Jack got to the bus-stop I had given him and asked me if I could walk to my house from here, I was quick to respond . I noticed he wanted to drop me off at my house but at the same time he didn want to insist. I told him thank you, he didn respond instead he drove off. While I was walking home, I regretted telling him to drop me here, ”Maybe I should have just given him my house address ” I thought.

I was very sure no one was going to be at home, mum must have gone to work, same as my elder sister. I didn want anyone to know I came back from school early, not to mention what I went through today. I didn know how I was going to tell them what happened in school especially my mum, she would feel bad. I opened my bag took out my key and opened the door and entered. I was heading straight to the kitchen to check if I could find any food to eat as I was already hungry. I got to the kitchen drank a cup of water first, my arm still hurt a little, it wasn as bad as before. There was nothing to eat, guess I was just going to starve anyway. I stood there thinking if I should just go to the eatery where I worked at least I would be very early today and Mr. Mark was definitely going to be happy I came to the restaurant unusually early. I had three jobs.I work as a waitress in an eatery,cashier in a supermarket and lastly a dish washer in a restaurant during weekend. I was fired for my intensive late coming in the supermarket where I worked as a cashier.

I was still contemplating on what to do, then I decided to just have a nice sleep first, I would make sure i set an alarm in order to wake up and go to work I thought.

” Oh no ”I whispered nearly cursing myself, I was going to my room, when I saw my sister standing by the door staring at me with shock written all over her face as expected. What was I supposed to tell her, from the look of things she was just about to leave for work ” why didn she go early today thought ” I muttered, I could hear her asking me why I came back so early, I was lost in my thought thinking of what to tell her. I just kept on walking when it dawned on me that I was already standing in front of her

” Hm, were you talking to me? ” I asked her, regretting why I asked such a dumb question, who else was here with us. I knew she could tell that something was wrong, I couldn bring myself to lie to her. Then she asked again and I didn know when I found myself telling her what happened without missing the slightest detail, and all of a sudden I was crying and could see her holding back her tears. She felt so bad, I felt much more better after she comforted me and also prepared lunch for me to eat before leaving for work, she told me to rest and if possible not go to work today, promising to call Mr. Mark to take permission. I knew that wasn possible, I needed to go to work, Mr. Mark has been complaining recently about my lateness, He was close to firing me, I was very sure of it but I decided to keep calm and work towards my lateness.

I got up from my bed heading to the toilet to urinate, I was just waking up. I can remember the last time I had a long sleep it felt so good . After urinating, I planned on going back to sleep, took out my phone from my bag to check the time.

”Damn ” it was 4:50pm, I was supposed to be at the eatery around 4:00. I was scared that Mr. Mark wasn going to let me go this time around. I realized that I slept with my uniform, I hurriedly change.

” Stupid alarm, you didn even wake me up ” I felt so dumb shouting at a non living thing, but I had pass my anger on some thing. It was as if the alarm had a kind of look that was like saying ” I woke you up, I kept on ringing and ringing but you never answered ”. I left the house running as fast as I can, I was so late.

” Hurry up, you are keeping our customers waiting, what is all this shit, ” You, yes you, your assistant is no where to be found, if she know she can meet up with the time, she should let me know. All this has to stop, I have had enough ” I heard Mr. Mark nagging just as i was about enter, I stood at the door listening, he was really angry . His last sentence made me freak out, instantly I knew I was going to get fired except a miracle happens. I was lost in my thought thinking of how I was going to explain to Mr. Mark.

”You better go back to where ever you are coming from, your service is no longer needed here, you are to leave right this instance ”

My plead and explanation fell on Mr. Mark deaf ears, he kicked me out of the the eatery, and was told never to return. I cried and pleaded but all to no avail, He wasn ready to listen to me. Some passer-by where looking at me with pity, it was really an embarrassing scene.

I walked home crying, what a bad day. How can all these bad incident happen to someone in one day, life isn fair. I was just so unfortunate, unlucky and full of bad luck. The last thing I needed was getting fired from Mr. Marks eatery which was my second job, now I am left with third one which was during weekend, the pay was very little. I need to start a job hunt, thankfully my sister has always been the one finding jobs for me. I noticed a lot of people were staring at me, they were probably wondering why I crying but non of them bothered to ask. I heard a familiar voice calling my name but I didn turn to answer, it was Lauretta my former classmate . I could swear I knew why she was calling me, I don have the time for her gossips beside my mood was very bad. I just ran off in order to avoid her, i just hope she didn see me cry.

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