thousand dollars.

” What, you are kidding right?. Are you for real? ” I asked looking shocked, the pay far what I expected it to be. Wow I was so in for this job as long as it makes mum happy and beside the money was going to go a long way in helping us. Mum could even stop working if everything goes well.

” But what of you and mum, I don want to leave you guys ” I asked her. In as much as I wanted the job my family came first.

” Well did I tell you that, you would be coming back every weekend? ” Jenny said walking towards mum, holding her hands. They were both staring at me.

” What! That is great then ”, I looked at mum, Jenny was holding her tightly and they were still waiting for a reply. They didn want to force me although I knew they wanted me to take this job, it was written all over their face.

” Alright then, I will try my luck ” I could see how happy they were. It has been a while since I saw mum this happy. Before I could join in their celebration, Jenny already brought out a form for me to fill and was directing me on how I was going to go about with the registration. I had an interview tomorrow, that was the shocking aspect. I wonder if housemaids go for interview before getting employed, well I must try my possible best not to be late.

I spent my day at home preparing for the interview, I searched the Internet for any possible questions that I might be asked.I thought about the fact that I didn go to school today, I had miss todays class. I had nobody to borrow note from. ” Ohhh Jack ” I thought aloud, I could borrow Jacks note, if he would give it to me. Then I remembered that monster and I became scared, I didn want to see his face. I had an interview tomorrow, was I even going to go to school?, I forgot to ask Jenny the time the interview was starting before she left for work. But either way I would just prepare for school.

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